Light to Light Walk - New South Wales

Complete Guide to Light to Light Walk (2024)

Are you up for a trek that not only treats you to breathtaking ocean views but also immerses you in the beauty of lush bushes? If so, the Light to Light Walk in Eden is your perfect adventure. Nestled within the scenic Ben Boyd National Park, this multi-day trek is a true delight for nature enthusiasts. Winding along the captivating south coast of New South Wales (NSW), the trail offers endless vistas of the ocean that stretch as far as the eye can see. Having personally experienced numerous multi-day hikes in Australia, I can confidently say that the Light to Light Walk is a remarkable journey through diverse landscapes.

If you enjoy a multi-day trek, you can do the Hut to Hut walk in the Snowy Mountains and The Six Foot Track in the Blue Mountains.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk

PIN for later reference – Light to Light Walk

PIN for later reference - Complete guide to Light to Light walk
PIN for later reference – Light to Light Walk; Note: One of our organisers, Norman, captured the image in the PIN.

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About Light to Light walk

Located within the scenic Ben Boyd National Park, near the coastal town of Eden in NSW, the Light to Light Walk offers a mesmerizing trek along the park’s expansive coastline, stretching approximately 47 kilometres.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk
Camping at Mowarry Point

This captivating trail is situated in the national park’s southern section, specifically the Green Cape area. Renowned for its stunning views and diverse landscapes, the Light to Light Walk has earned its reputation as one of the premier hikes on the South Coast of NSW.

How to Get to the Starting Point of Light To Light Walk?

For this hiking adventure, the most convenient mode of transportation is by driving. We opted for a two-car arrangement, essential for the necessary car shuffle. Given the one-way nature of the hiking route, we strategically left one car at Green Cape Lighthouse and the other at Boyds Tower.

  • Please note: A National Park pass is required for the days your car is parked. You can acquire the pass on the National Park NSW website. If you’re a frequent visitor to national parks, the annual pass offers a more cost-effective option. Without a yearly pass, the usual cost is AUD 8 per vehicle daily.
  • For those without personal transportation, renting a self-driven car in Australia is a straightforward solution. Ensure you possess a valid international driver’s license in English. Opt for a rental car with zero excess and full insurance coverage to guarantee comprehensive protection throughout your journey.

Sydney to Boydtown Beach Holiday Park

The scenic journey from Sydney Central Business District (CBD) to Boydtown Beach Holiday Park spans approximately 480 kilometres, tracing the coastline through charming towns. This picturesque drive offers breathtaking views and features numerous fuel stations and food points along the route for your convenience.

Boydtown Beach Holiday Park to Boyds Tower

The distance from Boydtown Beach Holiday Park to Boyds Tower is approximately 30 kilometres. It’s important to note that this drive entails restricted access, and certain sections of the route consist of unpaved dirt roads.

Green Cape Lighthouse to Sydney

The distance from Green Cape Lighthouse to Sydney is approximately 520 kilometres. The initial stretch of 10 to 15 kilometres involves a dirt road, after which the route transitions to the Princess Highway, winding through the coastal towns of NSW.

  • Please be aware that toll roads are part of this route.
  • Alternatively, an inland route passes through Canberra, which is slightly faster.

Hiking and Camping Details

The Light to Light Walk offers a manageable to moderately challenging hike covering 30 kilometres, distributed over three days. The trail winds through the coastal region of NSW, providing access to stunning, uninterrupted ocean views from the cliffs. Spanning diverse landscapes and bushes, the path is well-defined and marked for the convenience of hikers. Clear signage and pink ribbons serve as reliable markers, guiding you along the trail.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk

Ensure your bags are lightweight, as you will carry your backpack throughout the three-day trek. Essential items to pack include camping gear such as a tent, sleeping bag, and portable stove. Additionally, bring enough food to last 2.5 days, an ample supply of drinking water, personal items like clothes and toiletries, and any necessary medicines, both private and for basic first aid, to cover all days of the hike.

Light to Light Walk Detailed Itinerary

Our four-day hiking adventure, encompassing the drive from Sydney and the return journey, was impeccably organized by Norman and Jules, the coordinators of the Aussie Explorers Meetup Group. Their expertise and meticulous planning ensured the entire meetup was seamlessly organized and executed. Kudos to Norman and Jules for their excellent coordination and for truly enjoying our hiking experience.

Note: The Light to Light walk and camping is for experienced hikers only.

Day 1 – Sydney to Boydtown (Drive)

During the initial day of our journey, most of our time was dedicated to an 8-hour drive from Sydney. This duration included necessary stops for lunch and restroom breaks. Arriving in the evening, we reached the Boydtown Beach Holiday Park just in time for check-in. The reception process was smooth, and upon completion, we were furnished with a code that granted us access to the park.

Note: If you have extra time, consider exploring the Boydtown Historical Walk. You can find detailed information at the entrance of Boydtown Beach Holiday Park.

Boydtown Historical walk
Boydtown Beach Holiday Park

Boydtown Beach Holiday Park is a versatile camping and caravan park equipped with all essential facilities, including hot showers. While the campsites are unmarked, checking in at the reception is necessary to ensure a smooth and organized stay.

  • The campground offers access to a secluded beach and provides essential amenities such as water, toilets, and shower facilities. As a car camping ground, expect to see many cars and caravans.
  • Nearby, the Seahorse Restaurant, a local pub close to the holiday park, is an option for dining. It’s advisable to make reservations, especially for larger groups. Keep in mind that the food at Seahorse Restaurant is relatively pricey.

Click here to check for prices on

Toilet facilities in the Boydtown Beach Holiday Park - Complete guide to Light to Light walk
Toilet facilities in the Boydtown Beach Holiday Park

Day 2 – Boyds Tower to Mowarry Point (Hike)

The commencement of hike begins at Boyds Tower, an elevated structure situated at Red Point, providing a commanding view of the South Pacific Ocean. Erected in 1847, Boyds Tower was originally intended as a lighthouse. However, due to permission complications, it was repurposed into a whale-watching tower.

  • Boyds Tower features a drop toilet facility for visitors’ convenience.
Complete guide to Light to Light walk
Starting point – Boyds Tower

The hike from Boyds Tower to Mowarry Point campsite spans roughly 9 kilometres, tracing a scenic route along the coastline. This journey is characterised by its picturesque views, offering an easy hike with some elevation changes and stair sections. The experience is truly delightful, allowing for a leisurely walk with captivating vistas of the ocean.

We spotted dolphins along the way on this day.

We stopped for lunch at Leatherjacket Bay, which incidentally features an unofficial/official campground. Additionally, there’s a nearby stream providing a water source, though it’s essential to note that the water requires treatment before consumption.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk

Make sure to carry an ample supply of water for both the day and night, as there is no dedicated water source at the Mowarry Point camping site. Although we encountered a stream near the campsite, the water appeared brown and dirty, necessitating treatment. It is advisable to bring enough water purification tablets or a filter to ensure safe drinking water during your stay.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk
Water purification tablet.
Hiking Stats
  • Starting point: Boyds Tower.
  • Finishing point: Mowarry Point.
  • Distance Hiked: 9 kilometres.
  • Grade: Easy. Mostly flat with occasional stairs.
Camping at Mowarry Point

This has been the most incredible camping site I’ve ever experienced, as it allows camping right on the beach. The stunning views of the ocean made my stay at this campsite an absolute delight.

  • The campsite lacks any facilities, including water or toilet amenities.
  • Be cautious of goannas in the area; avoid leaving food outside your backpacks, as it attracts them. Goannas are Australian lizards, generally non-aggressive and keep to themselves.
  • While you can swim in the ocean, be prepared for cold water, as it is typically quite chilly.
Goanna at the campsite - Complete guide to Light to Light walk
Goanna on the tree

From my tent, I had the incredible experience of observing two stingrays near the shore and witnessing numerous dolphins gliding through the ocean. The campsite boasts zero light pollution, allowing for a breathtaking view of millions of stars and the Milky Way against the backdrop of the beach.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk
Sunrise from my tent

Day 3 – Mowarry Point to Bittangabee Campground (Hike)

The hike from Mowarry Point to Bittangabee campground is quite extensive, covering a distance of approximately 15 kilometers. Along the trail, you’ll encounter some remarkable points, including the Saltwater Creek campground.

You can get water at the Saltwater creek campground. But the water needs to be treated. Also, be careful of the ticks in the campground.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk
Hiking Stats
  • Starting point: Mowarry Point.
  • Finishing point: Bittangabee Campground.
  • Distance hiked: 13 kilometres.
  • Grade: Moderate. Mostly flat with occasional stairs.

!! Keep a lookout for dolphins as you embark on the hike. We were fortunate to witness numerous dolphins both along the trail and at the Mowarry Point campsite. Additionally, the walk provides an excellent opportunity to spot whales, especially during the whale-watching season, which extends from May to September.

Bittangabee Campground

Bittangabee Campground is a well-maintained camping facility with marked and allocated sites. To secure your spot, it’s necessary to book camping sites through the National Park NSW website. The cost for a campsite accommodating 2 people is AUD 24 per night.

  • The campground has drop toilets, barbeque facilities, and a water source, although the water requires treatment.
  • Exercise caution regarding possums and goannas; avoid leaving food unattended outside the tents.
  • Given the prevalence of mosquitoes and ticks, it’s advisable to be cautious and carry insect repellents.
  • Additionally, as a car camping ground, expect to see many cars and caravans.
Complete guide to Light to Light walk - Bittangabee Campground
Campsite at Bittangabee Campground

Day 4 – Bittangabee Campground to Green Cape Lighthouse (Hike) & Green Cape Lighthouse to Sydney (Drive)

The final day encompassed the hike from Bittangabee campground and the drive from Green Cape lighthouse to Sydney, prompting an earlier start than previous days. At the conclusion of the walk, the organizers drove to Boyds Tower to retrieve the car left behind. While they completed this journey, the rest of us waited at the lighthouse.

  • For convenience, a drop toilet facility is available at the Green Cape lighthouse.

I personally found the walk on the last day to be rather uneventful. It wound through the bushes without any views of the ocean. However, Jules, one of the organizers, did manage to spot a Lyre bird amidst the bushes.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk

The conclusion of the Light to Light walk is at the Green Cape Lighthouse, which holds the distinction of being the southernmost lighthouse in NSW.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk
The last sign of the Light to Light walk

You can do a private tour at the Green Cape lighthouse and can go inside the lighthouse. This is at an extra cost.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk - Green Cape lighthouse
Green Cape lighthouse
Hiking Stats
  • Starting point: Bittangabee Campground.
  • Finishing point: Green Cape lighthouse.
  • Distance hiked: 8 kilometres.
  • Grade: Easy. Mostly flat.
Complete guide to Light to Light walk

Other Things to See on the Last Day

Before concluding the hiking trip at Green Cape Lighthouse, there are two additional points of interest worth exploring.

Ly-ee-moon Cemetery

The Ly-ee-moon Cemetery site, located just 500 meters before completing the Light to Light walk, commemorates the tragic Ly-ee-moon disaster of 1886. During that fateful night, a paddle-steamer collided with the rocks at the base of the lighthouse, breaking apart. Unfortunately, 71 lives were lost in the tragedy, and only 24 bodies were recovered and laid to rest in this solemn cemetery.

Disaster Lookout

A captivating spot awaits as you drive from the Green Cape Lighthouse – the Disaster lookout. From here, you can savor breathtaking views of the ocean, particularly the waves in Disaster Bay, a site marked by numerous historical shipwrecks and other disasters.

Disaster lookout
Disaster lookout

You can also stop at Narooma and see the Australian Rock while driving back to Sydney.

Narooma and Bermagui road trip; lighthouses of South coast NSW

Logistics and Route of Light to Light Walk

  • Starting point: Boyds Tower.
  • Finishing point: Green Cape lighthouse.
  • Total distance: 30 kilometres.
  • Time taken: 2.5 to 3 days.
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate. Moderate only because you need to carry the heavy backpacks all the way.
Light to light walk

Is Light to Light Walk Safe for Solo Female Hikers?

As a standard precaution, it is highly advisable to have a hiking buddy when exploring national parks. This ensures that hikers are well-prepared for any unforeseen situations that may arise during the hiking and camping experience. Given the presence of abundant wildlife in national parks, exercising caution is crucial. Therefore, I strongly recommend undertaking this trip with at least one hiking buddy for added safety.

Complete guide to Light to Light walk

Closing Notes

The 4-day adventure was a truly enriching experience for me. The group comprised 9 individuals from different walks of life and diverse backgrounds. Despite our differences, everyone was incredibly welcoming and friendly. I had an absolutely fantastic time, and the trip proved to be a great learning opportunity. The memories from this wonderful hiking and camping experience will always hold a special place in my heart.

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Complete Guide to Light to Light Walk (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – Light to Light Walk

    PIN for later reference - Complete guide to Light to Light walk
    PIN for later reference – Complete guide to do the light-to-light walk in Eden