Trip to Mount Buller

Mount Buller is the first place in Australia where I saw snow and made a snowman. The experience was magical and I had a great time when I visited Mount Buller. Just a 3 hours drive from Melbourne, Mount Buller is a great weekend break from the busy city of Melbourne.

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Mount Buller; One day tour from Melbourne
Enjoying the snow as it was my first time

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PIN for later reference - Trip to Mount Buller
PIN for later reference – Trip to Mount Buller

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Where is Mount Buller?

Mount Buller is a snow resort village in the Shire of Mansfield in the Victoria state of Australia. It is part of the Australian Alpine region where it snows during the winter season (between the months of June and August). A very popular destination during the ski season, Mount Buller is home to amazing ski, and mountain bike tracks.

The climate at Mount Buller during the winter season are between 5 degree to -(minus)2 degree centigrade. Ensure to dress appropriately for the weather. If you do not have a jacket that can protect you for the weather, then ensure to hire a jacket at the ski shop.

How to get to Mount Buller?


Mount Buller is around 260 kilometres from the Melbourne Central Business District (CBD) and takes about 3 hours 20 minutes to drive by car.

  • There are toll roads on the route.
  • During the winter season, the car tyres need to have chains to drive on the slippery and snowy road. I would suggest that you take the car only if you are an experienced driver, during the winter season as the roads are slippery and the car could skid.

Public transportation

Unfortunately, there is no public transportation to Mount Buller from Melbourne. The only best way is by taking a bus to MMBL Depot and then taking a taxi to Mount Buller. The bus between Melbourne CBD and MMBL Depot takes around 3 hours and the taxi takes 40 minutes. It is expensive to take the taxi from MMBL Depot to Mount Buller and it may cost up to AUD 150.

One day tour

If you do not have a car, then this is definitely the best way to visit Mount Buller. I took the one day tour from Melbourne where I was picked up and dropped by the tour agency early morning at Federation Square in Melbourne. The bus tour also included the lift pass to spend the entire day at Mount Buller. The cost of one day tour is AUD 79 per person. One can also look for multiple day tours from Melbourne.

Look for a deal on Groupon to find cheap one day tours to Mount Buller from Melbourne.

Things to do at Mount Buller

Mount Buller ski resort have a number of other activities one can do while visiting them. Refer to their winter activities on the website to know more about.

Skiing and snow boarding

The best thing to do at a ski resort is to learn how to ski and snowboard. Having around 3000 hectares, Mount Buller is the place where one can take skiing and snowboarding lessons from a professional. The lessons range between an hour to few hours, from one to multiple days. The ski tracks are divide between the beginners, intermediates and the experienced. The lessons are conducted in the beginner tracks.

If you take the bus tour from an agency, one of the stops that they make before reaching Mount Buller is at the ski/snow board shop where you can hire the equipment required.

Mount Buller; One day tour from Melbourne
Ski gear while the skiiers take their breaks

Stay at the resort village

Mount Buller is a ski resort village so there are plenty of options to stay. They range from hostel to the family units. The best way to find a comfortable stay is by searching on their website.

Mount Buller; One day tour from Melbourne
In the village

Make snowman

This is definitely my best part of visiting any mountain that has snow. I love making a snowman and dressing him up. It’s a fun way to enjoy the snow with friends and family.

Mount Buller; One day tour from Melbourne
My first snowman


If you are not up for skiing or snowboarding, then tobagganing must be for you. Tobagganing is sliding on the snow slides by sitting on top of a sled (in simple terms a plastic slab). It is absolutely fun.

Take the scenic chairlift

I did this a lot when I visited Mount Buller. As the chair lift ride was included in the pass, I took the scenic chairlift as many times as I could. Its a fun way to enjoy the weather and have a cool cable car ride.

Mount Buller; One day tour from Melbourne
Taking the chairlift; It was this foggy only during this one flight, rest of the time it was really beautiful

Have a hot chocolate at the cafe

What better way to spend a day in the cold than having a hot chocolate? There are cafes where one could buy hot chocolate and enjoy the weather.

Safety for solo female travelers

Absolutely yes! Even though I did not go to Mount Buller by myself, I can still vouch that it is really safe for solo female travelers. I lived in Melbourne for few months and I have been around alone many times. I have never had any issues. However, like any other place in the World, be cautious and know your surroundings, especially at nights.

Mount Buller; One day tour from Melbourne

Closing Notes

Mount Buller is a definite must visit in Victoria and a nice weekend getaway. The mountains and the snow are stunning and a fun place to spend a few days. As it is just 3 hours from Melbourne city, it could be perfect for a quick city escape.

Do you think I missed anything that can be done in Mount Buller? Let me know in the comments below.

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PIN for later reference

PIN for later reference - Trip to Mount Buller
PIN for later reference – Trip to Mount Buller

19 thoughts on “Trip to Mount Buller”

  1. Your snowman is fabulous! I had no idea that there is snow so close to Victoria. I have not been to Australia yet but I imagined it hot and dry. It looks like you had a great day at Mount Buller! Did you try skiing or snowboarding also?

    • Yes I did have a wonderful day. I did not try skiing and snowboarding at Mount Buller but did try them when I visited the snowy mountains in NSW state.

  2. I must admit that I have only thought of visiting Australia when it is warm and not to find snow at Mount Buller. But great to know that this ski resort has lots of things to do. And options for skiing and snow boarding. A nice winter escape for you.

  3. Not gonna lie, I had no idea Australia had an alpine region…or that it even snowed there! Glad to learn about Mount Buller and all the things to do at this ski resort. Its too bad that it isnt that accessable, but I am sure it is still super popular as it is one of the only places to enjoy skiing in the area.

  4. Looks like an amazing place to go once in life. But to be honest I haven’t seen snow in my life, though I love to visit places like this. Let’s see when I can see snow in my life. This is a nice post

  5. The experience of seeing snow for first time in a place is always special. Mount Buller looks like a great ski destination. Chairlift looks so exciting. I want to do this sometime!!

  6. Mout Buller is such an enchanting white paradise, reminds me of Switzerland. Snow is always great fun for people like us who stay where it never snows. Experiencing snow for the first time has its own magic and is something one cannot forget. Loving the range of snow activities that one can do in Mount Buller.

  7. This is so cool, I\’d never thought to see this in Australia! Mount Buller looks like a great trip, and very scenic too. It’s good to know it’s safe for female travelers too.

  8. well for starters your snowman looked SO cute, that hat, lmao. glad you had so much fun on the snow…are you thinking about trying skiing next time? it is so much fun, definitely my favorite sport.

  9. The terrain looks so similar to the one we experienced in Kashmir. It made me feel I was in Gulmarg and since it was our first exposure to snow as well we just loved it. Your snowman looks fabulous. Now I feel we should have made one as well. Lovely trip of yours. Enjoyed.

  10. I never associated snow or winter sports with Australia. How lucky to have such a beautiful spot like Mount Buller only 3 hours away from your home!

  11. I rarely read articles about Australian winter sports destinations. I completely forgot that there is snow there too. Mount Buller seems to be a perfect destination as a day or weekend trip from Melbourne, as it’s only 3 hours driving. Good tips on how to get there. I would like to take a chairlift there.


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