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Road trip | North of Tasmania

I have loved visiting the small island of Tasmania over and over again. I have done multiple road trips on the island, one covering Launceston and surrounds and the other travel with my mother on the East Coast. A few years ago, my friends and I did another road trip of 4 days covering the northern part of Tasmania.

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PIN for later reference - North of Tasmania
PIN for later reference – North of Tasmania
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Where is Tasmania?

Location 240 kilometres off the coast of Australia mainland, Tasmania is an island state in the south of Australia. It is the 26th largest island in the World and is famous for having the cleanest air in the World.

The best time to visit Tasmania is during the summer season (from December to February).

Flight to/ from Tasmania

There are two ways to reach Tasmania from mainland Australia:

  • Flights – Even though Hobart is the capital city, it is cheaper to fly into Launceston from Sydney or Melbourne. Jetstar is the cheapest flight provider and the flight ticket from Sydney to Launceston one way cost as low as AUD 69 during sale.
  • Ship – The other way to reach Devonport Tasmania from Melbourne along with your car is by taking the Spirit of Tasmania. The cost varies from AUD 188 to AUD 449 depending on the flexibility of the ticket, the fare including taking a small car.

Road trip – Route

We were in Tasmania for 4 days, starting from Launceston and returning to Launceston at the end of our road trip. The entire road trip from Launceston to Launceston covering all the places listed in the below section was about 800 kilometres in 4 days.

We hired our car at Launceston airport from Hertz Australia. Always ensure to pick up the car with full insurance and zero excess.

  • Note:
    • As I was a single driver, I drove the entire route.
    • As the roads are in good condition, the road trip is easily doable in 4 days.
North Tasmania Route
North Tasmania – Route

Places visited during our road trip


Launceston is Tasmania’s second largest city in northern part of Tasmania. Known for Cataract Gorge and amazing walking trails, Launceston is definitely my favourite city in Tasmania.

Starting point of our trip - Launceston.

Cataract Gorge Reserve

Around 1.5 kilometres from the city centre, the Cataract Gorge Reserve is a river gorge in Launceston. It is one of the top destinations of Tasmania.

One can swim in the Cataract Gorge. Note: The depth of Cataract Gorge is around 20 metres, so attempt to swim only if you are a confident swimmer.


Devonport, also known as Australia’s market garden, produces fruits and vegetables that make up to 40% of Tasmania’s annual crops. It is a city on the north coast, located where the Mersey River meets Bass Strait. The distance between Launceston and Devonport is around 100 kilometres.

Mersey Bluff lighthouse

The Mersey Bluff lighthouse is located on the mouth of Mersey River. It is known for its distinctive red and white striped patterns. The lighthouse was established in the year 1889 and is built of bricks.

North Tasmania


Penguin is a quiet seaside town in the northern Tasmania, dedicated to all the seaside population and a celebration of the fairy (little) penguins found in the town. The distance between Devonport and Penguin is just 30 kilometres.

The town has many huge statues of penguins and has the famous Big Penguin.

North Tasmania - Penguin


Wynyard is a rural town and a stop over while driving further on the road trip. Even though this town does not have many things to do, there is a Fossil Bluff lookout that one can stop for a scenic view. The distance between Penguin and Wynyard is 37 kilometres.

Table Cape

Table Cape is just 10 kilometres from Wynyard, is a volcanic plug and is the most remarkable natural wonder in Tasmania.

The volcano is said to be 12 million years old and is located at 180 metres high.

Table Cape Lighthouse

The Table Cape lighthouse was exhibited in the year 1888 and is set on the cliff edge. The light in the lighthouse was originally powered by an oil burner, which was then converted to vapourised kerosene in 1913.

Table Cape lighthouse is the only operating lighthouse that runs tours in Tasmania.

Table Cape Lighthouse Tasmania

Edge of the World

The Edge of the World is a dangerous and wild place, with rough waves. It is a very mysterious place. The place is on the south of Arthur River and has a longest uninterrupted view of the ocean. The distance between Table Cape and Edge of the World is around 125 kilometres.

Edge of the World

Stay at Arthur River Sunset Villas

A spectacular place for a relaxed and picturesque stay is the Arthur River Sunset Holiday Villas. It is centrally located and has the best views of sunset. Our stay at one of the villas was very comfortable and enjoyable.

Arthur River Sunset Villa

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain, with the height of 1545 metres, is in the Cradle Mountain – Lake St Clair National Park. Visiting Tasmania is incomplete without visiting Cradle Mountain. The distance between Edge of the World and Cradle Mountain is around 250 kilometres.

Cradle Mountain

Cradle Mountain was our last stop before returning to Launceston. The distance between Cradle Mountain and Launceston is about 140 kilometres.

Closing Notes

Even though Tasmania looks like a small island when compared to the mainland Australia, there is so much to see and do on this island. And driving on this island is absolutely beautiful as the landscapes are extremely pretty. The little towns and the character of those towns is what makes Tasmania so special.

PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - North of Tasmania
PIN for later reference – North of Tasmania