Gir National Park travel guide

Lions at Gir National Park Gujarat

Being a cat lover, I love anything from the domestic cats to the big wild cats. I love taking safaris and visiting the forests just to get a glimpse of these beautiful big cats in the wild. Even though I have not seen a tiger in its natural habitat till date, I have been fortunate … Read more

UNESCO World Heritage Site Rani Ki Vav, the Queen’s stepwell

Rani Ki Vav, Queen's stepwell

Are you a sucker for architecture and history? Are you one of those who chase the UNESCO world heritage sites? Then Rani Ki Vav must be on your list. It is one of the most spectacular sites I have ever seen. The architecture and the carvings at the stepwell are truly spectacular and I would … Read more

3 places to see at Vadnagar

3 places to see in Vadnagar

Have you heard of Vadnagar? I am sure every Indian must have heard of the town as it is the birthplace of our current Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi. But did you know that it is also an ancient town that has many things to see and do, especially that relates to a lot of … Read more

10 things to do at Ekta Nagar

10 things to do at Ekta Nagar

I was pleasantly surprised to know about the beautiful town of Ekta Nagar. Famous for the Statue of Unity, Ekta Nagar is much more than the statue itself. It is a place that acts like a mini self sufficient city and has so many things to do and see for tourists. In this post, I … Read more

The spectacular Modhera Sun temple

The spectacular Modhera Sun temple

Imagine the sun setting behind a Sun temple. The dramatic colours of the sky with a spectacular temple structure in the foreground seems straight out of a movie. The scene is something that can only be felt and seen and any words to describe it seems less. And this is exactly what happened when I … Read more

5 reasons why Statue of Unity must be on your bucket list

Statue of Unity (SOU)

I must confess that I underestimated the Statue of Unity. My impression of this humongous statue changed once I saw it and I was awed by the engineering and the detailed work that had been done in creating this magnificent marvel. After seeing it from up close, I highly suggest having the Statue of Unity … Read more

5 things to do in Wai

Dhom Dam Wai

I must confess, prior to visiting Wai I had never heard of Wai before. In spite of being featured in many Bollywood (one of them acted by Shah Rukh Khan) and Marathi movies and series, this place had never been on my radar. It was during my collaboration with the Redstone Resort is when I … Read more

5 places to see Milky Way in India

5 places to see Milky Way

Are you one of those who love stars, planets and anything in the galaxy? Then I am sure you are in love with Milky Way as well. The first time I saw the Milky Way was when I was camping in the Western Ghats. And instantly I was in love with it. I had never … Read more

The Redstone Resort in Wai, a perfect getaway location

View from the Sunrise Point, special activity from Redstone Resort 1

When it comes to a relaxing holiday or a vacation, a good resort or a stay amidst nature and spectacular landscapes are a must. If you want a perfect getaway in Maharashtra, then The Redstone Resort is the place to be. The resort offers a lot of activities to its guests and is so conveniently … Read more

A visit to Panhala Fort

Panhala Fort

Did you know that India is known for its forts? There are plenty of them and each one has an intriguing story to tell. Many years ago, I went on a road trip to Kolhapur with two of my girl friends and that is when I visited Panhala Fort. PIN for later reference About Panhala … Read more

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