10 days of backpacking trip in Nepal

Everest Base Camp

The 10 days backpacking travel in Nepal is very close to my heart. It was the initial days of my traveling where I had just stepped out of my comfort zone. My friends and I had planned an awesome backpacking travel covering the three cities of Nepal. These were the days where we had just … Read more

Mt Everest Base Camp – Complete Guide!

Mt Everest Base Camp

Oh My God! I really cannot contain the excitement! I have finally done it. Mt Everest Base Camp – which was a distant dream – I have done it!!! This has been the epitome of all the adventurous things I have done so far in my life. But I will for sure confess – I … Read more

Acclimatisation is very important!

Acclimatisation is very important!

I have been to a few of the higher altitude hikes in the Himalayas prior to the Mt Everest Base Camp (EBC) hike. I had always heard about the altitude motion sickness (AMS) but had never experienced it. But Mt Everest Base Camp hike definitely taught me how important it is to acclimatize and not … Read more

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