One day trip to Lepakshi


It was one of those breaks during Christmas, I was exploring the places around Bangalore and that is when I stumbled upon Lepakshi. Intrigued by its story and the temple, I visited Lepakshi as a one day trip from Bangalore. Are you looking for places to visit around Bangalore? Then go to the section One … Read more

Walk down the history lane of Rayadurga Fort

Rayadurga fort sunset

A few years ago, my friend and I visited Rayadurga Fort. It was accidental and not planned. But it was surely a pleasant accidental discovery. The fort is huge and is in a good condition. I love visiting forts and learning a lot of history and significance about them. India has plenty of forts and … Read more

Travel to see authentic Kalamkari paintings

Kalamkari painting

India has plenty of folk art styles and there is so much to learn about each one of them. Kalamkari painting style is another folk art that has history and has been coming through for generations. In an attempt to learn more about Indian culture and traditions, I am trying to practise Kalamkari art style. … Read more

Story of Raja Ravi Varma

Raja Ravi Varma painting

Every South Indian would have heard stories of Raja Ravi Varma, while growing up. Raja Ravi Varma was a very common famous name that was discussed at our homes, movies and galleries. He was a legend and all of us at least had one copy of his painting at our homes. There are many Indian … Read more

Types of paintings in Indian culture


The past few months have been extremely hard on all of us. During this lockdown period, I have revived my old skill in painting and sketching. I have also been reading a lot about different cultures, especially Indian culture. And I have discovered that India not only has many languages and religions, it also has … Read more

Guide to visit Golconda Fort (Hyderabad)

Hyderabad Golconda Fort

Are you one of those who like visiting historical places and forts like me? I am a big fan of revisiting and living the history and also love in knowing the interesting stories that history come along. If this is true then definitely, the Golconda Fort is for you. After traveling in Hyderabad for a … Read more

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