Amedee Island

Scuba diving in Amedee Island (New Caledonia)

Amedee Island is one of the most beautiful places I have dived in. The marine life is absolutely amazing and the visibility is awesome. It is a perfect place to dive when you are visiting New Caledonia.

My first dive after getting a PADI Open Water certification was at Amedee Island in New Caledonia. I was nervous and excited. I was nervous because the expectation is that I would remember all the basic skills that I learned from my certification. This is a good expectation but the reality is a little different. Since scuba is something that I do not do on a regular basis, I had forgotten some of the skills. I did not sleep the previous night of the dive thinking about all these.

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Scuba diving in Amedee Island (New Caledonia)

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Where is Amedee Island?

Amedee Island is about 24 kilometres from Noumea, New Caledonia’s capital city. The island is famous for its blue clear waters and the sea snakes. And the island also has an iron lighthouse ‘The Amedee Lighthouse’, which is quite famous.

Even if you are not into diving, Amedee island is absolutely great for spending a day by the beach and snorkeling.

Note: Beware of the sea snakes. The island has plenty of them everywhere.

Sea Snake at Amedee Island

Dive site – Passe Bouparis

The dive site Passe Bouparis is about 20 minutes from Amedee Island. The visibility of the dive site when I dived was about 17 metres and the temperature was 24 degrees centigrade.

Note: Ensure to take seasickness tablets. The water is very rough and the boat ride is not pleasant.


  • Dive type: Boat dive.
  • Ocean condition: Rough.
  • Wet suit required: Yes.
  • Water temperature: Cold even though the temperature showed around 24 degrees centigrade.
  • Visibility: 15 to 20 metres.

Dive centre

I booked the scuba dive at Amedee as soon as I got back from Samoa. I searched for the diving schools and I decided to go with Amedee Diving Club. Honestly, I did not understand most of the websites as they were in French, and even after translation to English, I found it difficult to understand the websites. So, I picked one randomly.

  • Dive centre: Amedee Diving Club
  • Address: Quartier Latin Rue d’Austerlitz Face au ponton K2 Nouméa NC, 98800, Rue D Austerlitz, Nouméa, New Caledonia
  • Telephone : +687 26.40.29
  • Telephone mobile : +687 75.45.54
  • email:

Marine life

The marine life was divine and abundant. The cold temperatures attract large fishes such as sharks and whales. These dive sites also have small fishes such as clown fishes. I saw so many fishes and the site was very lively and colourful. The sites are also famous for its big marine life such as the grey nurse sharks and the manta rays which I did see during my dive.

Amedee Island

Best time to visit and cost

Even though the temperature showed 24 degrees centigrade on the computer, the water temperature is cold and the diver does need a wet suit. The visibility is absolutely brilliant and can range between 15 and 30 metres.

The best time to dive at this site is between October and April as the temperature of the water is relatively warm. However, you can also dive in the remaining months May to September with a thicker wet suit.

The dives are pricey when compared to other parts of the world. For 2 exploration dives including the equipment and oxygen tanks, they charged me 138.27 Euros. This cost is for recreational dives which means that they are for people who have PADI Open Water certification.

My experience of the dive

On the day of the dive

I did not expect so many people on that day. Unfortunately, the island was overcrowded and many were getting level 2 certified (which is I think is the advanced level in PADI terms). The boat ride to Amedee is about 30 minutes from Noumea. The sea was very rough.

Ensure to take sea sickness tablet before getting on to the boat.

As we landed in the island, we were all escorted to the local shop that diving guys had. We were given our wet suits, fins, masks and Buoyancy Control Device (BCD).

Selfie before the dive on Amedee Island

My diving buddy was a French and her name was Christina. Unfortunately, she did not know a single word in English and I do not know French. I explained her my situation using sign language and I told her that I was not very confident about the skills I had learned earlier as I had not practiced them ever since I had got the Open Water certification.

Amedee Island

We headed into the ocean (5-10 minutes from the island). I started getting sea sick as the ocean was very rough. After few minutes of briefing, we jumped into the ocean (with the gear). It took me sometime to neutralise as the water was cold.

Highlights of my dive

The diving was amazing. It is something that I can never forget as it truly was an awesome experience. I have so many memorable moments, to name a few:

  • I saw a grey nurse shark. Before diving into the ocean, Christina had asked me which was the one marine life I was looking forward to see. I had told her I would be excited to see a shark, as they are pretty cool. And this was my dream come true.
  • Christina made me sit in front of a reef and watch a clown fish family (in other words Nemo). I saw mommy and papa Nemos and their cute tiny children Nemos. This was adorable and super cute.
  • I saw a huge (bigger than the shark) brown with spots fish. It was massive and it was stagnant next to a rock.
  • And then came the highlight of my dive. Christina was ahead of me. I suddenly saw her stop and do down on the floor. It was something she had seen and it looked like she went down on the floor with a mark of respect to the thing she had seen. It took me a while to realise what that was. Oh my god! I was awestruck. There they were the two Manta Rays, gently swimming towards us. It was a spectacular moment. I was overwhelmed, to an extent that I didn’t realise I had stopped breathing through my regulator. I thought I was dreaming. Christina had to give me a nudge to get me back to reality. It was beautiful to witness them.
Amedee Island
  • We dived to 17 metres and stayed under the water for 47 minutes.
Amedee Island

Unfortunately, I could not do the second dive on that day as I had to fly out next day and generally you need minimum of 18 hours between the dive and flight.

Closing Notes

I have dived for more than 10 times now and undoubtedly this has been my best dive ever. I would totally recommend diving at Amedee Island for all the dive lovers.

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Scuba diving in Amedee Island (New Caledonia)