Narooma and Bermagui road trip; lighthouses of South coast NSW

Things To Do in Bermagui and Narooma (2024)

From the iconic Blue Pool in Bermagui to the historic Montague Island in Narooma, there are plenty of things to do in Bermagui and Narooma. Whether you seek relaxation or adventure, Bermagui and Narooma offer a diverse range of experiences that cater to every traveler’s desires. Plan your perfect escape along the Sapphire Coast and create lasting memories in these charming coastal havens.

As a passionate traveler, I have explored the diverse landscapes of New South Wales (NSW), primarily focusing on its enchanting coastal towns. Among these, Narooma stands out as one of my absolute favorites. My numerous visits to this captivating town have only deepened my appreciation for its unique charm, leaving me with an insatiable desire to return each time. The allure of Narooma, with its coastal beauty and distinctive atmosphere, continues to beckon me back for more unforgettable experiences.

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About Narooma and Bermagui

Narooma and Bermagui, situated in the South Coast region of New South Wales, are charming coastal towns with rich indigenous origins. Narooma’s name finds its roots in the Aboriginal language, translating to ‘clear blue waters,’ while Bermagui’s name is derived from the Dyirringanj term “permageua,” meaning ‘canoe with paddles.’

As of the 2016 census, Narooma is home to a modest population of around 3,300 residents, adding to the town’s tranquil and close-knit community atmosphere.

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Narooma, renowned for its stunning beaches and azure waters, stands out as a premier coastal destination in New South Wales. The town is particularly famed for its sizable seal colony, adding a unique wildlife element to its coastal allure.

Ruhi at Australia Rock
Ruhi at Australia Rock

For an optimal experience, plan your visit to Narooma and Bermagui between September and May when the weather is pleasantly warm. The colder months fall between June and August. To fully explore the beauty of these coastal gems, allocate at least 3 to 4 days to your itinerary.

How to Get to Narooma and Bermagui?

By Road

The distance from Sydney to Narooma spans approximately 350 kilometres, with Bermagui situated an additional 36 kilometres south of Narooma. Opting for a scenic drive from Sydney is the most convenient way to reach both Narooma and Bermagui. The road journey unfolds along the picturesque coastal route, providing a visually captivating experience. Plan for an approximately 5-hour drive each way to enjoy the beauty of this coastal road trip.

By Public Transport

Traveling to Narooma from Sydney via public transport involves a multi-step journey and isn’t a direct route. You would need to take a train followed by two bus transfers to reach Narooma.

Commence your journey by boarding a train at Sydney’s Central train station bound for Bungendore station. From Bungendore station, transfer to a bus heading to Wagonga Street. Conclude your travels with another bus ride from Wagonga Street to Narooma, with the final bus stop approximately 600 meters away from the central business district (CBD) in Narooma.

Up-to-date information on buses and trains can be found on the Transport for NSW (TfNSW) website.

Things To Do in Bermagui and Narooma

These two coastal towns provide plenty of activities to engage in. Here are some of the experiences I’ve personally enjoyed and highly recommend:

Camel and Horse Head Rocks

The Camel and Horse Head Rocks stand as distinctive geological formations along the ocean. Their names originate from the striking resemblance they bear to the shapes of a camel and a horse head, respectively. These formations are believed to be composed of metamorphic rocks dating back an astounding 450 million years, adding to the geological intrigue of the area.

  • Exploring the Camel and Horse Head Rocks is a must when in Narooma. The Horse Head Rock is conveniently located a short walk from Camel Rock, and it’s recommended to visit during low tide for the best experience. Exercise caution during high tide, as it can pose safety risks to approach the rocks closely.
  • A free car park at Camel Rock facilitates access to these natural wonders, where the walking path begins, leading to the Camel Rock Beach car park. The good news is that there’s no cost associated with visiting these iconic rocks – it’s a free and rewarding experience for nature enthusiasts.

Important: Walking during high tide can be hazardous, so please refrain from attempting the walk when tide levels are elevated.

At the Horse Head Rock
At the Horse Head Rock

Australia Rock and Seal Colony

One truly remarkable rock formation is the Australia Rock – yes, you heard it correctly! Shaped like the Australian continent, it stands as one of the most popular and picturesque spots for photography in NSW.

Right across from Australia Rock is the Seal Colony, where you’ll encounter numerous seals lounging and resting. It’s a captivating sight, adding to the allure of this scenic coastal location.

  • You can conveniently drive up to Australia Rock, providing easy access for visitors. Climbing Australia Rock is possible, although it involves navigating uneven terrain without designated steps or paths.
  • Exercise caution around the seals, maintaining a safe distance. While they are usually resting or sleeping, it’s essential to be mindful of wildlife. The good news is that there is no cost associated with enjoying the view of Australia Rock and observing the seals – it’s a free and rewarding experience.
At the Australia Rock
At the Australia Rock

Swimming with Seals

One of my preferred activities in Narooma is visiting Montague Island, situated approximately 9 kilometers off the coast. Renowned for its Australian fur seals breeding colonies and Little Penguins, the island offers a unique wildlife experience.

Did you know that you can witness the enchanting return of Little Penguins after a day of fishing? It’s a captivating spectacle reminiscent of the famous Philip Island experience.

Montague Island is accessible via boat from the Narooma Wharf, providing an opportunity to swim with seals in their natural habitat. The short boat ride is made convenient with scheduled trips between Narooma and Montague Island, creating an unforgettable wildlife adventure.

  • The boat trip fee, including a guided snorkeling tour, is AUD 99 per person.
  • This excursion is facilitated by Lighthouse Charters, and you can conveniently make your reservations online.
Montague Island - Swimming with Seals

Narooma Lighthouse (Not an Active Lighthouse)

The Narooma Lighthouse, located adjacent to the Narooma Visitor Centre, is a non-operational lighthouse. Its distinctive feature is the original light sourced from the Montague Island Light station, making it a key and noteworthy element of the structure.

Lighthouse at Narooma Visitor Centre - Things to do in Bermagui and Narooma
The lighthouse at Narooma Visitor Centre

Where to Stay at Narooma?

Amooran Oceanside Apartments and Motel

Positioned along the picturesque coastline, Amooran Oceanside Apartments and Motel is a 4-star accommodation offering an array of studio, 1-bedroom, 2-bedroom, and 3-bedroom apartments. Each of these well-appointed apartments features amenities such as flat-screen televisions, comfortable sofas, refrigerators, and fully equipped kitchens, providing a delightful and convenient stay for guests.

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Narooma Motel

Narooma Motel, a 3-star establishment, offers straightforward accommodations with both standard rooms and dormitory options. The rooms are equipped with essential amenities, including flat-screen televisions, mini-fridges, tea and coffee makers, and access to a shared kitchen for added convenience.

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Budgeted Stay at Narooma | Surf Beach Holiday Park

For an excellent budget-friendly accommodation option in Narooma, consider the fantastic Surf Beach Holiday Park. This camping ground provides a cost-effective solution, offering car camping facilities, allowing you to conveniently drive up to your designated camping site.

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  • The total cost for an unpowered site accommodating three people was only AUD 53, making it an excellent budget-friendly choice.
  • Additionally, you might even secure a camping spot right by the lake, and the site comes equipped with facilities such as barbeque areas and showers for added convenience.

If you’re camping with your caravan, consider visiting the Caravan Camping website for optimal camping equipment solutions.

Safety for Solo Female Travelers

Narooma and Bermagui are entirely safe for solo female travelers. Having visited these coastal towns multiple times with friends and occasionally alone, I have never encountered any issues. However, it’s important to note that these towns can become isolated and quiet after dark. Therefore, exercise caution and be mindful of your surroundings, particularly during the evening hours.

Closing Notes

As mentioned before, Narooma and Bermagui hold a special place in my heart, and I wholeheartedly recommend exploring both towns when you’re in Sydney. With their stunning blue oceans and distinctive rock formations, these coastal gems offer an ideal weekend getaway from the bustling city. You will find many things to do in Bermagui and Narooma that will make your trip a memorable one.

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Things To Do in Bermagui and Narooma (2024)
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