Montague Island - Swimming with Seals

Swimming with Seals at Montague Island, Narooma (2024)

Embarking on an extraordinary adventure, swimming with seals Narooma is undeniably one of the most thrilling experiences in Australia. Make sure to add this unique and exhilarating activity to your Australian bucket list for an unforgettable encounter with these fascinating marine creatures.

I am captivated by the endearing nature of seals, often referred to as the puppies of the ocean. Their inquisitive and playful demeanor underwater makes swimming with them my absolute favorite activity. Australia offers numerous opportunities for seal encounters, and in New South Wales (NSW), Montague Island stands out as an exceptional location.

This isn’t my first venture into swimming with seals; I’ve previously enjoyed the experience at Montague Island. Additionally, I’ve partaken in a similar activity in the charming town of Queenscliff in Victoria, relishing the opportunity to engage with these incredible creatures in their natural habitat.

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Swimming with Seals at Montague Island | Swimming with Seals Narooma
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Swimming with Seals Narooma

Encounter the enchanting experience of swimming with seals Narooma in their natural habitat adjacent to the picturesque Montague Island. With abundant seal colonies, this location offers the perfect opportunity to come face-to-face with these beautiful and playful ocean companions.

About Montague Island

Montague Island, situated within the Montague Island Nature Reserve off the coast of Narooma in the NSW state of Australia, is a haven for marine life. Just 9 kilometers from the mainland, it stands as a mecca for various species.

This island is a residence for a thriving colony of fur seals, numerous little penguins, and an impressive variety of birds, numbering close to 90 different species. Notably, Montague Island is the second-largest island off the coast of NSW, providing a diverse and flourishing ecosystem within its natural surroundings.

How to Reach Narooma?

By Road

Narooma, located approximately 360 kilometers from Sydney, is best reached by a 5-hour drive via Princess Highway. The most straightforward and efficient way to reach Narooma is by car.

The coastal town is one of the stops on the east coast of Australia and makes a perfect pitstop if you are on a road trip from Sydney to Lakes Entrance.

By Public Transport

Public transport options to Narooma are intricate, involving a combination of one train and three buses, making driving the preferred choice for a more convenient and direct journey. Check Transport for NSW (TfNSW) for information on public transport.

How to Reach Montague Island from Narooma?

The swimming with seals snorkeling tour, as outlined in the sections below, includes convenient pick-up from Narooma and a boat journey to Montague Island, situated a mere 9 kilometers off the coast of NSW. The boat anchors close to the rocks where the fur seals gather, providing an excellent location for snorkeling around the boat.

It is worth noting that Montague Island has private properties available for accommodation. However, the stay can be relatively expensive for solo travelers, making it more suitable for large families and groups.


Swimming with Seals Narooma Tour Booking Details

Below are the operator details:

  • Tour operator: Lighthouse Charters Narooma & Montague Island Discovery Tours.
  • Website:
  • Cost: AUD 99 per person. Please note that the cost includes wet suits and snorkeling gear.
  • Pick up point: Number 1, Town Wharf, Bluewater Drive, Narooma, NSW 2546.
  • Contact details:

Review of the Tour Operator

I had an incredible experience touring with this group. They are exceptionally organised, and the staff is friendly. Every time I have joined them, I have thoroughly enjoyed the activities. I highly recommend them to anyone interested in swimming with seals.

If you are not a strong swimmer, make sure to request a noodle strap from the tour agency staff. This provides an extra layer of confidence for your snorkeling experience.

My Most Memorable Moment

While everyone on my snorkeling tour was eagerly attempting to catch a glimpse of the seals underwater, I found myself grappling with swimming. As I am not a proficient swimmer and have limited swimming skills, I struggled against the waves, staying close to the boat but a bit distant from the rocks where the seals were resting. While others explored the underwater world, my focus was on managing the waves near the boat due to my limited swimming abilities.

Swimming with seals
Swimming with Seals Narooma

In the midst of all this, I suddenly became aware of something underwater. A seal had chosen to approach me, resting on the sea bed and gazing up directly at me. The seal’s curiosity mirrored that of a super cute puppy. Unlike its usual behavior with others, it singled me out.

Overwhelmed with excitement, I found myself jumping, even in the water. Regrettably, I hadn’t realised I had a camera with me at that precise moment, but I managed to capture one decent picture of the seal. The only one I have from that remarkable encounter:

Seal at Montague Island
Curious Seal at Montague Island

Safety for Solo Female Travelers

Narooma is exceptionally safe for solo female travelers. Having visited Narooma multiple times, I can attest to the town’s safety. I have had consistently fantastic holidays during each visit. While Narooma is generally secure, it’s advisable to exercise caution and stay aware of your surroundings, especially during the evenings.

Closing Notes

Swimming with Seals Narooma has undeniably been the highlight of my interactions with these captivating creatures. Witnessing them play or simply lounging around is a pure delight. For those planning a visit to Narooma or Bermagui, I wholeheartedly recommend the unique experience of swimming with the seals.

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Swimming with Seals at Montague Island, Narooma (2024)
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    PIN for later reference | Swimming with Seals Narooma

    Swimming with Seals at Montague Island
    PIN for later reference – Swim with seals at Montague Island (Swimming with Seals Narooma)