Village walk at Chukkimane

Chukki Mane Homestay, a Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru (2024)

Do you crave a retreat into nature’s embrace? Are you enchanted by the melody of peacocks echoing through the dawn? If you yearn to escape the hustle and bustle of urban life, then Chukki Mane Homestay beckons you. Nestled amidst verdant surroundings, this homestay offers a sanctuary for those seeking rural tranquillity and immersive cultural experiences.

Recently, I ventured to Chukki Mane for a weekend retreat, eager to immerse myself in nature’s embrace. It proved to be a delightful escape from the bustling streets of Bangalore.

Snail at Chukkimane

PIN for later reference – Chukki Mane Homestay, a Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru

PIN for later reference - Chukki Mane Homestay, a Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru
PIN for later reference – Chukki Mane Homestay, a Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru

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About Chukki Mane Homestay

Nestled within the picturesque village of Javanagahalli, Chukki Mane offers a serene retreat amidst sprawling farms, making it a haven for ardent nature enthusiasts. One can seamlessly blend cultural immersion with a profound connection to the natural world. Tailored to cater to families and senior citizens seeking respite, this pet-friendly sanctuary provides an idyllic setting to unwind and rejuvenate.

Despite its minimalistic charm, the property exudes a calm ambience, ensuring a serene getaway for all who seek solace in nature’s embrace.

Tommy at Chukkimane
Tommy, an amiable dog at Chukki Mane

Sanjay Shankarappa, the proprietor of this homestay, embodies a truly inspiring tale of transformation. From barren wasteland to verdant oasis, his journey is remarkable. He has cultivated a mini forest through sheer dedication and vision, boasting approximately 8000 trees. Rooted in multiculturalism, this thriving ecosystem hosts a diverse array of tree and plant species, each contributing to the rich tapestry of life that now flourishes upon this once desolate terrain.

Sanjay Shankarappa - Owner of Chukkimane
Sanjay Shankarappa – Owner of Chukki Mane

How to Get to Chukki Mane?

  • By Road – Situated in the heart of Javanagahalli village within the Mandya district, Chukki Mane lies approximately 110 kilometres from Bangalore city en route to Mysore. The journey by road typically spans about three hours, mainly traversing well-maintained roads, albeit with occasional stretches of village roads showing signs of wear and tear.
On the way to Chukki Mane
On the way to Chukki Mane
  • By Public Transport – Regular bus services, managed by the Karnataka State Road Transport Corporation (KSRTC) and private operators, ply between Bangalore’s Satellite bus stop or Majestic and Hosahalli, facilitating convenient access to the property. Upon arrival, it’s merely a short stroll of a few hundred meters to reach the destination.
    • Engaging with the bus driver or conductor is advisable to ascertain the specific route and the designated stop for disembarking.
    • Additionally, please note that buses accept cash only, so it’s prudent to carry exact change for fare payment.

Rooms at Chukki Mane

Chukki Mane’s primary ethos revolves around fostering responsible and rural tourism, a commitment reflected in its modest accommodations. The property offers a limited number of cottages and rooms, totalling seven stays. This deliberate choice ensures a more intimate and authentic experience for guests, allowing them to immerse themselves in the tranquil surroundings while minimizing environmental impact.


Chukki Mane features four cozy cottages, each accommodating approximately eight individuals, making them perfect for families and groups of friends seeking to explore together. These cottages are thoughtfully designed, with two spacious double beds on the lower floor and an additional two on the upper floor. A ladder facilitates access to the upper floor, ideally suited for the more agile and adventurous youngsters. Moreover, the bathrooms are generously proportioned and well-ventilated, ensuring guests a comfortable and refreshing experience.

Cottage at Chukkimane


Constructed from durable stones, the bungalow is a single, expansive structure capable of accommodating large families comfortably. With three rooms, one on the ground level and two on the upper floor, this abode offers ample space for guests to unwind and relax. While the rooms boast a simplistic charm, each comes complete with its own attached bathroom, ensuring convenience and privacy for occupants.

Bungalow at Chukkimane
Bungalow – stone building

Village Homes

Two quaint village homes, adorned with charming thatched roofs, are meticulously crafted to evoke the rustic ambience of traditional mud dwellings. Designed to immerse guests in an authentic village experience, these homes capture the essence of rural living while providing a cozy and nostalgic retreat amidst natural surroundings.

Food at Chukki Mane

Chukki Mane boasts an onsite restaurant helmed by the skilled chef Rajesh, renowned for his culinary expertise. Embracing the authentic charm of village dining, meals are thoughtfully presented on banana leaves, enhancing the rustic experience.

The menu features vegetarian dishes crafted from locally sourced, fresh, and organic vegetables. Under Rajesh’s meticulous guidance, each meal promises to tantalize the taste buds with its delectable flavours and mouthwatering aromas.

Please note:

  • Only vegetarian cuisine is available.
  • The chef and owner predetermine the meal options; there is no à la carte selection.
  • Alcohol is not served at the homestay.
Food at Chukkimane
Authentic village food

Activities In and Around Chukki Mane

Play Local Games

In the countryside, particularly in Karnataka, it’s common to see men congregating and unwinding in the evenings at a communal platform encircling a majestic tree. This spot often serves as the heart of the village, fostering community spirit and camaraderie. At Chukki Mane, owner Mr Sanjay has ingeniously replicated this quintessential village ambience by constructing a platform around a venerable old tree. This platform serves as a focal point for guests, featuring traditional local games that encourage visitor interaction and bonding.

Engaging in these age-old pastimes with fellow guests was undeniably one of the highlights of my stay. Against the backdrop of a serene and balmy evening, we relished playful rounds of Chaukobara, a Karnataka rendition of the classic game of Ludo.

Chaukabara at Chukkimane
Games at Chukki Mane

Take a Farm Tour

Nestled amidst sprawling farms, Chukki Mane offers a tranquil retreat enveloped by nature’s embrace. For those yearning to forge a deeper connection with the natural world, embarking on a farm tour is an enriching experience. Keep your senses keen as you meander through the verdant expanse, for you may be fortunate enough to catch sight of the majestic peacocks that grace this idyllic setting.

Village walk at Chukkimane

Visit the Nearby Village

Close to Chukki Mane lies the quaint village of Belakavadi, which feels like a step back in time. Here, simplicity reigns supreme, with humble dwellings retaining their authentic architectural charm. We were privileged to engage with the locals and explore their traditional homes during our visit. Despite its clichéd portrayal, the warmth of the villagers’ hospitality truly touched our hearts. Embracing us as kin, they graciously opened their homes and lives to us, embodying a genuine hospitality devoid of any reservations.

Go Bird Watching

One of my cherished pastimes when exploring rural landscapes beyond the bustling city is bird watching. The environs surrounding Chukki Mane teem with diverse vibrant avian species, both residents and migratory visitors. During our excursions, we were fortunate to encounter a delightful assortment of winged wonders, including herons, Indian rollers, bee-eaters, and countless others.

  • For fellow enthusiasts, I highly recommend bringing your cameras to capture these enchanting moments amidst nature’s splendour!
Bird watching at Chukkimane
Bird Watching

Swim in River Cauvery

We were led to a secluded spot along the banks of the River Cauvery, where an old dam, its gates now broken, once regulated the flow of water. The tranquil waters gently meander, offering an inviting space for a refreshing swim. Nestled amidst the natural beauty of the riverbank, the area is safe and shallow, making it ideal for leisurely dips and aquatic adventures.

Dam near Chukkimane

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Chukki Mane Homestay

Q: Where is Chukki Mane located?

Chukki Mane is located at Javanagahalli village in Mandya district. It is around 110 kilometres from Bangalore.

Q: What are the types of rooms available?

Chukki Mane offers three distinct types of accommodation for guests:

  1. Cottages
  2. Bungalow with three rooms
  3. Village rooms

Q: How do I book the accommodation at Chukki Mane?

The bookings can be done in three ways:

Q: How much does it cost?

The cost of accommodation at Chukki Mane varies depending on the type of lodging and the number of occupants. As per their website and brochure, the approximate rate is INR 3000 per person for a one-night stay, inclusive of meals.

Q: Does Chukki Mane allow pets?

Yes, Chukki Mane is a pet-friendly accommodation.

Q: What food is served at Chukki Mane?

Only vegetarian food is served at the property.

Q: Is smoking allowed at Chukki Mane?

No, smoking is not allowed at Chukki Mane.

Q: Is alcohol served or allowed at Chukki Mane?

No, alcohol is not allowed or served.

Q: What are the different activities to do at Chukki Mane?

There are many activities to do at Chukki Mane to name a few:

  • Play local games.
  • Visit Belakavadi, a local village.
  • Visit the nearby dam.
  • Go bird watching.
  • Take a tour of the farm.
  • Visit the nearby places, such as Shivanasamudra waterfalls and Talakadu.

Note: Some of these activities require your own vehicle, as transportation is not provided at the homestay.

Is Chukki Mane Homestay Safe for Solo Female Travellers?

Chukki Mane provides a safe haven for solo female travellers, where the attentive and caring staff ensure a secure environment. Throughout my stay, I never once felt uneasy or vulnerable. However, it’s essential to exercise caution, particularly at night, as the property is home to snakes and other reptiles. Stay vigilant and be mindful of your surroundings to ensure a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Closing Notes

My time at Chukki Mane was truly delightful, immersing me fully in the charms of rural tourism. The stay offered an authentic taste of village life, enveloping me in the embrace of nature’s serenity. It’s a haven for anyone who cherishes and seeks to bask in the beauty of the natural world.

Disclaimer: I was hosted by the resort for this beautiful vacation, but all the views and opinions expressed are solely mine and unbiased.

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Chukki Mane Homestay, a Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru (2024)
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    PIN for later reference – Chukki Mane Homestay, a Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru

    PIN for later reference - Chukki Mane Homestay, a Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru
    PIN for later reference – Chukki Mane Homestay, a Weekend Getaway from Bengaluru