Beginner’s guide for hiking and trekking

Vattakanal Hike

Over the years, I have been constantly asked about how one can start hiking or trekking. There are many who want to start somewhere and get into hiking and/ or trekking but do not know where to start. Having trekked in the Himalayas and done the Everest Base Camp, I thought I should pen down … Read more

Walk to Eagle Rock in Royal National Park

Eagle Rock lookout

I was jumping with joy and excitement when I visited Eagle Rock. Imagine seeing a waterfall along the cliff with a rainbow? It is this place. The place is definitely surreal and breathtakingly beautiful. This is something one shouldn’t miss when in Royal National Park. I totally recommend this walk. Where is Eagle Rock? The … Read more

Walk to Maddens falls lookout


Maddens Falls is one of those hidden gems that my friends and I found when we were driving around in the Royal National Park (RNP). One can also visit the Helensburgh temple when visiting the Maddens falls. About Maddens Falls The Maddens waterfalls is in the Dharawal National Park. The waterfalls is a perfect short … Read more

Hike to the Wedding Cake Rock

Wedding Cake Rock

One of the most beautiful rocks I have ever seen in my life is the Wedding cake rock. The hike to the Wedding Cake rock is a very picturesque and has breath taking views of the never ending ocean. It is one of the hikes in the Royal National Park. There are plenty of other … Read more

Walk to Figure 8 natural pool in Royal National Park

Figure 8 pool

I have been to Figure 8 pool twice, one with a hiking agency and the other with my friends. Both the times, the hiking experience was amazing even though the second time was nearly a life and death experience. Visit Figure 8 pools only during low tides. What are Figure 8 pools? Figure 8 pools … Read more

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