One day trip to Lepakshi

How to Reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore? (2024)

During the Christmas break, I took the opportunity to explore the vicinity of Bangalore, and that’s when I chanced upon Lepakshi. Captivated by its narrative and the temple’s allure, I embarked on a one-day journey from Bangalore to Lepakshi. The road trip from Bangalore to Lepakshi provided a delightful escape, with the temple as a treasure trove of architectural excellence.

PIN for later reference – How to Reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore?

PIN for later reference - How to Reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore?
PIN for later reference – How to Reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore?

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About Lepakshi

Lepakshi, situated in the Anantapur district of Andhra Pradesh, India, is a village of immense cultural and archaeological significance. The town is home to temples dedicated to three Hindu deities—Lord Shiva, Lord Vishnu, and Lord Veerabhadra—constructed during the illustrious Vijayanagara Empire era, spanning from 1336 to 1646. The Veerabhadra temple stands out among these temples, earning Lepakshi its distinctive fame.

The optimal time to experience the Lepakshi temple is during the winter, from October to January, when the weather is pleasantly cool. An early visit is advisable to savour the temple’s serenity without the hustle and bustle. Avoid planning your visit during the scorching summer months, as the heat can diminish the enjoyment of the experience.

For history enthusiasts, Andhra Pradesh unfolds numerous places steeped in captivating stories, and one such gem is the Rayadurga Fort in Ananthpur district.

While capturing photographs and videos is generally permitted in the exteriors of Indian temples, it is strictly prohibited in the sacred interiors where the main shrine and deity reside. Seek guidance from the temple priest to understand the designated areas for photography.

The name “Lepakshi” originates in the Sanskrit language, meaning “painted eyes.” Interestingly, Lepakshi is often chosen as a name for baby girls in India. This quaint village offers a glimpse into historical marvels and carries a linguistic charm that adds to its unique identity.


How to Reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore?

By Road

Lepakshi is approximately 120 kilometres from the bustling city of Bangalore, heading towards Doddaballapura or Chikkaballapura in the north. The road trip to Lepakshi is a swift 2 hours and 10 minutes, making driving the preferred and expedient mode of transportation.

  • Some parts of the highway are under construction.
  • It’s worth noting that fuel stations are conveniently situated along the highway for a hassle-free journey.
  • Upon reaching Lepakshi, you’ll find abundant parking spaces outside the temple, ensuring visitors a convenient and stress-free experience. The parking fee is Rupees 50 per car.

By Public Transport

Hindupur boasts a well-connected train station just 20 kilometres from the charming town of Lepakshi. Travellers can take a train journey from Bangalore City to Hindupur and rely on an auto-rickshaw or a local bus to reach the town. For the latest and most accurate train details, it is advisable to refer to the IRCTC website.

Regular bus services operate between Bangalore city and Hindupur. The bus journey typically spans around 3 hours, with a fare of approximately INR 100. It’s essential to have the exact cash amount, as bus fares are only accepted in cash. Those opting for KSRTC buses can be conveniently boarded at the Majestic bus stop in Bangalore.

Legend of Lepakshi

In the Hindu epic Ramayana, the narrative unfolds with the abduction of Sita by Ravana. During this critical moment, the devoted bird Jatayu intervened to rescue Sita from Ravana’s clutches. Unfortunately, Jatayu suffered injuries and harm from Ravana’s sword. Lepakshi is believed to be where Jatayu fell during this valiant attempt.

When Rama discovered Jatayu, he uttered the words ‘Le, pakshi,’ which translates to “Rise, bird” in the Telugu language. This poignant moment in the mythological tale adds a significant layer to the cultural and historical importance of Lepakshi.

The Veerabhadra Temple of Lepakshi

Exemplifying the Vijayanagara style of architecture, the Veerabhadra temple stands as an iconic masterpiece near Bangalore, holding national significance with protective measures in place. This temple, steeped in historical eminence, was commissioned by the brothers Virupanna Nayaka and Viranna, both governors under King Achutaraya of the Vijayanagara Empire at Penukonda.

Dedicated to the formidable incarnation of Lord Shiva, Veerabhadra, the temple complex comprises three integral parts – the assembly hall, arda mantapa, and garbhagriha. Within its sacred walls, intricate paintings depict various deities, highlighting the incarnations of Lord Vishnu and showcasing the distinctive Vijayanagara artistry. A particularly fascinating feature is the hanging pillar, where a noticeable gap allows one to pass a cloth or sheet of paper through it. An intriguing incident in the past saw a researcher attempting to move the pillar, triggering a disturbance in the temple’s foundation, emphasizing the structural significance of this architectural marvel.

As per the Skanda Purana, a pivotal Hindu text, the Veerabhadra temple holds a distinguished status among Lord Shiva’s shrines. Open to devotees from 6 AM to 6 PM without any entrance fee; it demands respectful attire due to its religious sanctity. While the temple vicinity lacks eateries, the nearby highway offers ample dining options. It is advisable to carry sufficient water, as there are limited shops in the area. The Veerabhadra temple stands as a testament to architectural brilliance and a place of spiritual reverence.


Is Lepakshi Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Lepakshi provides a secure environment for solo female travellers, offering tranquillity and warmth from its friendly villagers. While the village exudes serenity, concluding your public transport journeys within Bangalore city limits before nightfall is advisable for added safety. Always remain vigilant and familiarize yourself with your surroundings.

If you’re new to solo travel or have queries about embarking on solo journeys, peruse frequently asked questions about solo travel for valuable insights and tips.

Closing Notes

Lepakshi is a captivating gem near Bangalore, offering a delightful excursion for a day filled with historical and archaeological wonders. I strongly recommend including Lepakshi in your travel itinerary when exploring Bangalore for a truly enriching experience.

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How to Reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore? (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – How to Reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore?

    PIN for later reference - One day trip to Lepakshi
    PIN for later reference – How to Reach Lepakshi Temple from Bangalore?