day trips from Darwin

One day trips from Darwin

Darwin is the capital city of the Northern Territory. It is known for its amazing national parks and the strong Aboriginal culture. I am in love with Darwin. I love everything about this beautiful cultural city. Because of this love for the city, I have already been to Darwin two times and I wish to visit many more times. I have taken multiple one-day trips from this city to explore the outdoors of the territory as well. In this post, I have listed some of the most amazing one day trips that can be taken from Darwin city.

How to get to Darwin?

  • Flight – There are frequent International and domestic flights between Darwin and the other major cities. Darwin International Airport services both as International and Domestic terminals. The cheapest and economical flight provider is Jetstar.
  • Train – Darwin can also be reached by train. ‘The Ghan‘ is the train journey that covers a total distance of 2979 kilometres and passes through to Darwin.

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One day trips from Darwin

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Litchfield National Park

Litchfield National Park is home to many stunning waterfalls and crystal clear pools. The national park is named after Frederick Henry Litchfield and covers an area of 1500 kilometres square. It proclaimed the national park status in the year 1986.

The park is about 110 kilometres (2 hours) from Darwin.

Things to do

  • Swimming and waterfalls – A must do in Litchfield National Park is to swim in the beautiful pools.
    • One of the popular pools is the pool near Wangi waterfalls.
    • Some of the other waterfalls are Florence Falls, Tolmer Falls, and Surprise Creek Falls.
  • Bushwalking – There are plenty of walks that can be done in the national park.
    • I did the Wangi loop walk which goes around the Wangi waterfalls. It was an easy 1.6 kilometres walk.
    • Some of the other popular bushwalking tracks are Tabletop track, Florence Creek track, and The Lost City track.
  • Enjoy the nature and the wildlife – Soak into the natural beauty of the national park.

Note: There are salt water crocodiles in the park, so keep an eye for the instructions and follow them at all times while in the park.

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Kakadu National Park

The highlight of traveling in the Northern Territory is the Kakadu National Park. It is famous for the Aboriginal rock paintings and the culture. The national park covers an area of 20000 kilometres square and is in the Alligator Rivers Region.

The park is around 150 kilometres from Darwin and is one of the longest day tours among the others.

A bit of history…

The name Kakadu is derived from the mispronunciation of the word Gaagudju, which is an ancient Aboriginal language that was spoken in Arnhem Land. Aboriginal people have occupied Kakadu for over 40,000 years.

Did you know that there are more than 5000 historical Aboriginal sites that have been discovered and recorded in Kakadu National Park?

Things to do

  • Aboriginal Rock art – Ubirr is one of the most beautiful places I have ever seen. This art site has an amazing collection of the aboriginal art. The trail has been built to view the different artifacts of aboriginal art.
  • Boat trip to Arnhem Land – A boat trip can be taken on the East Alligator River, which is a gateway to Arnhem Land. The river is home to some of the most dangerous reptiles/fishes. It has Water Python, Bull sharks, and the Saltwater crocodiles. Read my post Travel Guide | Arnhem Land for detailed information.
  • Bushwalks – There are plenty of walks that can be done in the park which involves seeing and experiencing Aboriginal culture.
  • Interact with Aboriginal people – Listen to their stories, you will be fascinated for sure! Read my post An Insight into Kunwinkgu tribe for one of these stories.

Note: There are salt water crocodiles in the park, so keep an eye for the instructions and follow them at all times while in the park.

Tour details

  • Tour name: Kakadu Full-Day Tour from Darwin Including Ubirr, Guluyambi, and Arnhem Land.
  • Provider: Offroad Dreaming.
  • Cost: AUD 260.00 per person.

Note: There is a fee to enter the national park, which is usually taken care by the tour agency.


Nitmiluk National Park/Katherine Gorge

The Nitmiluk National Park is a series of gorges on the Katherine River and Edith Falls. Katherine Gorge is a gorge carved through the sandstones in Nitmiluk National Park. It is made up of 13 gorges. The custodians of the national park are the local Jawoyn people.

The park is around 245 kilometres from Darwin.

Things to do

  • Walk – There are plenty of walks.
  • Boat cruise – A boat cruise in between the gorge is a must. Its absolutely spectacular.
  • Nitmiluk National Park – Take a walk in the national park and find some amazing aboriginal art.

Note: There are salt water crocodiles in the park, so keep an eye for the instructions and follow them at all times while in the park.

Tour details


Safety for Solo Female Travelers

Australia, in general, is very safe for travelers. Some of the day trips that I did was solo and I had an amazing time. No problems whatsoever. So, definitely Darwin and the surroundings are extremely safe for solo female travelers. However, like any other place, please do take precautions, especially at nights and trust your instincts.


As I mentioned earlier, I am in love with this cultural capital of Australia. The place has some magic and it is rich in culture. It has so many intriguing stories and aboriginal art that are centuries old. I wish that I could stay at Darwin for months to explore every nuke and corner of the state. I would definitely like to say that a visit to Australia is incomplete without visiting this cultural state.

If you know any of the other one day trips from Darwin, please do write in the comments section or send me an email on I would love to hear.

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One day trips from Darwin


  1. Hey Raksha, this is amazing. My best friend did a solo trip last year December. This is so inspiring and you have provided good information to start off. Love your clicks. They are breathtaking ❤️

    • What an amazing place and the location images are always epic on your posts…love the art on the cliff walls and what a coverage as usual.

  2. Looks like Darwin is truly an ideal destination for adventure lovers like us. We never heard about this city. Australia is in our bucket list from very long & will definitely going to add this place too in things to do in Australia.

  3. Such a lovely post with detailed information and captivating pictures.
    I so wish to travel and reading travel post makes me more crave for it.

  4. Thanks for this virtual trip to this amazing place. My Australia trip is long pending. Will keep these pointers in mind when I visit.

    • I have some type of connection with Australia maybe because the people are very friendly or maybe that was the first place as 💑 we explored.

      Planning to visit soon once things are back to normal will bookmark your post for future reference.

  5. What a wonderful post; loved reading it. I haven’t been to Australia yet but your post has truly inspired the traveler in me. I wish to visit Darwin soon.

  6. I would absolutely love to visit these parts of Australia, it is actually on my bucket list. I am so sad I can’t travel there within the near future, due to the virus. The The Kakadu National Park seems like such a gorgeous and amazing place to visit. I also love how safe Australia is, especially for female solo travellers. I would love to go here!

  7. Darwin totally sounds like my kinda place. I’d love both the Aboriginal cultural aspect of it as well as the Natural beauty of it. As a history buff, the Kakadu National park would be my top pick for its stunning aboriginal rock paintings. Good to know that its safe for solo female travelers.

  8. I would love to check out the trails and walkways amidst natural greens in the remote areas of Darwin! Aboriginal paintings would be so beautiful & intricate and would like to own one. Bushwalking in Kakadu National Park would be my kinda trip. Great that you had a safe solo travel!

  9. I love Darwin! I’s the perfect launch point for some of the best Aussie Adventures.Kathrine Gorge is stunning and Kakadu could not be cooler for Aboriginal art immersion.

  10. Kakadu National park would be my first choice. For one those aboriginal drawings are so intriguing and I would love to know more about them. The Bush walks add to that spirit of adventure and I am all game for that Boat ride. Sounds like there is plenty to spot while on it.

  11. Kakadu national park sounds like a lot of fun and interesting things to learn about with its aboriginal rock paintings. I wonder if you are allowed to camp in the park? Is it safe? It is so big that I would love to spend there a couple of nights and really take the time to get to know the place and enjoy it.

    I also loved that you included small galleries so we could get a better idea of what the place is like.

  12. I have never been to Darwin so I really find your post interesting. Did not realize that there are so much to see and do. I would love to take the Katherine Day Tour. Thank you for the tip about the crocodiles. I think my husband would be thrilled but me on the other hand, will be scared (haha!)

  13. Its rare to come across a post on Darwin so this has been a good read to check out what Darwin has to offer. The Kakadu National Park would be the place I would visit. Would love to see some of those aboriginal drawings. The East Alligator river sounds pretty intimidating with its reptiles and bull sharks!

  14. Darwin itself is a very beautiful city of Australia and it is really great to see so many beautiful day trips from here. Wow it would be great to do bushwalking and also seeing so many stunning waterfalls here. Ubirr with aboriginal rock art really looks interesting to me. Litchfield National park day tour sounds very tempting to me.

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