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Free Things To Do in Melbourne (2024)

Upon migrating to Australia, Melbourne became my second home, boasting the prestigious title of one of the most livable cities globally. Navigating cities in Australia can often strain the budget due to high expenses, but fear not, as many cost-free activities exist to relish the city’s charm. Embracing these complimentary experiences allows you to savour Melbourne without breaking the bank – and who doesn’t appreciate the allure of free offerings? This post unveils an assortment of cost-free things to do in Melbourne.

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PIN for later reference - Free things to do in Melbourne
PIN for later reference – Free things to do in Melbourne

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About Melbourne

Melbourne is one of Australia’s largest and most enchanting cities, proudly serving as the capital of the state of Victoria. Renowned for its significant European influence, Melbourne has earned acclaim for its distinctive style and delectable culinary scene. The city unfolds many activities for its visitors, ensuring a vibrant experience that transcends seasons – even in the winter, Melbourne extends a warm welcome with a wealth of attractions to explore.

How to Get to Melbourne?

By Air

Melbourne boasts two airports, catering to both domestic and international travel. Tullamarine and Avalon airports serve domestic flights, while Tullamarine exclusively handles international flights.

  • International Flights – Melbourne welcomes flights from various corners of the world for international travel. Budget-friendly options include AirAsia and Scoot Airlines, particularly connecting from South East Asia.
  • Domestic Flights – On the domestic front, Melbourne maintains well-connected air routes to most Australian cities. Jetstar is the preferred budget airline for seamless and affordable travel between domestic destinations.

By Road

Melbourne boasts excellent road connectivity, although the drive from capital cities like Sydney and Adelaide involves considerable distances. The approximately 880-kilometer journey from Sydney to Melbourne spans around 8 hours and 30 minutes by car, featuring toll roads and captivating stops for a refreshing break.

Similarly, the road trip from Adelaide to Melbourne is approximately 730 kilometres, taking roughly 8 hours. The route includes toll roads, and it’s worth noting that the two cities are in different time zones, adding a unique dimension to the journey.

In Australia, securing a self-driven car is easily achievable, with numerous providers offering rental cars. All that is required is a valid international driver’s license in English and a credit card for the rental process. Opting for complete insurance coverage with zero excess ensures a worry-free road trip experience.

By Public Transport

  • Buses – Greyhound and Firefly express services operate between Sydney and Melbourne. However, this is my less preferred choice due to the extended travel time of approximately 12 hours, with fares ranging from AUD 60 to AUD 250.
  • Trains – Alternatively, trains offered by TrainLink provide a more time-efficient option, running frequently between Sydney (Central) and Melbourne (Southern Cross). The train journey spans 11 hours, and ticket prices range from AUD 75 to AUD 250.
  • For the latest information and accurate pricing, it’s advisable to check the respective websites of the bus and train operators.

Free Things To Do in Melbourne

Melbourne pulsates with vibrancy, offering something for everyone. As the arts and sports capital, the city hosts many activities yearly, emphasizing its commitment to sporting events and cultural festivals.

  • The iconic Flinders Street train station is at the heart of Melbourne’s public transportation network, a central hub for commuters and visitors alike.
  • For the latest details on public transportation, the PVT website provides up-to-date information. Navigating the city is simplified with the MyKi transportation card, facilitating fare payments for public transport. Topping up the card is convenient and available at train stations and news agencies.
  • Embark on a journey across city zones quickly, as tram numbers 35 and 70 offer a complimentary ride for commuters. Melbourne ensures seamless travel experiences, exploring its attractions and getting around the city.

Walk Around Yarra River

Strolling along the Yarra River unveils an exceptionally picturesque experience. A scenic walkway encircles the river, adorned with numerous charming bridges.

  • Entrance: Free of charge.
  • Accessible via tram or train: Flinders Street station.
Yarra River Melbourne
Yarra River

Visit ACMI at Fed Square

Nestled in Federation Square, the Australia Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI) is a captivating museum dedicated to screen culture. Featuring exhibitions that celebrate the realms of television, films, and gaming, ACMI offers a diverse exploration of moving images. General entry to the museum is complimentary, although there are paid events for those seeking specialized experiences.

  • General Entry Fee: Free.
  • Convenient access via tram: Federation Square station.
In front of ACMI
In front of ACMI

Take Pictures at Hosier Lane

Hosier Lane, nestled in the heart of Melbourne Central Business District (CBD), is a dedicated haven for street art enthusiasts. The lane exudes a riot of colours, creating a perfect backdrop for striking pictures amidst the vibrant graffiti. With each visit to Hosier Lane, the ever-changing landscape of diverse street art captures one’s attention.

Witnessing the dynamic display is a testament to the transient nature of street art, where each artist leaves their mark, eventually overwritten by the following creative mind. The constant evolution of the artworks, sometimes even observed in the act of creation, adds an intriguing dimension to the experience. Hosier Lane is undeniably the mecca of street art, its blissful, vibrant lanes adorned with ever-changing wall art.

  • Admission: Free of charge.
  • Convenient access via tram or train: Hosier Lane is near Federation Square. The nearest tram station is Federation Square, and the nearest train station is Flinders Street station.
At Hosier lane - With my mother
At Hosier Lane – With my mother

Visit the Shrine of Remembrance

The Shrine of Remembrance is a poignant war memorial, paying homage to the countless souls who sacrificed to safeguard this beautiful country during World War I (WWI). As per the Australian War Memorial website, approximately 60,000 Australians lost their lives in the course of WWI.

  • Admission: Free of charge.
  • Accessible by tram: The tram stop, aptly named Shrine of Remembrance, facilitates convenient transportation with frequent trams running between Federation Square and the Shrine of Remembrance.

Watch Penguins at St Kilda Beach

Embarking on one of Melbourne’s most endearing and cost-free activities involves observing the penguins at St Kilda beach. Following a day of fishing in the vast ocean, these charming little penguins return home to their nests, creating a delightful spectacle. Optimal viewing is during the sunset when the penguins grace the shore.

Were you aware that you have the opportunity to observe these penguins at Phillip Island? This island makes for an ideal day trip from Melbourne.

  • Admission: Free of charge.
  • Convenient access via tram: St Kilda beach.

Visit Queen Victoria Market

The Queen Victoria Market offers a perfect escape from the bustling city life, providing a delightful experience with street food, pubs, and bars. Local farmers and producers showcase their goods at this market.

  • Admission: Free (only pay for your purchases).
  • Easily accessible via tram: Queen Victoria Market.

Walk the 1000 Steps

Established in the 1900s, the 1000 Steps is a challenging hike within the Kokoda Track Memorial, designed to provide a glimpse into the exhaustion experienced by soldiers along the Kokoda trail. The 5-kilometre trek is suitable for individuals with reasonable fitness levels.

  • Admission: Free of charge.
  • Accessible by tram: Ferny Creek Avenue.
Entrance of 1000 Steps
Entrance of 1000 Steps

See the Colourful Shacks at Brighton Beach

Situated on Victoria’s Brighton Beach, the vibrant structures fondly called the Brighton Bathing Boxes have graced the area since the 1900s. Comprising 82 brightly coloured beach huts, these iconic structures are among the most photographed.

  • Admission: Free of charge.
  • Accessible by train: Brighton Beach train station.

Laze Around Federation Square

Federation Square is a prominent venue in the heart of the city. This square is opposite Flinders Street Station, a hub for public events and festivals.

  • Admission: Free of charge.
  • Convenient access via tram or train: Flinders Street Station.

Take Tram 35 and 70 for City Exploration

Exploring the city becomes a delightful experience aboard the city zone trams, specifically tram numbers 35 and 70. These trams offer a unique perspective with continuous commentary, providing insights into the city’s various places and activities to explore.

Tram at Melbourne
Tram at Melbourne

Milky Way

In the winter season, the majestic sight of the Milky Way unfolds. The stars, dust, and night skies exhibit unparalleled beauty on a clear, crisp night. A short distance from Melbourne city, places like the Great Ocean Road offer breathtaking views of the Milky Way.

Milky Way

Is Melbourne Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Melbourne is generally considered safe for solo female travellers. However, like any city, it does encounter occasional undesired situations, particularly for individuals from different races. It’s advisable to exercise caution and stay vigilant about your surroundings, especially in isolated areas and during the nighttime.

Closing Notes

Melbourne is a delightful city with many activities beyond the ones I’ve mentioned. The city exudes fantastic vibes, remaining lively throughout the week. If you have any additional suggestions for free things to do, please share them with me at Solopassport@gmail.com. I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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Free Things To Do in Melbourne (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – Free Things To Do in Melbourne

    PIN for later reference - Free things to do in Melbourne
    PIN for later reference – Free things to do in Melbourne