Southern Highlands of New South Wales (NSW)

Road trip to Southern Highlands

At the beginning of 2019, my friends and I did a one-day road trip with Ruhi. We had decided to visit the Southern Highlands and cover as many places possible in one day. It was not a rushed road trip but we did cover quite a few places along the way.

Where is the Southern Highlands?

The Southern Highlands (locally referred to as Highlands) is a district in the New South Wales (NSW) state of Australia. The district is about 110 kilometres from Sydney. Refer Wikipedia to see all the places in Southern Highlands.

Places that we covered

Below are the list of the popular places that my friends and I visited during our road trip in the Southern Highlands.

Lake Alexandra in Mittagong

Lake Alexandra Reserve is a man-made lake. The lake is surrounded by a park that serves as a favourite picnic spot for locals and birdlife with lots of swans, geese, and ducks. It also offers some bush walks to the nearby waterfalls.

The Big Potato in Robertson

Robertson is the green heart of the Highlands. It is famous for potatoes. And is home for the Big Potato. The Big Potato was built in 1970s by a local potato grower. Robertson was also the town where the Babe movie was filmed.

Sunnataram Forest Monastery in Bundanoon

A Buddhist monastery in the town of Bundanoon, Sunnataram Forest Monastery is a great spot to visit. The monastery was established in July 1990. It is a peaceful place and I would definitely recommend visiting this monastery.

Harper Mansion in Berrima

Harper mansion is a heritage listed museum in Berrima. It is known for its Georgian design and is a two-storey brick house. It was built in 1834. Unfortunately, I could not go inside the mansion as it was closed by the time we reached Berrima.

Closing Notes

We drove about 353 kilometres in total and covered most parts of Southern Highlands of NSW. This is definitely a very beautiful one day road trip. I would also suggest one to stay at some of these places if you have time.

Southern Highlands of New South Wales (NSW)

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