Fiji Cannibalism

Fiji has a history – History of Cannibalism!

“Where is this Fiji?”, I had asked my friend Vishal.

About Fiji

Fiji, I had learnt, is an island country in South Pacific Ocean and is most visited country by Australians. ‘Hmm! It just takes about 5 hours by flight from Sydney. So, why not plan a trip with my mom!’ I decided.

Read my post 4 days in Fiji for details of my travel.

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Last day in Fiji

On my last day in Fiji, I had decided to take a taxi to visit the second largest city – Lautoka. The taxi driver had picked us up promptly, early in the morning.

As he was was a local native Fijian, I had inquired, “Do you still have tribes here?”

The driver had immediately responded, “Yes, madam!”. Giving a dramatic short pause, he had added, “Don’t worry madam! Cannibalism is stopped now.” He had grinned looking for my response.

‘Dude! what do you expect me to respond? Should I be glad that my mom and I are not eaten because Cannibalism is stopped?’ I had thought to myself.

But I wanted more (I had visualized my inner conscious, with two horns on its head, dancing), I had asked him to take us to meet the tribes. Since, we had developed a good rapport, he had agreed and taken us to a tribal village. He had arranged for one of the tribal women to show us around the village.

The tribal village had huge houses around an arena. One of the houses had extra decoration of sea shells on the roof and that had belonged to the Chief of the tribe.


The arena had a white pillar in the middle. The tribal woman, seeing me clicking the picture of the pillar, had casually remarked, “Generations back, that pillar used to be decorated by the human skulls!”


As the history goes, Fiji was once known as ‘Cannibal Isles’. If the stories are to be believed, one tribal chief is said to have eaten about 850+ people and to have collected a pile of stones to record his achievement (‘OMG! Scary, isn’t it?’). There is also a belief that there lived a giant once who had eaten about 999 people and in case he had crossed the mark of 1000, he would have been immortal.

Closing Notes

Cannibalism or not? Don’t know! True stories or not? Don’t know! Fiji is one of the most beautiful islands I have ever seen and would remain as one of my favorites for a long long time. The legends that have been passed on by generations are truly fascinating.


  1. Wow… This is new to me. Cannibalism existed in Fiji until recently!! Am I glad you and Aunty are out of there safe and sound!!

  2. Whenever I hear Fiji islands reminds me of the movie Table no 21 because that’s how I saw the location first time and wished to visit this one. Cannibalism sounds damn scary, glad to know its stopped long ago.

  3. This is super scary. I heard somewhere cannibalism officially stopped in Fiji in 1844. The house with the sea shell on the roof looks so beautiful.

  4. Sounds more intriguing to me than scary. If I ever get an opportunity I’d love to conduct an anthropological research on this tribe to find out more facts and the reason why they decided to make this shift and gel in with the society.

    • Hey Afreen, 😀 Cannibalism existed in the past in Fiji. It doesn’t exist anymore and it was stopped in the late 1800s.

  5. Fiji looks awesome, but Cannibalism… OMG the story is scary man, especially 850+ humans really scary. I would love to visit this tribe in future.

  6. Raksha, this is such an awesome and spin chilling adventure.I was pretty amazed about the pole, it is really a display of shameless inhumanity, but probably that’s how the cultures are different from inside? Interesting post.

  7. Okay this is something surprising. Cannibalism is always a scary topic. Damn, this was a ground filled with blood and flesh! Damn, that was one amazing experience Raksha.

  8. We have always thought of Fiji Island as an exotic getaway, the stuff that dreams are made of. Never knew that it has a chapte of history related to cannibalism. Does send a few shivers down the spine when you think of the guy who is believed to have gobbled up 850 + people without batting an eyelid!

  9. Didnt know that Fiji was associated with cannabalism….850+ is a staggering number…eerie one but still a dream destination!

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