Phuket on a budget with TAGTHAi Phuket pass

Phuket on a budget with TAGTHAi pass

Traveling in Phuket on a budget can be a bit challenging. I have traveled to Thailand many times and I have specifically been to Phuket four times already. And after traveling around the country, I realised Phuket is one of the expensive cities in Thailand.

With so many things that the city can offer and with booming travel and tourism industry, Phuket can be overpriced. But with the right deals and passes, you can surely do Phuket on a budget. In this post, let me tell you how you can reduce the costs of visiting the attractions and cafes in Phuket with an investment of just one digital pass.

Sunset at Phuket

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PIN for later reference - Phuket on a budget with TAGTHAi pass
PIN for later reference – Phuket on a budget with TAGTHAi pass

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Phuket on a budget

The first thing that I would do when I land in Phuket is to buy a digital travel pass called TAGTHAi pass. Investing your money in this one pass will save you thousands of Thai Bahts in Phuket. It is a game changer and you will enjoy free access to all the attractions and cafes that the pass gives access to.

About TAGTHAi Pass

TAGTHAi pass is a digital all-day tourist pass that provides access to many attractions, cafes, SIM cards and many more in a particular city. The concept of the pass is that you pay once and use it to enjoy the benefits for free. It is seamless and is available on your phone for instant access.

Elephant and his mahoth at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket

Cities where you can purchase TAGTHAi pass

TAGTHAi pass is available in major cities of Thailand such as Chiang Mai, Ayutthaya, Bangkok, Pattaya and Phuket. I used the TAGTHAI one day pass in Phuket and used as many attractions as I could during the day.

Types of TAGTHAi passes

TAGTHAi pass has many options and these passes cater for all kinds of travelers based on the interests.

  • City pass – The city pass is one of the best deals to buy. This provides access to many benefits and attractions in a city.
    • Starter pass – The starter pass is available to the user as soon as you download the app. This provides access to a FREE SIM card either from AIS or TRUE, and gives exclusive Foreign Exchange Rate.
    • Premium pass – This is where the fun begins. The premium pass is the pass where you purchase and pay once and you avail all the benefits available. This provides access to more than 100+ experiences combined at all cities. You can either buy a one day or three days pass.
  • Special event pass – In certain cities, you can also buy passes for special events at discounted prices.
  • Foodie pass – If you are a food lover, then this is the right pass for you as it provides access to many cafes, restaurants and food.
  • Other pass providing access to specific experience – You can purchase passes for specific experiences such as massages, elephant sanctuaries.

Cost of TAGTHAi Pass

The cost of TAGTHAi pass depends on:

  1. City, and
  2. Number of days you are purchasing it for. You can purchase either one day or three days pass.

Below is the indicative prices for three of the major cities.

City passOne day passThree days pass
Phuket – TAGTHAi Phuket passUSD 48.52USD 99.17
Bangkok – TAGTHAi Bangkok passUSD 29.29Not available
Chiang Mai – TAGTHAi Chiang Mai passUSD 79.34USD 109.85
Cost of TAGTHAi passes

Buying, and activating the TAGTHAi Pass

To buy a TAGTHAi pass, you need a mobile application as the whole idea of the pass is to have a seamless and contactless experience. TAGTHAi pass can be easily purchased on a mobile app that is available on Android and iOS phones. Once you download the app, you can use the starter pass.

TAGTHAi mobile app
TAGTHAi mobile app
  1. First step is to purchase the premium pass. Once purchased, you activate the pass. Ensure to activate the pass on the day you wish to use the pass. The pass expires at 11:59 PM on the last day, i.e. on the same day for one day pass and on the third day for three days pass.
  2. Second step is to build your own itinerary. You pick the benefits you wish to avail and ensure to tell the stores or front desk of the attraction upfront. Some of the attractions require you to book in advance.
  3. Third step is to show your QR code (that is displayed after you have activated the pass) to the store or front desk and get it scanned. You can use the QR code only once at a particular store.
  4. Fourth step is to enjoy and have fun.

Maximum limit of attractions you can use with TAGTHAi pass

TAGTHAi pass can be used at any number of attractions that the pass gives access to. There is no upper limit as long as you can do the activity in the number of days you have bought the pass for. But you can avail the pass only once at a benefit.

Benefits that you can avail with TAGTHAi starter pass

As soon as you download the TAGTHAi app and create your login, you get access to the starter pass. The starter pass provides access to:

  • FREE SIM card from either AIS or TRUE
  • Exclusive Foreign Exchange (FX) rate
TAGTHAi Starter Pass
TAGTHAi Starter Pass

Benefits in Phuket that you can avail with TAGTHAi premium pass

Attractions and sight-seeing places

Hanuman World

Named after the monkey god Hanuman, Hanuman World is a themed park to enjoy adventures like zip lining, abseil and sky walk. The packages start from 3 zip lines and goes up to 16 zip lines.

  • Opening hours: 8 AM to 6 PM everyday.
  • The activities are scheduled at different times throughout the day, such as 8 AM, 10 AM, 1 PM and 3 PM.

As part of TAGTHAi Phuket pass, you can opt for Combine World C+ that includes Zipline 10 platforms (3 zip lines, 2 abseil points, and 1 spiral staircase), Roller and Skywalk. The longest zip line in this package is 500 metres.

  • You need to book this activity one day in advance on the mobile app.
  • As part of the package, the pick up and drop is included. Once you book your activity, give them a call to check if your hotel is included in the transportation.
Hanuman World Phuket
Hanuman World

Banana Beach

Banana beach is a hidden beach that is part of Coral Island. With spectacular beaches, Banana beach is a perfect outing from Phuket. The boat ride is around 15 minutes and you can spend either a half day or a full day on the island.

With TAGTHAi Phuket pass, you can select either to snorkel or to sail on a weekend catamaran. The weekend catamaran can only be opted on the weekends.

  • You need to book this activity one day in advance

Elephant Jungle Sanctuary

With around 19 rescued elephants, Elephant Jungle Sanctuary is an ethical and eco friendly sanctuary. The sanctuary rescues elephants from riding camps and circuses. At this sanctuary, you can interact with these beautiful gentle giants in a safe environment. There are number of activities that you can choose ranging from giving the elephants a bath to feeding them bananas.

The first thing you notice when you enter their office/ store is a board saying “No Riding” and for me that felt so good. After you have checked-in, the English speaking guide briefs you about the sanctuary, elephants and their behaviour, and the activity that you will be doing. It is an interactive session where you can ask as many questions as you want and the guides are more than happy to answer you.

With TAGTHAi Phuket pass, you get access to feeding of elephants. This is an hour activity where you can feed the elephants and also take pictures with them.

  • You do not have to book this activity in advance. I walked in and was immediately booked in for the next session.

Phuket Eco Elephant Park

!! Update 29-01-2023: This benefit is temporarily not available.

Located close to Bangtao beach, Phuket Eco Elephant Park is another ethical elephant park. At this park, you can interact with the elephants by giving them a bath or by walking with them around the forest.

With TAGTHAi Phuket pass, you can select to provide a bath to an elephant. This activity is for an hour.

Thai Massages

You cannot come to Thailand and not get a Thai massage. It is one of the world’s best massages. I was pleasantly surprised and excited to see massages included as part of TAGTHAi Phuket pass. There were two massage centres (listed below) that were part of the benefits and each of these massage centres had set of massage options.

  • The Raintree Spa –
    • 2 hours Thai massage,
    • 2 hours Thai and foot massage, and
    • 2 hours Thai Aromatic massage.
  • Sansabai Massage and Spa –
    • Thai massage for 60 minutes, and
    • Head, neck, back and shoulder massage for 60 minutes.
The Raintree Spa
The Raintree Spa

Food, beverages and cafes

TAGTHAi Phuket pass provides access to the below list of amazing cafes and local food. These cafes and restaurants provide various food options that you can opt from.

  • Hickory
  • Yum Saab Ver
  • Sugar Dark Café
  • Cherna 88
  • Steak Ao-Kae
  • Kopi de Phuket Café and Restaurant

Booking the attractions with TAGTHAi pass

The booking of attractions is very simple and easy. A few of the attractions can be booked through the application and others you can walk in to show the QR code.

  • Note: Some of the attractions such as zip lining require 1 day prior booking and the information is mentioned in the mobile app so you can plan and book them well in advance.
Zip lining at Hanuman World Phuket
Zip lining at Hanuman World

Recommended one day itinerary


Start your day early by going on an adventure at Hanuman World. The Combine World C+ activity at Hanuman World takes around two to three hours including the transportation.

Monkey at Hanuman World


In the afternoon, head to Kopi de Phuket Café and Restaurant for lunch where you can enjoy the local cuisine. Once you finish with your lunch, visit the Elephant Jungle Sanctuary to feed the beautiful elephants. This will surely be the highlight of your itinerary.

Interaction with one of the elephants at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary Phuket
Interaction with one of the elephants at Elephant Jungle Sanctuary


In the evening, have a dessert or a light refreshment at Sugar Dark Café. And since it has been a power-packed long day, nothing can end the day better than having a two hours relaxing massage at The Raintree Spa.


ActivityActual Cost (in USD)
Zipline 10 platform$75.95
Kopi de Phuket Café and Restaurant$4.88
Elephant Jungle Sanctuary$27.45
Sugar Dark Café$6.53
The Raintree Spa$36.60
Total cost$151.41
Actual cost of activities when done separately

Total Savings with TAGTHAi pass

Total cost for activities when planned separately: $151.41
TAGTHAi pass: $48.52
Total Savings: $102.89

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) about TAGTHAi pass

Q: How can I travel Phuket on a budget?

Traveling in Phuket on a budget can be taxing but with the right deal and pass, you can travel in Phuket without burning a lot of money. Buy the TAGTHAi Phuket pass so you can save lots of money on the attractions, food and massages.

Q: What is TAGTHAi pass?

TAGTHAi pass is a all-day digital pass that provides convenient, and seamless way to avail benefits in a city. You pay once for the pass and use the pass multiple times availing the benefits.

Q: Which cities have TAGTHAi pass?

TAGTHAi pass is available in:

Q: How can I purchase and activate TAGTHAi pass?

You can purchase and activate TAGTHAi pass by following the below simple steps:

  • Download the TAGTHAi app on your mobile.
  • Create an account where you get access to Starter pack.
  • Upgrade to Premium pack for the city you want to explore.
  • On the day you wish to explore, activate the pass.

Q: How much does TAGTHAi Phuket pass cost?

  • One day pass cost USD 48.50 and
  • Three days pass cost USD 99.13

Note: The prices for the pass varies depending on the city you are selecting for.

Q: How can I use TAGTHAi pass to avail benefits?

It is very easy to avail benefits. You plan out your itinerary looking at the information given on the app. And once you have decided on the itinerary, you either pre-book them on the app if required or walk in to make an appointment. At the front desk of the store, show your QR code and get it scanned.

Q: What benefits are available for TAGTHAi Phuket pass?

TAGTHAi Phuket pass allows you to select from the below benefits. You can create your own itinerary and use as many benefits as you want as long as you cover them in a day or three days based on the pass you buy.

  • Attractions and sight-seeing places:
    • Hanuman World
    • Banana Beach
    • Elephant Jungle Sanctuary
    • Phuket Eco Elephant Park
  • Thai Massages:
    • The Raintree Spa
    • Sansabai Massage and Spa
  • Food, beverages and cafes
    • Hickory
    • Yum Saab Ver
    • Sugar Dark Café
    • Cherna 88
    • Steak Ao-Kae
    • Kopi de Phuket Café and Restaurant
Elephant Jungle Cafe Phuket
Elephant Jungle Café

Q: How many of these benefits can I avail? Does it have an upper limit?

You can avail as many benefits as you want. If you can accommodate the activities in a day or three days (depending on your pass), you can use them without paying an extra dollar. There is no upper limit. However, note that you can use a benefit only once on a pass.

Closing Notes

Finding TAGTHAi was one of the best things that happened to me while traveling in Thailand. You can access and visit as many attractions or cafes you want as there is no upper limit to the visit as long as you do it in one or three days depending on the pass you purchase. I am so happy to have found this as I know what to do the next time I am visiting a new city in Thailand.

Note: This post is written in collaboration with TAGTHAi. But the views and the opinions expressed are honest and unbiased.

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PIN for later reference - Phuket on a budget with TAGTHAi pass
PIN for later reference – Phuket on a budget with TAGTHAi pass