Road trip to Coober Pedy

Coober Pedy

The first travel I planned as part of my career break (in the year 2019) was to a place called Coober Pedy (popularly known as Opal capital of the World) in the South Australia state of Australia. It is about 840 kilometres from South Australia’s capital city, Adelaide. Adelaide has some really cool murals and … Read more

Top 10 things to do in Australia

Raksha in Melbourne

I get asked this question a lot, “What are my favourite and top 10 things to do in Australia?”. The question is asked by some of the fellow travelers who wish to plan their travels or by others just out of curiosity. Whatever the reason be, the question is the same and everyone wants to … Read more

Travel Guide to Kangaroo Island (with 1 day itinerary)

Kangaroo Island

When I traveled to Adelaide a few years ago, I took a one day tour to the famous Kangaroo Island. True to its name, it is famous for the wildlife and kangaroos on the island. The island feels untouched and pristine. And no wonder it is the most famous island. If you are looking for … Read more

Street art in Adelaide


I had never imagined I would see so many graffities on the streets of Adelaide. Every street in the city, had at least one graffiti! Agreed, that’s exaggeration. Let me correct myself here, most of the streets in the city had at least one graffiti. They were massive, colourful and pretty. I have always cherished … Read more

Cage Diving with Great White Shark

Great white shark

‘Call me immediately‘, my mother had texted after seeing a picture of a Great white shark, that I had posted on Facebook. I had forgotten that my mother was on my Facebook friends list. Angrily my mother had asked, “Are you going there to see a fish?” Fortunately, she had thought I was only going on … Read more

Photo diary of Australian native birds


Australia is home to many colourful birds. The birds are unique and are very good looking. I have been a huge fan of these Australian native birds and this post is dedicated to these stunning birds. If you love birds and want to find out more about the Australian native birds, then Find a bird … Read more

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