The picture perfect Ladakh

I love everything about Ladakh! And its a no surprise as everyone loves it. The people, the culture and the breath taking landscapes, everything about the place is magical. The place provides an ample opportunity for photographs and any picture taken from any camera is picture perfect. These photographs definitely prove that there is no other place like Ladakh and it truly is a heaven on Earth.

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Ladakh - Picture perfect
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Best pictures from Ladakh

Colorful big statues of Buddha

Ladakh is a land of Buddha. Since Buddhism is followed in this region, there are so many monasteries dedicated to Buddha. The statues of Buddha are definitely worth visiting and seeing. Some of them are really huge and go up to multi storeys.

For a visit to Thiksey monastery, read my post Guide to Thiksey monastery.


Paintings of Buddha inside the temples and monasteries

The temples and monasteries portray the life of Buddha and they have amazing paintings on the walls dedicated to his preaching and stories. It is very interesting to see and read about the stories of Buddha.


Prayer flags and wheels

I am in love with prayer flags and I just have so many at home currently. They are so colourful and pretty. The flags have prayers written on them and are hung at every corner in Ladakh.


The splendid landscapes

There is no place or corner in Ladakh that is not picture perfect. Every photograph taken there is beautiful and I have never seen a bad picture of Ladakh. The landscapes and the scenery is worth dying for.


Innocent animals

The animals and the wildlife in Ladakh is unique and extremely cute. So definitely watch out for that cuteness. And please remember not to feed any wildlife. Just look at them, take pictures and experience the cuteness overload.


Starry skies

This is one place in India where you can see the Milky Way. The stars are amazing and because of the clear skies, it makes it possible to see the dust easily.


Tree trunks, bridge and the post box

The life of Ladakhis is very interesting. They have found ways to adapt to the climate and nature. And because of this, one can see some of the different ways these people live.


Monasteries, monks and the stupas

Ladakh has plenty of monasteries and each one is beautiful and different from the other. I highly suggest spending some time at these monasteries to soak into the Ladakh culture and religion.


The Surahi Dance

On our first day in Leh, there was a cultural dance and music show performed by the Ladakhi localities. One of the dances, the dancers performed was the Surahi dance. The Surahi dance is also known as the Chang Rches. In this dance the dancers place the pots of Chang on their heads and dance. The Chang or Chhaang is a local alcoholic beverage in Ladakh. It is a barley wine.

Closing Notes

As every traveler says, Ladakh is a place where you get Leh’d. It is an experience only you can feel once you visit it. Everything and every corner of Ladakh is worth experiencing and feeling countless memories.

If you are an adventurous soul, then definitely look for the rafting on the Zanskar River.

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Ladakh - Picture perfect
PIN for later reference – Ladakh explained in pictures
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