Guide | Hike to Rani Durgavati Fort (Jabalpur)

One of the historical monuments and landmarks in Jabalpur is the Rani Durgavati Fort, also known as Madan Mahal. It is definitely worth visiting this historical monument when in Jabalpur.

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Rani Durgavati Fort (Jabalpur)


The Fort dates back to 11th century and was a small military outpost on a hilltop. The fort was built by Rajgond rulers and was used as a watch tower. The fort is very well associated with Rani Durgavati, the Gond Queen. Rani Durgavati is considered as one of the martyrs as she died fighting the Mughals. 

The site is a World Heritage Site.

How to reach the Fort?

The Fort is inside the Jabalpur city (around 10 kilometres from the main city centre). The fort is next to the famous Balancing Rock. Any local taxi or auto rickshaw can drop the tourist off at the start of the stairs, for a minimal amount. The foothill of the fort has a famous temple – Sharda Devi Temple.

Hill & Myths

The fort is situated at a height of 500 metres on the hill with the same name. There are 250 to 300 steps (30 minutes) to reach the hilltop and it is an easy grade hike to the top.

The views are absolutely beautiful with lots of greenery and temples around. Also, the hilltop provides a panoramic view of Jabalpur.

There are many myths surrounding this fort. Some of the myths included by Wiki are that there are gold bricks and treasures hidden somewhere in the underground. And that there is a tunnel covering a long distance around the vicinity which could have been a possible escape route.


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Rani Durgavati Fort (Jabalpur)


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