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Earlier this month, I wrote an Instagram post about how to take pictures while solo traveling. And I am so glad that some of you reached out to me appreciating the post and acknowledging that that was the biggest challenge that you thought while solo traveling. Since many of my blog readers are not on Instagram, I decided to pen this post on my blog as well, so people can refer to it when they want to.

Context about taking pictures

Background for writing the tips was that while I was backpacking in Europe, some of the fellow travelers were curious to know how I was taking/who was taking my pictures as I was solo traveling. They wanted to know how they can take such pictures.

Tiger Nest Monastery - Pictures

Tips for taking pictures

Some of the tips and tricks that I use while taking pictures are:

  1. Tripod: I carry light and portable tripod for my phone. There is no particular model that I recommend as I just ordered a tripod that was compatible with my iPhone XR. By carrying a tripod, I take my own pictures the way I want and I don’t have to compromise depending on how the pictures are taken by others.
  2. Use existing props: If I am being lazy and I do not want to assemble my tripod, I use props such as my bag, jacket, or even rocks/stones on the roads. I try to use any resource that is available to me at that moment.
  3. Ask people: I am shameless for pictures and I ask strangers. I ask anyone passing by and generally, people oblige to the requests. Yes, there are people who refuse and can be rude, but that’s fine, I ask the next person. I find refusal better than taking bad uninterested pictures. The best is to position my camera and explain to them where I would stand and all they need to do is click the button. I basically use them as a tripod/stand. This is a hit and a miss. Most times (for me who do not like compromises) it is generally a miss. But that’s okay, all you need to do is calm down and ask another stranger to take a picture.
  4. Give and Take: I take the initiative and ask other strangers (mostly tourists) if they wanted a picture (solo if traveling alone, couple if there are two people and family if there are more than two). This way they always return the favour.
  5. Selfie: If none of the above work, then I take the selfie. I do not like selfies much, but it is better than no picture.


These are the things that I do to take good pictures. And most of the time they have worked very well for me. Do try them and let me know how they go. I would love to hear.

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  1. Love your feedback! I just spent the last 6 months in Europe and I’m ashamed of the lack of pictures I didn’t take due to being alone! I just purchased a tripod and even an actual camera so for my next trip over I’ll be more prepared! Thanks for the tips! 🤗

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