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Jabalpur is a small city in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. It is an ancient city on the shores of the holy river of Narmada. My friend Akshata and I decided to travel to this city last December as part of our yearly travels. Since we had just one day in the city, we hired a taxi for a day which cost us INR 1800 for 2 people.

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Balancing Rock (Jabalpur)

The first stop was at the Balancing Rock. It is a rock formation where an oval rock is sitting on top of another rock. No entrance fee required.

Rani Durgawati Fort (Jabalpur)

The second stop was to Rani Durgawati Fort. The Rani Durgawati Fort was used as a watch tower by armed forces of Durgawati. No entrance fee required.

Dhuandhar Falls

The third stop was at Dhuandhar Falls. It is a spectacular waterfalls. No entrance fee required.

Marble Rocks or Bhedaghat

The fourth stop was at Marble Rocks or Bhedaghat. The boat ride here is a must. The cost of the boat ride by MP Tourism is INR 50. But the boat ride ends a certain point. So an additional INR 50 per person will take you to a further point till the waterfalls.

Jain temple (Jabalpur)

The last point was at a Jain temple. It again has about 300 steps to reach to the top. No entrance fee required.

I think one day was sufficient to explore Jabalpur. But it depends on each one if they wish to cover all in one or spend more days at a place.

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