Wedding Cake Rock

In the Heart of Nature: Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock (2024)

Royal National Park boasts numerous captivating hikes and coastal walks, each offering its own unique charm. Among these, Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock stands out as one of the most beautiful rock formations I have ever laid eyes on. The journey to this remarkable geological wonder is not just a hike, it’s a picturesque adventure with awe-inspiring views of the boundless ocean. Nestled within the expanse of Royal National Park, the trek to Wedding Cake Rock is a must-explore trail, promising both scenic beauty and an unforgettable outdoor experience.

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About the Wedding Cake rock

Situated in the Royal National Park within the New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia, the Wedding Cake Rock, also recognized as White Rock, stands as a notable sandstone formation. Among the various rock structures in the region, it elevates approximately 25 meters above sea level, contributing to the diverse and captivating geological landscape of the area.

The nomenclature of Wedding Cake Rock is derived from its distinct appearance, resembling the layered structure of a wedding cake. The rock formations exhibit a striking resemblance to the tiers of a wedding cake, offering a simple yet fitting explanation for its name.

Sitting at the edge of the Wedding Cake Rock
Sitting at the edge of the Wedding Cake Rock

For nearly two years, I had been contemplating a hike to this particular trail. Finally, that day arrived, and the experience was nothing short of extraordinary. During earlier days, capturing an iconic image of sitting at the edge of Wedding Cake Rock was an essential part of the journey. Regrettably, the situation has changed, and it’s no longer permissible for hikers or tourists to approach the rock due to its newfound instability and associated risks. A protective fence has been erected to deter access, acknowledging the unfortunate incidents that have occurred, making safety a top priority.

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How to Get to Starting Point of Hike?

By Road

Commencing at Beachcomber Avenue, also known as Stop 3 in Bundeena, the journey to Wedding Cake Rock begins. Located approximately 55 kilometers from Sydney, reaching Beachcomber Avenue typically takes around one hour. This starting point serves as the gateway to the scenic hike leading to the iconic Wedding Cake Rock.

  • Numerous complimentary parking spaces are accessible at the entrance, right in front of the information board.
Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock - Royal National Park
Starting point of the hike (Stop 3 or the Beachcomber Avenue)

By Public Transport and Access to Starting Point

  • Regular trains run between Central or Town Hall and Cronulla train stations. For the latest train schedule information, refer to the NSW Transport website.
  • Frequent ferries operate between Cronulla and Bundeena ferry wharfs. Please note that ferry tickets, priced at approximately AUD 4/5 per adult, can be purchased onboard using cash only.
  • The hike begins from Stop 3, which is around 3 kilometers away from Bundeena ferry wharf.


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Logistics of Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock Hike

The hike from Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock is effortlessly enjoyable, allowing for a leisurely and unhurried pace to fully appreciate the scenic views en route.

Exercise caution around the edges, and avoid getting too close to the edge.

  • Starting and Finishing Points: Starting and concluding at Stop 3 in Bundeena on the Royal National Park Coastal Walk map, the round trip spans a distance of 6.8 kilometers.
  • Distance: 6.8 kilometers return.
  • Time taken: With numerous stops to take in the surroundings, the hike typically takes about 2 hours.
  • Grade: Rated as an easy trail, it offers a manageable and pleasant outdoor experience.

Important reminder: Refrain from climbing over the fence.

Closing Notes

Including the hike from Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock on your bucket list is a must for any avid hiker exploring New South Wales. The breathtaking cliffs and mesmerising ocean views make this trail an exceptionally beautiful and rewarding experience.

If you’ve had the chance to hike from Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock, share your experiences by writing to me on I would love to hear about your adventure!

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In the Heart of Nature: Bundeena to Wedding Cake Rock (2024)
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