Inside a volcano

Inside a volcano called ‘Thrihnukagigur’

While planning for the activities to do in Reykjavik, I stumbled upon a tour where I could go inside a volcano called Thrihnukagigur. ‘How cool is that!’ I thought and I immediately booked the tour, without thinking for a second.

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Inside a volcano called 'Thrihnukagigur'

About the volcano

The name of the company that organises the tour is ‘inside the volcano‘. In this tour, visitors can go into a 4000 year old dormant volcano called ‘Thrihnukagigur’.

Thrihnukagigur‘, literally translates to ‘Three Peaks Crater’. The volcano was discovered in the year 1974 and is the only volcano in the World where people are allowed to take an elevator into a magma chamber.

I booked the tour with the help of my accommodation staff. The booking process was quite easy and it costed 42000 ISK which is approximately 400 USD.


On the day of the tour, I was picked up from my accommodation in Reykjavik and was driven to a meeting point, where the actual tour would start. The drive was about an hour from the city centre.

The duration of the tour was about 5 – 6 hours and it was divided into two parts:

Part 1: The hike

The hike is from the meeting point to the base camp of the volcano. It is through the beautiful lava fields and the distance is about 3 kilometers each way (40-50 minutes each way). The hike requires a moderate level of fitness as the last 10 minutes of the hike is very challenging with an elevation of around 350 ft.

On the day of my tour, the weather was very bad. The weather was freezing cold and it was constantly raining with the wind gushing at 35 kms/hour.

Inside a volcano called 'Thrihnukagigur'

Part 2: The tour of the volcano

At the base camp of the volcano, we were provided with the harness and the helmet. From the base camp, we were escorted to the top of the crater. There was an open cable lift waiting for us to be taken down inside the magma chamber. The descend was about 120 meters. This was the most exciting part of the entire tour. The colours of the chamber were amazingly beautiful.

Inside the volcano, we spent half an hour, which was a good amount of time to take pictures. The highlight of the chamber was the discoloured rock that looked like an evil eye.

Inside a volcano called 'Thrihnukagigur'

The staff and the tour guides were extremely knowledgeable and patient. They answered and explained each and every aspect of the volcano. Many thanks to the staff for working during extreme bad weather, with smiling faces. 


It was indeed a memorable experience and was totally worth every penny I spent. I would definitely recommend this tour as one of the must-do bucket list items for every traveler and adventure seeker.

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  1. Iceland never seizes to amaze me! I went for the first time this year, but only had a few days to explore. There is so much more to see and thanks to your post, going inside a volcano is now on my list of things to do for my next visit 🙂

  2. Wow, I’d love to experience something like this! My list of things to do in Iceland is constantly growing, hopefully I’ll get to visit very soon! Thanks for sharing 🙂

  3. I had great fun reading about your experience, the closest i have come to a volcano is watching a small live volcano after a long trek in Andamans ; but this is something else & it fascinates me. Would note in to visit list

  4. Thanks for sharing your experience with us. I never heard about this island. I personally would love to visit this place and $400 is not so much expensive

  5. Hiking is not at all my forte neither interest coz I get quickly exhausted. I wish to work on this. No more excuse.
    But bravo to u for completing the hike esp as u mentioned the last challenging part requires fitness.

  6. I’ve been to am active volcano point in Andaman island. It was small n we could see the it bubbling as if water is boiling. But now you have shared such a wonderful experience of yours that i have to do it when the time is right.

  7. I have done something very similar in Korea. Going inside a volcano is so much fun. I remember initially being freaked out at the idea of going inside one and then later realizing what I had been missing. I’m glad you also got a chance to do that, in a different country though!

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