Hikes & Walks in Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains is the range of mountains in west of Sydney in New South Wales (NSW). It is well known for its steep cliffs, waterfalls, forests and its bush-walking trails. Katoomba, which is the major town in Blue Mountains, is accessible by public transport.

Public Transport

There are frequent trains that run between Sydney CBD (Central train station) and Blue Mountains. Katoomba is the main train station of Blue Mountains. But hikes/walks can start from different towns within the Blue Mountains. More and updated information on the public transport in NSW can be found on NSW Transport website.

Opal Card is the card used to travel on any public transport. And they can be bought and topped up at any train station or news agency or 7/11 stores or online. More information on where all Opal card can be used is found on the Opal website.

The Grand Canyon Walk (Blue Mountains)

First timer’s travel guide to The Blue Mountains

I love the Blue Mountains. There was a time where I would end up at the Blue Mountains almost every weekend and I had seriously thought of moving to the Blue Mountains. Hiking in the Blue Mountains is one of my most favourite things to do over the weekends. I really enjoy going to the […]

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The Grand Canyon Walk (Blue Mountains)

The Grand Canyon walk (Blue Mountains)

The most spectacular and popular walk in the Blue Mountains is the Grand Canyon walk. The walk offers dramatic canyons, cliffs, and waterfalls. And this is by far one of my favourite walks in the Blue Mountains. I have done this look walk twice and both the times I have enjoyed this magical walk. Are […]

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Ruined Castle

Hike to Ruined Castle

The Ruined Castle was on my bucket list for a very long time. I had planned to do the hike many a times with my friends but had to cancel it for some reason or the other. But one fine day, I made it to the Ruined Castle and it has been my favourite hike […]

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Guide | Castle Head Walk (Blue Mountains)

Castle Head walk in The Blue Mountains

Another spectacular walk in The Blue Mountains is the Castle Head Walk. The walk provides the actual bush walking experience and has mind boggling views of the mountains. Known for its steep cliffs, this is definitely one of my favourite walks. Are you visiting Blue Mountains for the first time? Then read my post Blue […]

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The Six Foot Track

The Six Foot Track – Complete guide!

The Six Foot Track Last weekend, my friend and I completed the Six Foot Track (#6fttrack) and I am still hungover by the excitement. The Six Foot Track is a 3 days challenging hike in the Blue mountains between Katoomba and Jenolan Caves. It is a total of 44.8 kilometres. And we did the hike […]

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The Pulpit Rock

Hike to the Pulpit Rock lookout (Blue Mountains)

There are times when you instantly fall in love with a place. So much that the place becomes a beautiful part of you. You talk about it, you remember it fresh as though you visited that place like yesterday. Well the Pulpit Rock in Norway was the place for me. I am in love with […]

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Dantes Glen Blue Mountains

Dantes Glen loop walk (Blue Mountains)

The Dantes Glen loop walk is definitely one of the most memorable hikes I have done in the Blue Mountains. Not because it had the best hiking trail ever, but because I was bitten by at least 4 leaches during the hike. I did not realise the bites during the hike but I noticed them […]

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The Hanging Rock

The Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains

The Hanging Rock One of the easiest walks in the Blue Mountains is the Hanging Rock walk. It is ideal for beginners who want to start hiking in the Blue Mountains. The terrain is mostly the fire trail which means it is pretty much flat except for the last part of the walk towards the […]

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Valley of the waters at The Blue Mountains

Valley of the Waters walk in the Blue Mountains

One of the must do walks in the Blue mountains is the Valley of the Waters. The walk is into the canyon and passes through the various waterfalls. It provides an astonishing views of the Blue mountains and the waterfalls along the way. Are you visiting Blue Mountains for the first time? Then read my […]

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