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The East Alligator River is the gateway to Arnhem Land. The land is one of the last untouched wilderness area in Australia. It is in the northeast corner of Northern Territory (NT). To visit this land, one needs special permits. The permits have to be applied through Northern Land Council.

Who lives in Arnhem Land?

Yolngu people live in Arnhem Land and are the traditional owners of the land. They are the indigenous Australian people. According to Wikipedia, in Yolnu languages, ‘Yolngu’ mean ‘people’. It is said that these people have taken care of the land for more than 40,000 years.

My visit

I visited this land as part of the Kakadu National Park day trip from Darwin. As part of the boat trip organised along the East Alligator River, there was a stop to step into the Arnhem Land.

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