Hoiser Lane in Melbourne

9 Things To Do in Melbourne (2024)

Melbourne holds a special place in my heart as one of my most beloved cities in Australia. Having resided in this captivating urban center for over six months, I treasured every moment of my time there. The city’s vibrancy and diverse offerings make it an ideal destination for both tourists and travelers alike. It’s also the city where I fulfilled a long-standing dream of seeing Shah Rukh Khan. In this post, you will find the top things to do in Melbourne.

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About Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of the state of Victoria, stands as one of Australia’s largest and most enchanting cities. Renowned for its significant European influence, the city is celebrated for its distinctive style and culinary offerings. Melbourne holds a special place among my favorite Australian cities, offering plenty of things to do and activities within its bounds and in the surrounding areas.

Flinders Street Station Melbourne
Flinders Street Station Melbourne

The best time to explore Melbourne are during the Spring (September to November) and Autumn (April to May) seasons. However, brace yourself for Melbourne’s unpredictable weather, which can showcase all four seasons in a single day. If you find yourself in Melbourne during winter season (June to August), it’s advisable to layer up, as the temperatures can be exceptionally cold.

Allocating a minimum of 3 to 4 days is advisable to fully see and explore the city itself, given the multitude of activities and attractions available.

How to reach Melbourne?

By Air

As Australia’s second-largest city after Sydney, Melbourne is equipped with both Domestic airports (Tullamarine and Avalon) and an International airport (Tullamarine).

  • International flights – Melbourne is accessible through international flights from various destinations worldwide. Major airlines such as Qantas and Emirates operate from Tullamarine airport, serving as prominent gateways. For budget-conscious travelers from South East Asia, AirAsia and Scoot airlines offer affordable options. Additionally, Jetstar provides international flight services from Melbourne.
    • Skybus provides shuttle services connecting Tullamarine airport to Southern Cross station in Melbourne. Opting for Skybus is a convenient transportation choice for reaching the Central Business District (CBD). Tickets must be purchased, and they are available for acquisition near their counters within the airport premises.
  • Domestic flights – Melbourne maintains extensive connectivity with cities and towns across Australia. Jetstar, renowned for its budget-friendly options, serves as a key airline for domestic travel between cities. Notably, all Jetstar domestic flights are directed to Avalon airport. Flights landing at Avalon airport often offer more economical fare options compared to those landing at Tullamarine.
    • Avalon airport is situated at a greater distance from the city compared to Tullamarine. The journey between Avalon and Southern Cross station in Melbourne city typically takes approximately 1 hour and 30 minutes.
    • Skybus operates buses connecting Avalon airport to Melbourne CBD, providing another transportation option for travelers.

By Road

Situated on the east coast of Australia, Melbourne enjoys excellent connectivity through national highways. However, driving from major capital cities like Sydney and Adelaide to Melbourne involves covering a considerable distance.

The distance between Sydney and Melbourne spans approximately 880 kilometers, with an estimated driving time of 8 hours and 30 minutes. Two routes are available: one via Canberra and the other along the coastal line, passing Lakes Entrance. Both routes include toll roads and offer stunning spots along the way for refreshing breaks and enjoyment.

The distance from Adelaide to Melbourne is roughly 730 kilometers, and the road journey typically takes about 8 hours. It’s important to be aware that this route includes toll roads, and additionally, the two cities are in different time zones.

By Public transport

  • By Bus – Greyhound and Firefly express operate bus services between Sydney and Melbourne, with fares ranging from AUD 60 to AUD 250. However, this is my least preferred option due to the lengthy bus journey, which takes approximately 12 hours.
  • By Train – TrainLink offers regular train services between Sydney (Central) and Melbourne (Southern Cross). The train journey spans approximately 11 hours, with ticket prices ranging from AUD 75 to AUD 250.
  • For the latest information and current prices, it is advisable to check the respective websites.

Getting Around in Melbourne

Melbourne city offers three primary modes of public transportation:

  • Trams – The easiest and quickest means of travel within the city and its inner suburbs.
  • Trains – The fastest way to navigate within the city and its extended suburbs.
  • Buses – Buses primarily serve areas where trams and trains may not be available, acting as a supplementary mode of transportation. Personally, this is my least preferred mode of travel.

The primary train station in Melbourne is Flinders Street Station.

  • For the most recent and up-to-date information regarding transportation within Melbourne, refer to the PVT website.
  • MyKi is the designated transportation card for tram, train, and bus travel. Topping up MyKi cards can be done at Quick Top-up machines located at train stations and news agencies.
  • Tip: Trams 70 and 35 are free trams operating within the city zone. Utilising these trams is a cost-effective way to explore Melbourne’s landmarks.

While Melbourne is generally more affordable than Sydney, , it can still become costly for tourists. The city provides several complimentary activities, as outlined in my post Free things to do in Melbourne.

Tram at Melbourne
Tram at Melbourne

9 Things To Do in Melbourne

Before delving further, it’s crucial to highlight that Melbourne is a city with a vast array of offerings, accommodating diverse travelers. Its appeal extends beyond just young adults to encompass individuals of all ages, making it an excellent destination for those travelling to Melbourne with kids. The list below represents only a fraction of all the activities available in the city.

Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane, situated in Melbourne’s Central Business District (CBD), is a dedicated space for street art. Vibrantly colorful, it serves as an excellent location for capturing striking images amidst the graffiti and street art. Whenever I have explored Hosier Lane, the street has been adorned with an ever-changing array of street art. Each piece of art brings a fresh perspective, as each artist leaves their mark, overwriting the canvas of their predecessors.

Hosier Lane provides a fantastic showcase of the diverse work created by street artists. Occasionally, visitors may even witness artists in action, adding an extra layer of fascination. The large murals and the abundance of wall art throughout the lane are truly mesmerising. Despite multiple visits to Hosier Lane, each experience is unique, as the art on display is ever-changing. It’s a delight to explore the lane and never encounter the same piece of art twice.

  • Entry fee: FREE.
HosierĀ lane Melbourne
Hosier lane in Melbourne

How to reach Hosier Lane?

  • Hosier Lane is conveniently located near Federation Square, with Federation Square tram station and Flinders Street train station being the closest transportation points.

St Kilda or Brighton beach

Both St Kilda and Brighton beaches boast exquisite beauty. St Kilda is renowned for its vibrant and bustling local market, adding to its charm. On the other hand, Brighton Beach is celebrated for its picturesque and colorful beach shacks, enhancing its allure.

  • Entry fee: FREE.

Keep an eye out for penguins at St Kilda beach during dusk, as they are occasionally seen.
For a chance to see little fairy penguins, consider a visit to Phillip Island, making it an ideal one-day trip from Melbourne.
Speaking of penguins, I recently embarked on an extraordinary adventure to Antarctica, where I witness the enchanting world of penguins in its natural habitat, one of the spectacular things to do in Antarctica.

How to reach St Kilda beach and Brighton beach?

  • St Kilda is comfortably served by the nearest tram station, with frequent trams running from Flinders Street station.
  • Opting for a train journey from Flinders Street station to Brighton Beach is the most convenient and recommended way to reach Brighton Beach.

Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG)

For cricket enthusiasts, a visit to the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MGC) is a must. Commonly referred to as “The G,” this renowned cricket stadium is situated in Yarra Park, Melbourne. Erected in 1853, the MCG holds the distinction of being the world’s largest cricket stadium.

Explore the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG) by joining one of the guided tours, available every day at 10 AM and 3 PM.

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How to get to MCG?

  • Regular trams operate between Flinders Street station and the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG). The closest train stations to MCG are Jolimont and Richmond stations.

Eureka Skydeck

The Eureka Skydeck offers breathtaking panoramic views of Melbourne. The Eureka Tower, a soaring skyscraper standing at 297 meters in Melbourne’s city, comprises 91 floors and provides an extraordinary setting for evening dining.

  • Entry fee: AUD 25 per adult (online).

How to get to Eureka Tower?

  • The closest train station is Flinders Street Station, and the tower is approximately a 6-minute walk from the station.

Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance stands as a war memorial, constructed to honor the countless souls who made the ultimate sacrifice to protect this beautiful country during World War I (WWI). According to the Australian War Memorial website, approximately 60,000 Australians lost their lives in WWI.

  • Entry fee: FREE.

How to reach Shrine of Remembrance?

  • The tram stop named Shrine of Remembrance is serviced by frequent trams running between Federation Square and Shrine of Remembrance.


For those seeking a dose of retail therapy, Melbourne is the ideal destination. Shopping in the Central Business District (CBD) offers an incredible experience, catering to various budgets from affordable to high-end items. The Direct Factory Outlet (DFO) is also a fantastic shopping destination.

Melbourne further entices shoppers with its remarkable local markets on weekends. Among the city’s renowned markets is the Queen Victoria Market, offering a unique and diverse shopping experience.

Tram ride

Melbourne’s trams provide an excellent means of traveling within the Central Business District (CBD). The City Circle Tram, in particular, offers a unique experience with continuous commentary, providing information about various famous spots in Melbourne as you travel.

  • Tip: Tram 35 serves as a tourist tram, offering complimentary information about the places it passes through. Enjoy a free guided tour while onboard.
Tram at Melbourne
Tram at Melbourne

Yarra River

Exploring the banks of the Yarra River is a delightful way to spend an evening in Melbourne. The river’s beauty and the fresh air it offers create a serene escape right in the heart of the city.

Yarra River at night
Yarra River at night

Eating fries at Lord of the Fries

Are you a fan of hot chips (fries) like I am? The satisfaction of crispy, golden potatoes paired with divine sauces? If that’s what you’re craving, then ‘Lord of the Fries’ is the go-to spot for fantastic and delicious hot chips.

While Lord of the Fries has locations throughout Australia, Melbourne boasts numerous stores, conveniently found at nearly every train station in the CBD. In Sydney, they have just two stores: one on George Street and the other in Newtown.

In Australia, we call the fries as chips.

Lord of the Fries offers a variety of dips and sauces to enhance the chip experience. Personally, I am a fan of the Vietnamese spicy sauce. A small classic chips paired with this sauce typically costs around AUD 5.50, and I believe they make the best chips in the world. Everything crafted at Lord of the Fries is top-notch and delicious. It is worth noting that they also provide vegan options.

Every time I am in Melbourne, a visit to Lord of the Fries has become a routine and an essential snack that I must indulge in.

One Day Trips around Melbourne

Melbourne offers numerous places for captivating one-day trips. During my time living in Melbourne, I made it a habit to explore the remarkable outdoor destinations the city has to offer, embarking on weekend adventures almost every week.

For a weekend getaway, consider visiting Port Fairy to extend your stay.

On the summit of Mt Bishop

Is Melbourne Safe for Solo female travelers?

While Melbourne is generally considered a safe city, I have encountered less-than-pleasant incidents in both the CBD and suburban areas like Footscray and Sunshine. Therefore, I recommend exercising caution and staying aware of your surroundings, especially if you’re traveling solo.

Closing notes

As previously noted, the list provided in this post represents just a glimpse of the myriad activities Melbourne has to offer. The city boasts numerous art museums and churches, which, regrettably, are not detailed here. Additionally, for enthusiasts of Bollywood, the International Film Festival hosts annual events that draw renowned Bollywood celebrities, adding another dimension to Melbourne’s cultural scene.

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9 Things To Do in Melbourne (2024)
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