Rayadurga fort sunset

Walk down the history lane of Rayadurga Fort

A few years ago, my friend and I visited Rayadurga Fort. It was accidental and not planned. But it was surely a pleasant accidental discovery. The fort is huge and is in a good condition. I love visiting forts and learning a lot of history and significance about them. India has plenty of forts and there is so much of history behind each one of them. I have been visiting few forts once in a while when I can to learn more about our history and past.

Andhra Pradesh has another significant and amazing fort, the Golconda Fort. The Goldconda Fort is the famous fort where everyone visits during their travel to Hyderabad.

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PIN for later reference - Walk down the memory lane to Rayadurga Fort
PIN for later reference – Walk down the memory lane to Rayadurga Fort

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About Rayadurga Fort

Built at 830 metres, the Rayadurga Fort (translating to King’s Hill Fort) is one of Andhra Pradesh’s oldest forts. The Rayadurga Fort is located in Rayadurgam (formerly known as Rayadurga) town in Ananthpur district. Rayadurgam is a famous for its textile goods and manufacturing industry. It is about 450 kilometres from Hyderabad.

The fort is made up of many layers of forts that made it difficult to access. It also has four caves, three temples and a huge statue of Lord Ganesha. The temples are dedicated to Anjeneya, Narasimhaswamy and Elamma. And the Lord Ganesha is a 4 metres high monolithic statue.

The best time to visit the Rayadurga Fort is during the winter season (November to February) as it is pleasant. The summer season becomes very hot and is not advisable. There is a short walkway to the Rayadurga Fort from the car park.

Rayadurga Fort
Rayadurga Fort

History of Rayadurga Fort

The Rayadurga Fort has a lot of historical significance. According to the history, the Rayadurga Fort was built by the chief of Vijayanagara empire, Junga Nayaka. After the Battle of Rakshasa Tangadi (also known as Battle of Talikota, the Rama Rayalu lost the battle and the Muslim invaders tried to destroy the fort. Later the Muslim invaders were driven out by Koneti Nayak and his son Venkatapathi Nayak fortified the fort. Later the fort was captured by Tipu Sultan and then was annexed by the province of Gooty.

How to get to Rayadurga Fort?

Even though Rayadurga Fort is in Ananthpur district and is around 99 kilometres from Ananthpur, the fort is more close to Bellary city in Karnataka. I went to Rayadurga Fort when I visited my friend in Bellary. The fort is just around 51 kilometres from Bellary. The best way to travel is by reaching Bellary through an overnight train (refer IRCTC website) and then hiring a taxi to go to Rayadurga Fort.

The Rayadurga Fort is also just 2 kilometres from Rayadurgam Bus Stop. There are buses between Anathpur and Rayadurgam. The buses can be found on Redbus.in.

Rayadurga Fort
On the way to the fort

Safety for solo female travelers

I would not suggest visiting this place without a buddy. I went with my friend and it was safe because we were two of us. The place can get very isolated and it is better to visit it with one another person.

Rayadurga Fort

Closing Notes

It is definitely worth visiting Rayadurga Fort. I loved it there and I enjoyed visiting this amazing fort. Rayadurga Fort is truly a walk down the historical lane. I do wish to go back some day and spend more time at the fort.

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PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - Walk down the memory lane to Rayadurga Fort
PIN for later reference – Walk down the memory lane to Rayadurga Fort


  1. I’ve never been to Andhra before. I have less to no knowledge about anything significant here but the fort that you gave us a virtual tour of is such a delight. Historical monument in the present Era really makes you go back in time.

  2. Forts have such an intriguing aura about them, that they never fail to appeal to your senses. Rayadurga is in the same league. It must have so many stories clutched in its bosom. It has a fascinating history conneccted to Karnataka, the Vijayanagara Kingdom, and Tipu Sultan. Sandy N Vyjay

  3. I love traveling to different different and historical places specially forts, tombs etc. This place is surely in my bucket list now!

  4. You have taken some amazing photos.

    Fort excites me coz of their history & architecture.

    I have never been to South & if I visit Hyderabad, I will make a plan to visit here as u have said that tourists visit here when come to Hyderabad.

  5. As someone who loves history, arts, and culture, I have enjoyed reading your post on the Rayadurga Fort. I can’t wait to visit the fort now (hopefully sooner than later)! And needless to say, your photography skills are amazing and you make travel so lucrative in each post of yours 🙂

  6. This one’s yet another wonderful travel post of yours and loved knowing about Rayadurga fort. I am simply amazed with the beauty of this fort and the lovely pictures you have taken completely justifies it. Would love to visit this historical place some day for sure.

  7. The pictures say it all actually. I feel like travelling to the Rayadurga fort. The history attached to forts are so interesting.

  8. Forts have such beautiful old world charm. This looks so spectacular. I haven’t visited this one yet. Andhra Pradesh has so much to offer in terms of historical places.

  9. I love visiting forts and old buildings. Never been to Andhra but would love to visit one day. Loved reading the details of this fort. Amazing pictures. Saved for later.

  10. Visiting fort is like walking in the history lanes. Spending my childhood in AP, I was unaware of the Raydurga Fort, thanks for introducing to us. And I like how detail pointers you always mention about solo travelling or not to a particular place.

  11. This is indeed a great read Raksha. Through your posts I am learning about so many places in our country that I didn’t even know about. Luckily, this fort remains intact unlike many that lies dilapidated.

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