4 things to do in Varanasi

Ganga Aarti Assi Ghat

One of the most interesting places I have visited in India is the city of Varanasi. The streets, vibes and the colours are something that is out of the world. It is an important place in Hinduism that has places of pilgrimage, and it teaches one the cycle of life and death. Varanasi is also … Read more

6 Ghats of Varanasi

Aarti in Varanasi

One of the things that defines Varanasi is the number of ghats that it has. These ghats give a lot of character and colour to the vibrant city. Most of these ghats are used for puja (religious worship) ceremony. And each of these ghats are associated with a religious story. These ghats were rebuilt in … Read more

One day in Lucknow


I had never explored much of Uttar Pradesh. And Lucknow had always been in my bucket list. I had always known people who hailed from Lucknow and I had heard so much about the city and the food. So last year, I decided to visit this city for just one day and explore as much … Read more

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