Road trip | Sydney to Lakes Entrance (Australia)

When I informed people about our ambitious road trip from Sydney to Lakes Entrance, everyone asked me if I knew what I was talking and how many hours the drive was. We were three of us (Vijay, Som and me) and we had only the weekend to cover approx. 1500 kilometres. And we had made this wonderful plan in the car, while we were driving around in the Southern Highlands.

Sydney to Lakes Entrance

When we talk about Sydney and Lakes Entrance, we are referring to two states – New South Wales and Victoria. There are two routes from Sydney to Lakes Entrance. One is the inland through Canberra and is the shorter route and the other one is the coastal and scenic route through Wollongong and Eden.

And we took the coastal route. The towns/cities that we passed along the way were:

There are plenty of things to do on the way and we have seen some of these towns/cities already. So, we have decided not to visit the places we have already seen again.


Friday night – Start from Strathfield (Sydney) at around 5 PM. The plan is to drive to Eden. The total distance is approx. 550 kilometres (coastal route). And we stayed here for the night.

Saturday – Explore Eden and reach Lakes Entrance by afternoon. The distance is about approx. 250 kilometres.

Sunday – Drive from Lakes Entrance to Strathfield (Sydney). The distance is around approx. 700 kilometres.

Things to do

I had listed the things that we wanted to see and do. This was just a wish list and we were not sure if we would get enough time to do all the things listed here.

  • Eden
    • Ben Boyd National Park
    • Eden Killer Whale Museum
    • Eden lookout
  • Lakes Entrance
    • Griffiths Shell museum
    • Cunninghame Arm Foot Bridge
    • Reeve Landing Jetty

Stay for the two nights

On Friday night, we decided to stay at a nice place and we booked a motel. The name of the place was Eden Motel and it costed us AUD 100 for 3 people.

On Saturday night, we decided to camp. The weather was ranging from 18 degrees C to 22 degrees C.

Camping site:

  • Lakes Entrance Recreation and Camping Reserve
  • Address: 1 Rowe Street, Lakes Entrance, Vic 3909.
  • Website –
  • Cost: AUD 33 for 3 people.

Total cost (per person)

  • Fuel expenses – AUD 50
  • Snacks – AUD 9
  • Stay at Eden – AUD 34
  • Stay at Lakes Entrance – AUD 11
  • Food – AUD 100
  • Entrance for Eden Killer Whale – AUD 10
  • Entrance for Griffiths Shell museum – AUD 9
  • Total cost – AUD 223

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