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Dive Into the Depths: Creating Your Ultimate Scuba Diving Bucket List (2024)

Once again, I’m excited to share my latest compilation—a scuba diving bucket list. This list serves as my guide, steering me towards exploring incredible diving sites worldwide. Despite completing around 50 dives, I consider myself a novice in the underwater realm. With this list, I aim to delve deeper into the mysteries and wonders beneath the surface, expanding my underwater experiences.

PADI certified Open Water Scuba | Scuba Diving Bucket List

As a certified PADI Rescue Diver, it’s important to note that certain diving sites on the following list may necessitate specific certifications.

My Scuba Diving Bucket List

Please be aware that this scuba diving bucket list is subject to updates and will be regularly maintained as I discover new and intriguing diving sites.


Scuba diving in Australia is a thrilling and diverse experience, allowing enthusiasts to explore some of the world’s most iconic underwater landscapes. Australia places a strong emphasis on marine conservation. Divers must follow sustainable and responsible diving practices to protect fragile ecosystems.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced diver, Australia’s diverse underwater world offers a range of options, from vibrant coral reefs to historic wreck sites. Always prioritize safety, follow local regulations, and enjoy Australia’s unique and breathtaking underwater experiences.

  • Abrolhos Islands.
  • Bare Island (Sydney).
  • Bargara (QLD).
  • Bass Island.
  • Bicheno.
  • Blairgowrie (VIC).
  • Bougainville Reef (QLD).
  • Broughton Island (Nelson Bay).
  • Brunswick Heads (Blue Bay Divers).
  • Bundaberg.
  • Byron Bay (Julian Rocks).
  • Coffs Harbour
    • Solitary Islands.
    • South Solitary Island.
    • Split Solitaire Islands.
  • Cook Island Aquatic Reserve.
  • The Coral Sea.
  • Darwin Harbour.
  • Eden (Merimbula Divers Lodge).
  • Empire Gladstone Wreck (Merimbula).
  • Ex-HMAS:
    • exHMAS Adelaide (Gosford).
    • exHMAS Brisbane (Sunshine Coast).
  • Fish Rock (Nelson Bay) (SWR Dive Centre).
  • Flinders Pier (Melbourne).
  • Fly Point.
  • Forster.
  • Gravel Loader.
  • Great Barrier Reef.
  • Great Lakes Marine Park.
  • Great White Shark cage dive – Port Lincoln.
  • Heron Island (Gladstone).
  • Hervey Bay.
  • Jervis Bay.
  • Karma Wreck.
  • Keppel Island.
  • Lady Elliot Island.
  • Lighthouse Bonnie.
  • Lizard Island (Cairns) (Mike Ball Expeditions).
  • Lock Ard wreck.
  • Long Reef.
  • Lord Howe Island.
  • Magic Point.
  • Magnetic Island.
  • Manta Bombie.
  • Mooloolah River.
  • Mt Gambier Caves.
  • Narooma.
  • Ningaloo Reef.
  • Noosa.
  • North Stradbroke Island.
  • Orpheus Island.
  • Osprey Reef.
  • Pandora’s Wall (Whitsundays).
  • Pinnacle Rock (Wooli).
  • Port Kembla – Seals dive.
  • Port Noarlunga.
  • Port Phillip Bay.
  • Port Stephens.
  • Portsea Pier.
  • Ribbon Reefs.
  • Rottnest Island.
  • Rowleys Shoals.
  • Rye Pier is known for the Octopus’ Garden.
  • Seacliff Reef.
  • Seal Cove.
  • Shark Alley.
  • Shoal Bay.
  • Solitary Islands Marine Park.
  • South Stradbroke Island.
  • South West Rocks (Nelson Bay).
  • SS Yongala Wreck (Townsville).
  • St Leonards.
  • Swim with Minkie whales.
  • Swim with Whale sharks.
  • Sydney – Sea Dragon Dive at the Steps.
  • Sydney – Shelly Beach.
  • Tangalooma Wreck.
  • Tasman Peninsula.
  • Temple of Doom.
  • The Gutter (Wollongong).
  • Tobruk.
  • Vernon Islands.
  • Voodoo (Sydney).
  • Wolf Rock.
Port Douglas Scuba Diving


Brunei, a small country on the island of Borneo in Southeast Asia, has a coastline along the South China Sea. While not as widely known as some other scuba diving destinations in the region, Brunei offers diving enthusiasts opportunities. Brunei has several dive sites along its coastline, offering diverse underwater landscapes. Notable sites include shipwrecks, coral reefs, and diverse marine life. Divers can encounter a variety of marine life, including coral species, reef fish, and possibly more giant marine creatures.

  • Ampa/Victoria Reefs.
  • Deep Blue Wreck.
  • Dolphin Wreck.
  • Rig Reef.
  • The “Australian” Wreck.


Cambodia is not widely recognized as a major scuba diving destination compared to other Southeast Asian countries. However, some diving opportunities are available in Cambodia, primarily in the coastal areas.

  • Koh Kon (Koh Koun).
  • Koh Rong and Koh Rong Saloem.
  • Koh Tang and Koh Prins.

Cape Town

Cape Town, South Africa, offers diverse and exciting scuba diving opportunities, combining rich marine life, unique underwater landscapes, and historical wrecks. The Atlantic Ocean along the Cape Peninsula features various dive sites, including kelp forests, colorful reefs, and fascinating marine life.

  • Great White sharks and underwater kelp forests: Cape Town.
  • Cave diving: Zimbabwe, Kenya, Cape Verde.

Christmas Island

Christmas Island, an Australian territory in the Indian Ocean, is renowned for its unique biodiversity both above and below the water. The underwater visibility around Christmas Island is generally excellent, allowing divers to appreciate the vibrant coral reefs and marine life fully.

Christmas Island is known for occasional encounters with whale sharks, especially during the migration season. Divers may have the opportunity to swim with these gentle giants.

  • Christmas Island.

Cook Islands

The Cook Islands, located in the South Pacific, is known for its stunning coral reefs, clear turquoise waters, and diverse marine life. The islands boast healthy coral reefs with abundant hard and soft corals, creating a colorful underwater landscape. Divers can encounter a variety of tropical fish species, including butterflyfish, parrotfish, and surgeonfish.

  • Aitutaki.
  • Mataora Wreck.

Costa Rica

Costa Rica, known for its rich biodiversity and diverse ecosystems, offers rewarding scuba diving experiences in the Pacific and Caribbean oceans. Located about 550 kilometers off the Pacific coast, Cocos Island is a UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its hammerhead sharks, whale sharks, and other large pelagic species. Liveaboards are the primary way to explore Cocos Island.

  • Bajo Alcyone – Cocos Island, Costa Rica.


Egypt is a renowned destination for scuba diving, offering diverse marine environments, vibrant coral reefs, and a rich array of marine life. Egypt has numerous dive centers along its Red Sea coastline, offering guided dives, equipment rental, and scuba courses for divers of all levels. The Red Sea is home to diverse marine life, including colorful coral formations, reef fish, rays, sharks, and larger pelagic species.

  • SS Thistlegorm – Ras Mohammed, Egypt.


Scuba diving in Fiji is a dream for underwater enthusiasts, with its vibrant coral reefs, diverse marine life, and clear turquoise waters. Known for crystal-clear waters with visibility often exceeding 30 meters (100 feet), Fiji offers numerous dive operators, resorts, and liveaboard options catering to divers of all skill levels.

  • Beqa Lagoon, Rakiraki, and the Coral Coast.
  • Great Astrolabe Reef.
  • Kadavu Island or Ono Island.

French Polynesia

Scuba diving in French Polynesia is a breathtaking experience, offering divers the chance to explore vibrant coral reefs, encounter diverse marine life, and swim in the crystal-clear waters of the South Pacific.

  • Bora Bora, Anau.
  • Bora Bora, Tupitipiti.
  • Fakarava, Garuae Pass.
  • Moorea, Rose Garden.
  • Moorea, Tiki.
  • Rangiroa, Tiputa Pass.
  • Tahiti, The Wrecks.
  • Tetiaroa, The Canyons.
  • Tikehau, Tuheiva Pass.


Iceland is not typically known as a popular scuba diving destination due to its cold waters and stunning geological features above water rather than beneath the waves. However, there are unique opportunities for diving in Iceland, particularly in the Silfra Fissure, a world-renowned dive site.


India offers diverse scuba diving opportunities along its vast coastline, allowing enthusiasts to explore coral reefs, vibrant marine life, and historical shipwrecks.

  • Aravind’s Wall, Pondicherry.
  • Corruption Rock, Andaman.
  • Dixon’s Pinnacle, Andaman.
  • Dwaraka, Gujarat.
  • Jetty, Grand Island, Goa.
  • Kadmat Islands, Lakshadweep.
  • Kovalam (Deccon Pioneer wreck, Covelong Pinnacle, Murray Point, Devil Rock), Kerala.
  • Manta Point, Bangaram, Lakshadweep.
  • Neil Island, Andaman.
  • Nemo Reef, Havelock.
  • Netrani Island.
  • North Point, Cinque Island, Andaman.
  • Princess Royal, Bangaram, Lakshadweep.
  • Sail Rock, Grand Island, Goa.
  • Sharks Reef, Pondicherry.
  • Temple Reef, Pondicherry.
  • The Wall, Havelock Island, Andaman.
  • Twin Towers, Chennai.


Indonesia is a premier scuba diving destination known for its incredible marine biodiversity, vibrant coral reefs, and diverse underwater landscapes. With thousands of islands and a vast expanse of coral-rich waters, Indonesia offers a variety of world-class dive sites.

  • Bali Tulamben.
  • Nusa Penida (To see Mola Molas).
  • Cape Kri – Raja Ampat.
  • Komodo.
  • Lombok Bali.


Japan may not be as well-known as other Asian countries for scuba diving, but it offers unique underwater experiences, particularly in its southern regions. Japan’s underwater attractions may not be as widely recognized, but they offer a mix of beautiful coral reefs, unique topography, and diverse marine life. Before planning a scuba diving trip to Japan, you should check with local dive operators for the latest information on dive conditions, seasonal variations, and specific regulations.

  • Lake Shikotsu, Japan.
  • Okinawa Japan.
  • Shiretoko Peninsula Japan.


Kenya is not traditionally known as a top scuba diving destination. Still, it offers exciting dive sites along its coastline, particularly around Mombasa and the surrounding regions.

  • Whale sharks: Djibouti, Mozambique, Kenya.
  • Diani Beach is located near Mombasa.
  • Kisite-Mpunguti Marine National Park.
  • Watamu and Malindi.
  • Mombasa Marine National Park and Reserve.


Madagascar, with its unique biodiversity and diverse ecosystems, offers exciting opportunities for scuba diving. The country’s extensive coastline and surrounding Indian Ocean waters provide a variety of marine environments.

  • Humpback whales: South Africa, Madagascar.


Malaysia is a fantastic scuba diving destination, offering a variety of underwater environments, vibrant coral reefs, and rich marine biodiversity.

  • Atago Maru Wreck, Miri.
  • Borneo.
  • Pulau Lima, Redang.
  • Pulau Payar, Langkawi.
  • Pulau Saga, Lumut.
  • Pulau Sibuan, Semporna.
  • Sugar Wreck, Perhentian Islands.
  • Tiger Reef, Tioman.
  • Tunku Abdul Rahman Park, Kota Kinabalu.
  • WW II Wrecks, Kuching.

Marshall Islands

The Marshall Islands, located in the central Pacific Ocean, offer unique and pristine scuba diving experiences in a remote and less-explored part of the world.

  • Bikini Atoll.
  • Rongelap Atoll and Arno Atoll.


Mexico is a diverse and famous scuba diving destination, offering many underwater experiences in the Pacific and Caribbean oceans.

  • Cenote Angelita – Tulum, Mexico.


Mozambique is a captivating scuba diving destination along the southeastern coast of Africa, known for its pristine coral reefs, diverse marine life, and unique underwater landscapes.

  • Manta rays: Mozambique.
  • Whale sharks: Djibouti, Mozambique, Kenya.


Myanmar (formerly Burma) is becoming an increasingly popular destination for scuba diving, offering diverse marine life, vibrant coral reefs, and unique underwater landscapes.

  • Myanmar’s Mergui Archipelago.

New Caledonia

New Caledonia, located in the southwest Pacific, is a French overseas territory known for its stunning coral reefs, diverse marine life, and clear turquoise waters.

New Zealand

New Zealand offers diverse and unique scuba diving opportunities, showcasing its rich marine life, underwater topography, and clear waters.

  • Aramoana, Dunedin.
  • Bay of Islands.
  • Goat Island, Auckland.
  • Kaikoura, South Island (Swimming with dolphins).
  • Long Island, Marlborough Sound.
  • Mikhail Lermontov, Marlborough Sound.
  • Milford Sound.
  • Poor Knights Islands.
  • Stewart Island.
  • The Coromandel Peninsula.
  • The South Coast, Wellington.


Palau, located in the western Pacific Ocean, is renowned for its breathtaking underwater landscapes, diverse marine life, and unique dive sites.

  • Blue Corner – Ngemelis Island, Palau.


The Philippines is a world-renowned scuba diving destination, offering diverse dive sites, vibrant coral reefs, and abundant marine life.

  • 7 Islands Reef.
  • Barracuda Lake.
  • Batangas region or Puerto Galera.
  • Bicol, namely Calaguas.
  • Bicol, namely Catanduanes.
  • Bicol, namely Donsol.
  • Bicol, namely Ticao Island.
  • Bohol Province, Philippines, Calibao.
  • Camiguin.
  • Davao.
  • El Nido.
  • Iraku Maru.
  • Limasawa Island.
  • Malapascua.
  • Marigondon Cave.
  • Moalboal.
  • Morazan Maru.
  • Okikawa Maru.
  • Paliton Wall.
  • Panaon Island and Sogod Bay.
  • Panaon Island, Libagon is a pelagic-lover’s dream.
  • Pandan Island and Apo Reef.
  • Puerto Galera.
  • Puerto Princesa, El Nido, Coron Island, and Tubbataha Reef.
  • Secret Bay (Mainit Muck) – Anilao, Philippines.
  • Subic Bay.
  • Surigao.
  • Tabina in Zamboanga Del Sur.
  • Tonga Point.


Romania is a landlocked country located in Eastern Europe, and it does not have direct access to the sea. Therefore, scuba diving is not popular or widely practiced in the country. However, Romania is known for its picturesque landscapes, historic sites, and cultural attractions.

  • Black Sea.
  • Isverna cave.
  • The Paris Wreck.
  • YOU XIU Wreck.


Samoa, located in the South Pacific, offers stunning coral reefs, clear blue waters, and diverse marine life, making it a fantastic destination for scuba diving enthusiasts.

  • Coral garden off Apolima Island.
  • The Rock.


Singapore is a city-state located on the southern tip of the Malay Peninsula, and it is not traditionally known for its scuba diving opportunities due to its limited coastline and urban environment.

  • Kusu Island – Singapore.
  • Pulau Hantu – Singapore.
  • Pulau Jong – Singapore.
  • Singapore Wrecks – Singapore.

South Africa

South Africa is a diverse and exciting scuba diving destination, offering a range of underwater experiences, from vibrant coral reefs to encounters with marine megafauna.

  • Leatherback turtle nesting: Tanzania, South Africa.
  • Ragged-tooth Sharks: Aliwal Shoal, South Africa.
  • Sardine and squid runs: South Africa.
  • Sardine Run – Agulhas Bank, South Africa.
  • Southern Right whales: South Africa.

South America

South America offers a variety of scuba diving opportunities, showcasing diverse marine life, unique underwater landscapes, and vibrant coral reefs.

  • Galápagos Islands, Ecuador.
  • Fernando de Noronha, Brazil.
  • Coiba National Park, Panama.
  • Roatán, Honduras.
  • Los Roques Archipelago, Venezuela.
  • Bonaire, Netherlands Antilles.

South Korea

South Korea, with its diverse coastline, offers various opportunities for scuba diving. While it may not be as renowned as some other Asian destinations for scuba diving, there are exciting dive sites and marine environments to explore.

  • Dong Hae and Gangneung.
  • Jeju Island.
  • Nam Hae.
  • Uljin.
  • Busan.
  • East Sea (Sea of Japan).
  • Incheon.

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is becoming an increasingly popular destination for scuba diving, offering diverse underwater experiences, vibrant coral reefs, and abundant marine life.

  • Barracuda Reef.
  • Boiler Wrecks.
  • British Sergeant.
  • Cargo Wreck.
  • Goda Gala Diyamba.
  • HMS Hermes.
  • Panadura Wreck.
  • Taprobane Reefs.


Taiwan, surrounded by the East China Sea, South China Sea, and Philippine Sea, offers diverse and captivating scuba diving experiences. The island boasts a variety of underwater landscapes, from vibrant coral reefs to intriguing seascapes.

  • Dungji Island.
  • Green Island.
  • Kenting.
  • Orchid Island.
  • Xiao Liu Qiu.


Tonga, a Polynesian kingdom in the South Pacific, is known for its pristine and unspoiled underwater environments. Scuba diving in Tonga offers the chance to explore vibrant coral reefs, encounter diverse marine life, and witness unique underwater attractions.

  • Ha’apai Group.
  • Swim with Sperm whales.
  • Tongatapu.
  • Vava’u Group.


Scuba diving in the United States offers various underwater environments, from coastal waters to freshwater lakes and caves.

  • Manta Night Dive – Kona, Hawaii.
  • Tiger Beach – Grand Bahama Island, Bahamas.
  • Florida Keys, Florida.
  • Great Blue Hole, Belize (Accessible from the USA).
  • Channel Islands, California.
  • Puget Sound, Washington.
  • Blue Hole, New Mexico.
  • Lake Superior, Michigan, and Minnesota.


Vanuatu, an archipelago in the South Pacific, is known for its stunning coral reefs, diverse marine life, and fascinating underwater landscapes. The warm tropical waters and vibrant coral ecosystems make Vanuatu a popular destination for scuba divers.

  • Anchor Reef, Port Vila.
  • Cindy’s Reef, Espiritu Santo.
  • Katiua Rocks, Tanna.
  • Million Dollar Point, Espiritu Santo.
  • Moso Drift, Moso Island.
  • SS President Coolidge, Espiritu Santo.
  • Star of Russia, Port Vila.
  • The Cathedral, Port Vila.
  • Underwater post office.


Vietnam offers scuba diving experiences, from exploring vibrant coral reefs to discovering underwater caves and historical shipwrecks. The country’s long coastline and numerous islands provide opportunities for divers of various skill levels.

  • Dry Island (Hon Ko), Phu Quoc.
  • Fish Highway, Con Dao Islands.
  • Hom Mo, Charm Islands.
  • Modonna Rocks, Nha Trang.
  • Moray Beach, Nha Trang.
  • Three Kings, Whale Island.


Zambia is a landlocked country in Southern Africa without direct access to the ocean, and it does not have a coastline. Scuba diving typically requires access to bodies of water like seas, oceans, or large lakes.

  • Freshwater diving: Malawi, Zambia.

Closing Notes

Embarking on this scuba diving bucket list journey has been a thrilling odyssey into the depths of our planet’s aquatic wonders. Each dive has unfolded a unique chapter, revealing the secrets of vibrant coral reefs, mysterious underwater caves, and the mesmerizing dance of marine life. As I continue to explore the world beneath the waves, I find that the ocean is not just a destination—it’s a boundless sanctuary of discovery and connection.

In the silence of the deep, surrounded by the awe-inspiring beauty of the underwater realm, I’ve witnessed the harmony of nature unfold before my eyes. From the vibrant coral gardens of the Great Barrier Reef to the historic shipwrecks in the azure waters of Vanuatu, every dive has etched indelible memories into the fabric of my scuba journey.

This bucket list is not just a checklist but a roadmap to a lifelong love affair with the ocean. The connection to the underwater world deepens with every new dive site discovered and every marine creature encountered. As I look forward to adding more destinations to this ever-expanding list, I am reminded that the allure of the ocean is boundless, and the adventure continues, beckoning me to explore, protect, and cherish the blue planet we call home.

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