Travel Guide to Kangaroo Island (with 1 day itinerary)

When I traveled to Adelaide a few years ago, I took a one day tour to the famous Kangaroo Island. True to its name, it is famous for the wildlife and kangaroos on the island. The island feels untouched and pristine. And no wonder it is the most famous island.

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Travel Guide to Kangaroo Island (with 1 day itinerary)

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About Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island is an island 20 kilometres off the coast of Cape Jervis (two hours from Adelaide) in the state of South Australia (SA). It is rich in flora and fauna. Abundant wildlife makes it one of the most popular islands of Australia and is also the third largest island in Australia.

The best time to visit Kangaroo Island is during the autumn season (between the months of March and May). And even though I visited the Kangaroo Island only for one day, I suggest staying at the island at least for two days.

Kangaroo Island

Fun facts about Kangaroo Island

  • It is the third biggest Island in Australia.
  • The island does not have any traffic signals.
  • The island has many ‘Give Way’ signs but only one ‘Stop’ sign.
  • There is not many evidence or history of indigenous people staying at the island.
  • A theory states that indigenous people consider this island as a midway between life and death. That the spirit departs human body and arrives at the island before moving on.
  • The cheese at the island is made from sheep milk.

How to get to Kangaroo Island?

As the Kangaroo Island is an island, the best way to get to the island is by ferry enjoying the views of the ocean. The island is just 20 kilometres off the mainland.

  • The nearest airport is the Adelaide airport. Frequent flights operate between major cities and Adelaide. The budgeted airlines are Jetstar and Tigerair Australia.
  • Ferries operated by SeaLink Kangaroo Island run between Cape Jervis (two hours from Adelaide) and Kangaroo Island.
    • One can also take their cars from Adelaide to Kangaroo Island.

Transportation within the island

  • Car is the best mode of travel within the island. And most of them take the car from Adelaide on the ferry.
  • I had taken a bus tour organised by the Sea Link Travel Group.
    • The bus tour was part of the one day tour that I had booked through the Viator website.
    • The tour costed AUD 283.00, which includes the transportation from/to Adelaide, ferry from/to Kangaroo Island and the transportation within the island.

One day Itinerary on Kangaroo Island

In the morning, we were picked from the wharf (Cape Jervis) by our driver/ guide Hamish. The day had planned stops and the itinerary was decided by the operator.

Seal Bay

The first stop on our tour was at Seal Bay. Seal Bay is the third largest breeding colony in Australia. The colony is taken care by Seal Bay Conservation Park. The bay just about 45 minutes from the main town Kingscote on Kangaroo Island. We took a guided walk to see the Australian Sea Lions in their natural habitat.

Kangaroo Island (Seal Bay)
At the Seal Bay

Vivonne Bay Bistro

The second stop was a lunch stop at Vivonne Bay Bistro. I personally did not enjoy the food as much and I would suggest taking some light lunch with you from the mainland if you take the one day tour.

Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary

The third stop was at Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary to see some Koalas in the wild. The Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary is located at the western end of Kangaroo Island. We did the guided Koala walk and saw some cute cuddly koalas on the trees. We also spotted some joeys (the little ones are known as Joeys).

One can stay at the cabins in Hanson Bay Wildlife Sanctuary.

Travel Guide to Kangaroo Island (with 1 day itinerary)

Flinders Chase National Park

The fourth stop was at the Flinders Chase National Park. The national park is densely populated by natural vegetation and thick eucalyptus trees.

Remarkable Rocks

The fifth stop was at the Remarkable Rocks. They are the cluster of naturally formed rocks. A cluster of granite boulders, naturally sculpted by the weather, this is one of the prominent things to see in the Flinders Chase National Park. We passed through Cape du Couedic Lighthouse on the way to Remarkable Rocks. The Cape du Couedic lighthouse was built in 1906.

Travel Guide to Kangaroo Island (with 1 day itinerary)

Admirals Arch

The sixth and the last stop before returning to the wharf were at the Admirals Arch. This was definitely the prettiest and my most favourite spot on Kangaroo Island. The Admirals Arch is a home to fur seals and is a naturally formed arch.

Travel Guide to Kangaroo Island (with 1 day itinerary)

Review of Sea Link Travel Group

The tour was very well organised and the staff were extremely friendly. All the coach drivers (there were more than one bus on the island that were run by the operator) were knowledgeable and helped us throughout the day. The lunch could have been better but it compensated with all the activities that were so well planned. I would recommend going with this travel group for a hassle free one day tour.

Safety for solo female travelers

Absolutely Yes! The Kangaroo Island is very safe for solo female travelers. But be careful of the wildlife, especially snakes on the island. Keep a watch on where you step and do not harm the wildlife.

Travel Guide to Kangaroo Island (with 1 day itinerary)

Closing Notes

Kangaroo Island is a very beautiful place and it must be on every traveler’s list. I would suggest staying at the Kangaroo Island for a few days so the island can be explored. There are plenty of options to stay on the island but the best would be to search on the AirBnB website.

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Travel Guide to Kangaroo Island (with 1 day itinerary)

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