Road trip | North of Tasmania

Cradle mountain Tasmania

I have loved visiting the small island of Tasmania over and over again. I have done multiple road trips on the island, one covering Launceston and surrounds and the other travel with my mother on the East Coast. A few years ago, my friends and I did another road trip of 4 days covering the … Read more

Hike the Cradle mountain in Tasmania

Cradle mountain

“Are you crazy?” asked our bus driver. She was dropping us to the starting point of our hike, Ronny’s Creek at 2 PM. Before asking this question, she had informed us that the hike was a full day hike of 14 kilometers and it was a hot day, so starting the hike at 8 AM … Read more

Top 10 things to do in Australia

Raksha in Melbourne

I get asked this question a lot, “What are my favourite and top 10 things to do in Australia?”. The question is asked by some of the fellow travelers who wish to plan their travels or by others just out of curiosity. Whatever the reason be, the question is the same and everyone wants to … Read more

Road Trip on the east coast of Tasmania

Tasmania - East Coast

Tasmania is an island state off the mainland Australia. It is known for its rugged wilderness, lots of parks and reserves. The state is famous for its food, wine and clean/fresh air. Hobart is the capital city of Tasmania. For information and itinerary to spend a weekend in Tasmania , refer A weekend in Tasmania. … Read more

Sad tales of Female factory

The female factory

A very interesting place to see and get an insight into a sad history is the female factory in Tasmania. My visit to the female factory was accidental and it was during one of my trips to Tasmania that I discovered this place. There are many more beautiful and unique places in Tasmania, refer the … Read more

Photo diary of Australian native birds


Australia is home to many colourful birds. The birds are unique and are very good looking. I have been a huge fan of these Australian native birds and this post is dedicated to these stunning birds. If you love birds and want to find out more about the Australian native birds, then Find a bird … Read more

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