Golden Circle Route in Iceland

Iceland - A traveler's paradise

Visiting Iceland is incomplete without doing the Golden Circle route. The Golden Circle tour covers a distance of around 240 kilometres encompassing through some of the most spectacular landscapes of Iceland. I had heard and read so much about the Golden Circle tour that I had to include it as part of my 8 days … Read more

Visit Seljalandsfoss, a walk behind waterfalls

Behind the waterfalls - Seljalamdfoss

I have always dreamt of a fairy tale scene of walking behind a waterfall. It is one of those scenes that remind me of Disney movies. There are a few places that I did visit in India where I had come close to walking and standing behind a waterfall, but visiting Seljalandsfoss took the experience … Read more

Europe Travel Planner

Porto | Historical Walking Tour

First of all, let me start by saying Europe is a continent with 44 countries. It is a continent with a lot of history and architecture. And one cannot travel all the countries in just 5 to 6 weeks, like how the way tour agencies and tourists portray. I have been to Europe three times … Read more

Hostels in Europe


I have told this plenty of times, I love staying at hostels. I have found that hostels are the best places to stay in Australia, New Zealand, any country in Europe, Canada, and the USA. Staying at hostels has many advantages, firstly its economical when you are budgeted traveller like me, secondly you tend to … Read more

Iceland – A traveler’s paradise


Iceland is a land of fire and ice and is truly a traveller’s and a photographer’s paradise. It is famous for its dramatic landscapes and spectacular waterfalls. Boasting with its volcanoes, glaciers, geysers and hot springs, it stands out as one of the most beautiful countries in the World. Photo diaries from Iceland A few … Read more

Inside a volcano called ‘Thrihnukagigur’

Inside a volcano

While planning for the activities to do in Reykjavik, I stumbled upon a tour where I could go inside a volcano called Thrihnukagigur. ‘How cool is that!’ I thought and I immediately booked the tour, without thinking for a second. And it is one of the most beautiful adventures I have ever done. PIN for later reference Please … Read more

Snorkelling between tectonic plates (Iceland)

Snorkelling between tectonic plates

“What? Are you crazy?” “Why would you want to snorkel in the freezing cold water?” “Really, why?” “Are you mad?” These are the few questions I was asked by my family and friends when I had told them about snorkelling in between the tectonic plates. Honestly, snorkelling between the tectonic plates was never part of … Read more

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