Meet the people of the Tiwa tribe

Tiwa Tribe people

I have always been curious about the various tribes in different parts of the World. The way the tribal people live is something that interests me a lot. I love talking to them and listening to their stories. During my visit to Bodoland and other parts of Assam, I had an opportunity to meet and … Read more

Travel Guide | Mayong (Black Magic Capital of India)

Mayong - The local magician

Are you intrigued by the stories of black magic? Do you believe in witchcraft or wizardry and the effects of black magic? Are you a fan wizards? Let me be honest! I always stayed away from such topics involving witches, ghosts, wizards and black magic. Until late last year, when I had a chance to … Read more

Story of ex-poachers | Manas National Park

A poacher | Story of ex-poachers | Manas National Park

We all grew up listening to stories of how good can win over evil. Our elders and teachers have taught us how we can influence bad with a lot of good deeds. Yes, we have seen them happen in movies and shows, but have you ever seen it happen in real life? Similarly, I had … Read more

Travel Guide | Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary (Assam)

Rhino baby | Pobitora Wildlife Sanctuary

This was my third attempt, third attempt in trying to spot a one-horned Rhino in the wild. I had been to Chitwan National Park (Nepal) a long time ago, but my luck had it so bad that I had not seen a single Rhino. Last year during December when I was selected as one of … Read more

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