Milky way at Lake Lyell

Milky Way at Lake Lyell

Are you one of those who love the stars, and the Milky Way? Then you surely are at the right place. Lake Lyell is one of the places to spot Milky Way in New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia. As I am in love with the stars, sun, moon and the Milky Way, I … Read more

Travel guide to Magnetic Island


Who does not love clear blue water and an island life? A relaxed vacation with abundant and unique wildlife is what you get when you visit Magnetic Island. It was one of those times where I was a little low in my life and I wanted to travel to a very exotic but not so … Read more

MONA – A beautiful museum in Tasmania

MONA Tasmania

One of the most unique museums I have ever visited is the MONA museum in Tasmania. It is Australia’s largest private museum. My friend and I had planned a trip to Tasmania only to see MONA. NOTE: This article is not suitable for kids as there are references to sex and vagina. Also, visit the … Read more

Hike to Blackfellows Hand cave

Handprints at Blackfellows Hand Cave

The visit to Blackfellows Hand cave was not planned. I was visiting the Newens area in the Blue Mountains for a hike along with my friends and we suddenly planned to drive till the car park of Blackfellows Hand cave. Even though not planned, I am so glad to have visited the area and seen … Read more

3 places to see in the Grampians

The Grampians National Park

During my initial days in Melbourne, I visited a lot of places exploring the state of Victoria. And one such place I visited, was the Grampians. It was a one day trip from Melbourne and I visited the national park as part of a tour. For awesome one day trips from Melbourne city, refer one … Read more

Mount Taylor Nature trail

View from Mount Taylor

When I migrated to Australia, the first city that I lived in was Canberra. It was very different to my home city Bangalore. Canberra was quiet and had so much of nature and wildlife around. I lived in the suburb of Chifley, very close to the Canberra Nature Park. One evening, I decided to hike … Read more

Enjoy wine at Yarra Valley

Yarra Valley

One of the most beautiful wine regions in Australia is the Yarra Valley. This was the first region that I visited and tried the different wines they had to offer and also the first region that made me fall in love with wines and the process of creating the wines. PIN for later reference About … Read more

6 things to see on Oxford Street

Oxford Street - art

Walking on Oxford street makes me happy. There is something about the Oxford street that gives happy vibes. The rainbow flags and clothes showcased at the stores are a delight to look at. I have always been a supporter of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Intersex (LGBTQI) community and the Oxford street is where … Read more

Guide to visit Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

Panoramic view of Melbourne Cricket Ground

Every cricket lover wishes to visit the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). It is one of those cricket grounds that is very popular among the cricket lovers, especially Indians. I am not a sports fan, but visiting MCG was surely on my list and I wanted to visit it. Even though I lived in Melbourne for … Read more

3 reasons why I love Sydney

Sydney airport Raksha

Till I lived in Sydney, I did not even understand the phrase “I love the city”. I always wondered how and why people fall in love with a city or a place. But having lived in Sydney for many years, I know and realise that I am in love with Sydney. It is a city … Read more

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