14 One day treks from Bangalore

Antargange Trek

Who does not love an easy one day trek? Bangalore is blessed with many hills and forts around the city that make a perfect one day trek from Bangalore. Each one of them is special in their own way and each has a story to tell. I have been trekking around Bangalore and trying to … Read more

Savandurga trek

Savandurga Trek

Savandurga trek is where my trekking journey started. It was the first trek I had ever done in my life. Since I was young and had done this trek with my friends, beautiful memories of the trek had etched in my mind. As I have been exploring one day treks around Bangalore these days, I … Read more

One day trip to Jayamangali (Maidanahalli) Blackbuck Sanctuary

Jayamangali blackbuck sanctuary

I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that there was a blackbuck sanctuary so close to home, Bangalore. Even though there are many places around Bangalore that are interesting and beautiful, but the blackbuck sanctuary was surely unique and made a perfect one-day trip over the weekend. I visited Jayamangali blackbuck sanctuary a few … Read more

Antargange Trek

Antargange Trek

After planning and rescheduling many times, I finally made it to the peak of Antargange hill. It is one of the treks that I always wanted to do and was on my bucket list for Karnataka, but for some reason or the other I couldn’t do it. Even though the Antargange trek is famous for … Read more

One day trip to Melkote

One day in Melkote

Melkote has always been on my bucket list for Karnataka. I had heard so much about the beautiful temples in the area but unfortunately, every time I planned, something came up and I never ended up going. But this time around, I was adamant and I planned for a one day trip from Bangalore to … Read more

Trek to Gudibande Fort

View of Gudibande Fort

One of the easiest treks I have done around Bangalore is the trek to Gudibande Fort. It is a popular trekking spot that is very close to Bangalore and can be covered in one day. As I have always been in love with forts, I jumped on the opportunity of visiting the this fort. If … Read more

Bananthi Maari betta trek

Bananthi Maari betta trek

One of the most beautiful one day hikes (treks) around Bangalore is the Bananthi Maari betta. It is a hidden gem around Bangalore which is not very popular. Even over the weekends, there are hardly any people on the trail. Technically, Bananthi Maari betta is a hike as it is just one day hike. But … Read more

Night trek to Skandagiri peak

Night trek to Skandagiri peak

Every trekker in Bangalore knows about the night trek to Skandagiri peak. It is a famous trekking destination and a getaway for Bangaloreans during the weekends. This was my second time to Skandagiri and both the times I have done a night trek. Note: Technically, the Skandagiri trail is a hike and not a trek … Read more

Uttari Betta trek

Uttari betta trek

After a lot of planning, cancelling and re-planning, I finally did the Uttari betta trek over a weekend. Uttari betta is an easily accessible hill and hence can be done as a one day trip from Bangalore city. It is now one of the popular trekking destinations around Bangalore city. Did you know that Bangalore … Read more

Muddenahalli, birthplace of M. Visvesvarayya

Kandavara lake

Every Indian has heard of M. Visvesvarayya! He was one of the renowned engineers of India and when I read about Muddenahalli, his birthplace, I instantly planned a trip to go see his family home. Being an engineer myself, it was surely the least I could do to learn about the celebrated Indian engineer. PIN … Read more

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