Viseisei, oldest settlement of Fiji

Fiji Cannibalism

Fijian villages are stunning and they have so much character. Viseisei is one of those villages that are beautiful and have so much history. On my last day in Fiji, I had asked my taxi driver to take me to a tribal village where I could meet locals and understand the local culture. And he … Read more

10 ultimate bucket list items for Fiji


I have visited Fiji only once and it was for a very short period of 4 days. As part of my first visit, I did the usual touristy things and missed out many things that I wanted to do. Ever since my last visit, I have been listing all the things I would like to … Read more

4 days in Fiji

Garden of the Sleeping Giant

A few years ago, I visited Fiji with my mother. This was a mother and daughter bonding trip and I had such a lovely time with my mother. We were there for 4 days traveling around Fiji and taking different tours. The spectacular sunsets and the pristine beaches were some of our highlights from the … Read more

Fiji has a history – History of Cannibalism!

Fiji Cannibalism

One afternoon during my lunch hour at work, my ex-colleague and I were walking around the Circular Quay in Sydney. He had mentioned about Fiji and how there were some software companies that had opportunities. “Where is this Fiji?“, I had asked him without knowing how beautiful and exotic location that country was. About Fiji Fiji, … Read more

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