Street art in Adelaide

I had never imagined I would see so many graffities on the streets of Adelaide. Every street in the city, had at least one graffiti! Agreed, that’s exaggeration. Let me correct myself here, most of the streets in the city had at least one graffiti. They were massive, colourful and pretty. I have always cherished and loved street art. Even though the city was very quiet for me, there were absolutely no people or cars or anyone at 11:30 AM on a Saturday, I still liked this city because of its street art.

Street art in Adelaide

Where is Adelaide?

Adelaide is the capital city of South Australia (SA) state in Australia. It is also the Opal capital of Australia as the city produces the best selling opals. The city boasts itself for its food and wine, events and shopping.

Note: Adelaide is on a different time zone than Sydney.

Adelaide city was founded in the year 1836 and was named after Queen Adelaide. Most of the state government’s business and financial transactions are conducted at Adelaide and are concentrated in the Central Business District (CBD).

The best thing that I did in South Australia (SA) is to cage dive with the Great White sharks. If you are not adventurous and cage diving is not your thing? Don’t worry. South Australia is much more than cage diving and street art, you can spend time at the Kangaroo Island where one can see the untouched and pure beauty of nature.

Street art in Adelaide

How to get to Adelaide?

Street art in Adelaide


Adelaide is very well connected with all the other cities by flights. The best way to reach Adelaide from Sydney and other cities is by taking a flight. Jetstar is the budgeted airline and there are frequent flights between any city and Adelaide.


A few things to note before driving to Adelaide:

  • The roads have toll routes.
  • Adelaide and Sydney/Melbourne are on different time zones.
  • The best way to drive to Adelaide is by breaking the drive at various locations along the way.

Canberra is one of the cities where you can take couple of days break before heading towards Adelaide.

The distance between Sydney and Adelaide is 1375 kilometres and takes 14 hours 15 minutes to drive. It is surely a very long way from Adelaide.

The closest city to Adelaide is Melbourne. The distance between the two cities is 726 kilometres and takes 8 hours to drive.

Public transportation

Adelaide is very well connected by trains as well. The intercity trains run between the cities like Sydney/ Melbourne and Adelaide. Franklin street station in Adelaide is the main train station where all the trains arrive.

A famous train journey and an epic trip across Australia is The Ghan. The train connects between Adelaide and Darwin/ Alice Springs.

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Streets in Adelaide

The city had streets filled with at least one street art. But when you visit Adelaide, make sure to give a visit to the below streets. The walk between the three streets is just 750 metres and takes only 10 minutes.

Street art in Adelaide
  • Anster Street.
Street art in Adelaide
  • Tatham Street.
Street art in Adelaide
  • Eliza Street.
Street art in Adelaide
Street art in Adelaide

Closing Notes

Definitely, Adelaide has much more street art than what I explored and have mentioned here. I wish to go back to Adelaide some day again and explore the streets and the city more.

Do you know any of the streets that I have not mentioned but has spectacular graffiti? Let me know in the comments below.

Street art in Adelaide