Garden of the Sleeping Giant

4 days in Fiji

A few years ago, I visited Fiji with my mother. This was a mother and daughter bonding trip and I had such a lovely time with my mother. We were there for 4 days traveling around Fiji and taking different tours. The spectacular sunsets and the pristine beaches were some of our highlights from the trip. And we also got some insight into the history of cannibalism in Fiji.

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4 days in Fiji

Where is Fiji?

Fiji is a country in the South Pacific Ocean. It is a collection of islands and there are more than 300 islands. The country is famous for its beaches and reefs. The capital is Suva and the other major islands are Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

  • Flights – The best and quickest way to reach Fiji is by flying. Virgin Australia and Fiji Airways have frequent flights between Sydney (Australia) and Fiji. The flight time is around 5 hours from Sydney.

Stay at Fiji – Review | Anchorage Beach Resort

The Anchorage Beach Resort is the boutique 3 star resort that my mother and I stayed at when we visited Fiji. It is on the main island of Fiji. I personally liked this resort as we had a beach view from the room that we had booked. The resort is right along the beach and is a beautiful place to stay at. The staff were friendly and the rooms were very clean.

The only problem that we faced was that it was far from the city and every time we had to go into the city, we had to take a taxi.


Property contact details:

  • Anchorage Beach Resort
    Vuda Point, Viseisei, Nadi, Fiji.
  • p. +679 6662099
  • f. +679 6665571
  • email:
Anchorage Beach Resort Fiji

Things to do

Visit Garden of the Sleeping Giant

The Garden of the Sleeping Giant is Fiji’s largest orchid collection and is one of the amazing things to do. It is said that the garden has more than 2000 varieties of orchids. The garden is at the base of the Sleeping Giant Mountain. It is on Wailoko Road in the Nausori Highlands. The garden was founded in 1977 by actor Raymond Burr.


The garden is open everyday. On Sundays, the garden is open only in the mornings. And it has an entrance fee (Unfortunately, I do not remember how much I paid).

I loved the orchids, they had every orchid that one can think of – bee orchids, dancing lady orchids and many more. They were spectacular.

Scuba diving & Snorkeling

Fiji is heaven for scuba diving and snorkeling. The resort I stayed in had a place where we could swim and snorkel. There are so many activities that one can do related to water and I definitely suggest exploring Fiji’s marine life while traveling in Fiji.

One of the coolest things one can do in Fiji is scuba diving with the Bull sharks. Unfortunately, I did not get the opportunity to do this but it has been on my scuba diving bucket list for long.

Hear stories from the locals

The best gift one can give to themselves while traveling is to talk to the locals and hear the stories of the place from them. And I did exactly that while traveling in Fiji. I spoke to the taxi drivers and the villagers and heard what the y had to say about Fiji. Fiji is definitely a very mysterious and amazing place with so much history and one of the best stories I heard was about history of cannibalism and how it existed in Fiji.

Sugarcane fields of Sabeto Valley

Driving past the sugarcane fields of Sabeto Valley is extremely rewarding. The cool breeze and the countryside is something to definitely die for.

Vuda lookout

The Vuda lookout is an amazing place to see the panoramic views of Yasawa Islands. The green fields and the farms are very pretty and make amazing backdrops for the pictures.

Safety for solo female travelers

Even though I traveled with my mother, I would still say that Fiji is relatively safe when compared to other country islands I have been to. However, I would not suggest venturing out alone at nights and knowing your surroundings when traveling on the island. The resorts are extremely safe and are protected and monitored. But while traveling among the local villages and at the countryside, be cautious.

Closing Notes

I have a bitter-happy relationship with Fiji. I am bitter because my mother and I were conned for money and happy because I spent some quality time with my mother exploring the raw side of the country. I would love to visit Fiji again and change my feelings to only happy moments.

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