Chukkimane homestay, a weekend getaway from Bengaluru

Village walk at Chukkimane

Are you passionate about nature? Do you love waking up to the sounds of peacock calls? And do you want to get off the grid from the busy city life? Then Chukkimane is surely for you. This homestay is a place where you can experience the rural and experiential tourism and have a cultural connect. … Read more

10 places to see in Srirangapatna


Srirangapatna is often overlooked because of Mysore. Every traveler or tourist visits Mysore and spends so much time at the city but never manages to visit Srirangapatna. Don’t get me wrong! Mysore is a beautiful city and I usually love to go back to the city over and over again but Srirangapatna also has so … Read more

A complete travel guide to Hampi

A complete travel guide to Hampi

Hampi is surely one of my most favourite destinations in Karnataka. It is the place to be if you love ruins, history and culture. I have visited the place twice already and both the times I have learned something new. The vibes and the way the town has just stuck back in time are the … Read more

2 days in Chitradurga


Chitradurga holds a very special place among the people in Karnataka. It is associated with a brave housewife who fought the enemy soldiers in the fort. All of us heard these stories while growing up and fell in love with the place without visiting it. Likewise, Chitradurga has been on my bucket list for a … Read more

Chandravalli, an archaeological site


Everyone visits Chitradurga for the Chitradurga fort. A less known historical landmark in the Chitradurga city is the Chandravalli archaeological site. It is a further away from the city and hence not many are aware of this amazingly beautiful site. When I was in Chitradurga for 2 days, I had an opportunity to visit Chandravalli … Read more

Chitradurga Fort, a beautiful unforgotten history

Akka Tangi hole at Chitradurga fort

Visiting Chitradurga fort had been my childhood dream. I have grown up listening to the stories of Chitradurga fort and the brave lady who singlehandedly managed to kill many enemy soldiers who were trying to get into the fort illegally. So, going and visiting the historical landmark where the lady once stood was a special … Read more

Chikkamagaluru district, a complete guide

Gangadikal trek

One of my favourite regions in Karnataka state is the Chikkamagaluru district. Perfect for its weather, the district provides an escape for Bangaloreans during summers. Also, it is a region where most of the popular trek trails are which is again famous among Bangaloreans, especially the Information Technology (IT) crowd. PIN for later reference About … Read more

4 things to do in Murdeshwara

4 things to do in Murdeshwara

Murdeshwara is one of my favourite coastal towns. Not only the town offers stunning scuba diving sites, it also has world’s second tallest Lord Shiva statue. The town is a great place to have a relaxed holiday enjoying the never ending views of Arabian Sea. I have been to Murdeshwara many times and each time, … Read more

5 things to do in Honavar

Sharavati Kandla Mangrove Forest - Honavar Karnataka

A visit to Honavar happened just by chance. My friend and I were visiting Murdeshwara for scuba diving in Netrani Island and we had a day to spare. And we tried to make use of this free time by hiring a car and traveling to Honavar. It was such a shame that I had never … Read more

Weekend trip to Belur and Halebidu temples

Belur temple

Two of the most popular Hoysala temples in Karnataka are the Chennakeshava temple in Belur and Hoysaleswara temple in Halebidu. Both these two temples showcase the history and era of Hoysala dynasty. And they are the most visited temples as well. I have been to Chennakeshava temple several times and only a couple of times … Read more

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