5 things to do in Coffs Harbour

Muttonbird Island Nature Reserve Coffs Harbour

Coffs Harbour is another place that I love to travel. It makes an awesome weekend getaway and I have visited the city a few times now. It’s laid back and relaxing vibes are great to have a wonderful vacation. Even though there are many things to do in Coffs Harbour, I would like to list … Read more

One day in Byron Bay

Sunset at Byron Bay

Byron Bay is such a beautiful coastal town and is the most popular destination in Australia. It has plenty of things to do and with the pristine coast and the hippie vibe, Byron Bay is my favourite town too. One day in Byron Bay is definitely less for the town and I recommend spending at … Read more

Travel guide to Byron Bay

Surfing in Byron Bay

One of my favourite coastal towns in New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia is Byron Bay. It has those chilled out and relaxed vibes. I have been to Byron Bay five times already and every time I have visited I have found something new to do. For a memorable road trip and all other … Read more

A weekend trip to Nelson Bay and Port Stephens

Road trip to Nelson Bay and Port Stephens

The state of New South Wales (NSW) is so blessed. It has everything, ranging from the spectacular coast line to the Outback. Port Stephens and Nelson Bay are another two interesting places in NSW that are totally worth visiting. I have been to both these places many a times, with friends, solo travel, road trips, … Read more

Road trip to South West Rocks

Road trip to South West Rocks

The blue sky and the pristine beaches is what summarises South West Rocks. Honestly, I heard about this place only due to the scuba diving as it has one of the best dive sites in Australia. But after visiting South West Rocks is when I realised that the town has much more character to it … Read more

First timer’s travel guide to The Blue Mountains

Hanging Rock & Baltzer Lookout (Blue Mountains)

I love the Blue Mountains. There was a time where I would end up at the Blue Mountains almost every weekend and I had seriously thought of moving to the Blue Mountains. Hiking in the Blue Mountains is one of my most favourite things to do over the weekends. I really enjoy going to the … Read more

Diving at “The Docks” (Jervis Bay)

Diving at the Docks, Jervis Bay

Jervis Bay comes to the top of the list when someone mentions diving in the South coast of New South Wales (NSW). Known for its beautiful caves underwater and spectacular marine life, diving in Jervis Bay is on everyone’s list. And hence it was on my list too. So a few weeks ago, a fellow … Read more

Travel Guide to Narooma & Bermagui

Narooma and Bermagui road trip; lighthouses of South coast NSW

Narooma is one of my most favourite coastal towns in New South Wales (NSW). I have been to this amazing city many times and in spite of it, I always want to go back. For fun big things to see on the way, read 11 big things to see in NSW. About Narooma and Bermagui… … Read more

Road trip to the lighthouses in South Coast NSW

Narooma and Bermagui road trip; lighthouses of South coast NSW

Are you one of those who love lighthouses? I am one of those who definitely love the lighthouses. The function of a lighthouse is simple right? Yet each lighthouse is different and the architecture and history behind each lighthouse is unique. Almost every city in Australia around the coast has a lighthouse. A couple of … Read more

Swimming with Seals at Montague Island

Montague Island - Swimming with Seals

I find seals extremely cute. They are the puppies of the ocean. They are inquisitive and extremely playful under water. And my most favorite activity to do is to swim with these puppies. In Australia, there are plenty of places where we can swim with the seals. In New South Wales (NSW), it is in … Read more

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