Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles

Griffith Observatory in LA

Do you love visiting observatories? I am in love with anything that exists in our galaxy and beyond, and hence visit observatories and planetariums whenever and wherever I can. One of the most beautiful observatories I have visited is the Griffith observatory in Los Angeles (LA). Every time I see the Hollywood series Lucifer, I … Read more

Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles

Transformers in Universal Studios Hollywood in Los Angeles

Every time I watch the show Lucifer, I feel I should have spent more time at Los Angeles (L.A.). The show tempts me to go back to L.A. so I can see why the characters on the show fall in love with the city. I have been to L.A. only once and I do have … Read more

Statue of Liberty, National Monument and a pride of US

View from the ferry - Statue of Liberty

Who does not know about the Statue of Liberty? It is a monument that is globally famous and every one of us have dreamt of visiting it sometime in our lives. The statue is shown in the movies, websites and newspapers. Whenever someone talks about US, the Statue of Liberty is the first thing that … Read more

Travel Guide to Washington D.C.

Travel Guide | Washington D.C.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States of America. The city is inside the District of Columbia (D.C.), a federal district that is not part of any state. The capital city is located between Virginia and Maryland on the banks of Potomac River. It is famous for the government monuments and buildings, including … Read more

One.. Two.. Three.. And jump!

Skydiving at Hawaii

Birthday trip 2016 I was super excited that my friend Akshata was joining me for my birthday trip. It was a surprise, she had told me that she had booked tickets to Hawaii just 3 days before we were flying. I had not planned anything for that trip till then. That day at work, I … Read more

4 days in Honolulu

Hawaii Honolulu

Usually during my birthdays, I travel to new places and cities, at least that was the case before we were all hit by pandemic. Many years ago, during my birthday month, I had decided to visit the beautiful Honalulu city in Hawaii state of United States of America (U.S.A.). What made my birthday even more … Read more

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