The Philip Island Penguins

One day tour to Phillip Island

One of the must do things to do while in Melbourne is to visit the Phillip Island. Phillip Island is about 140 kilometers (90 minutes) from Melbourne and is a popular day trip. It is the place where one can watch the little penguins return home after a day of fishing in the ocean. The viewing of penguins is known as Penguin Parade.


The island is home for the biggest and largest penguin colonies in Australia. It is definitely exhilarating experience to watch these penguins return home at sunset.

Note: No photographs are allowed while viewing the penguins at the parade. However, photographs are allowed outside where the penguins have already returned homes (but definitely without flash as the flash light tends to hurt the penguin’s eyes).


The details of the tour are:

  • Provider: Great Sights
  • Tour Name: Penguin Parade
  • Tour pickup: Crowne Plaza, Melbourne
  • Cost: AUD 99 (USD 73.56)

Note: Ensure to wear warm clothes even in summer.

The penguins are super cute and I would definitely recommend this experience.


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