1000 Steps at Kokoda Track Memorial

During my initial days in Melbourne, as I was venturing out to find new things and places, I had accidentally found the 1000 Steps at Kokoda Track Memorial. I was not at all fit at that time and I was lazy to even walk a few distance. In spite of my laziness, I had pushed myself and had decided to do the hike. This was also a teaching for me to step up and become more fit so I could enjoy the outdoors that Australia has to offer.

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PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - 1000 Steps at Kokoda Track Memorial
PIN for later reference – 1000 Steps at Kokoda Track Memorial

Where is Kokoda Track Memorial?

The Kokoda Track Memorial, located in the Dandenong region of Victoria state, is a living memorial and a site to honour all the people who fought for Australia during the World War II. The main focus is on the sacrifices that were made along the Kokoda track in Papua New Guinea battles. The Kokoda Track Memorial is open between 9 AM and 5 PM.

The actual Kokoda Track Trail in Papua New Guinea is around 96 kilometres takes 9 to 12 days to trek. It is a challenging track and is best to do it with a guide. I have not done this trail yet but have it on my bucket list.

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1000 Steps in Kokoda Memorial
At the entrance of Kokoda Track Memorial

How to get to Kokoda Track Memorial?


The distance between Melbourne and Kokoda Track Memorial is just 40 kilometres and takes only 50 minutes to reach.

  • The route has toll roads.
  • The Kokoda Track Memorial carpark has 2 hours free car parking.

Public Transportation

Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) and Kokoda Track Memorial are very well connected by trains and trams. The easiest way is to take a 50 minutes train to Upper Ferntree Gully station, which is around 1.4 kilometres from the Kokoda Track Memorial. The other way is to take two trams to reach the Ferny Creek Avenue, that is about 750 metres from the entrance.

1000 Steps in Kokoda Track Memorial

Created in 1900s, the 1000 steps is a steep walk in the Kokoda Track Memorial. It is to get a glimpse of exhaustion the soldiers felt following the Kokoda trail.

There are plaques along the way that depict the lives of the people who fought and died.

  • Starting and finishing point: Ferntree Gully Rangers Office.
  • Total distance: 5 kilometres.
  • Time taken: 2 hours.
  • Grade: Moderate to Hard as the stairs are steep.
  • The track is for fit people and is not advised for people who have medical conditions that can cause physical restraints.
  • There is no entrance fee to do the hike.

Even though it is called 1000 steps, I believe that there are only 770 steps.

1000 Steps in Kokoda Memorial
Map of Kokoda Track Memorial

Safety for solo female travelers

The Dandenong range is absolutely safe for solo female travelers. But it is always advisable that one has a hiking buddy to be prepared for unforeseen and uncalled situations. Also, as it is in the wild, it is better to be careful of the wild animals and the paths.

Like any other place in the World, be cautious and know your surroundings, especially at nights.

1000 Steps in Kokoda Memorial

Closing Notes

The 1000 steps is one of those hikes where hikers meet the history and fitness. It is a great place to learn and understand the sacrifices of the soldiers wand the people involved in the World War II.

PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - 1000 Steps at Kokoda Track Memorial
PIN for later reference – 1000 Steps at Kokoda Track Memorial

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  1. A perfect way to pay tribute to the war heroes. I like reading about different places in Australia through ur blogs.

  2. The history associated with the Kokoda Track Memorial makes it a fascinating place, apart from the hike itself. The feeling of walking along the steps where history was created, must be a special experience. Also as the trail gives an actual feel of the exhaustion felt by the soldiers, it is definitely a special experience. Sandy N Vyjay

  3. What a wonderful way to discover a new place and its magnificent history while walking! I wish we had such beautiful places in India as well. Whenever I visit Australia next, I’d love to visit the Kokoda Track Memorial. Thank you so much for the wonderful writeup with pictures.

  4. Loved reading the history of Kokoda track memorial and I am sure the walk of 1000 steps is worth the time. The place is such a dedication to the warriors and their sacrifices. And I am sure the 96km trail will be equally worthy though seems like a tall order to think off. 🙂

  5. The sculpture gave me goosebumps. Putting this on my bucket list when I get to that part of the world again sigh!

  6. This is a excellent way to show respect to the war heroes. This was like a virtual tour to me . Thanks for sharing and providing the detailed info


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