Travel Guide | Rottnest Island (Australia)

During my first trip to Perth, I could not plan to go to Rottnest Island. That was something that I missed and regretted not going. Who would not fancy visiting a spectacular island surrounded by crystal clear blue waters? In order to compensate, I planned for Rottnest during my second visit to Perth.

About Rottnest Island…

Rottnest Island is an island offshore from the city of Perth in Western Australia. It is famous for the cute looking quokkas. It is also famous for its pristine shallow waters and bays.

Rottnest Island | Western Australia
A picture taken from Rottnest Island

How to get to Rottnest Island?

There are return ferries run by two providers – Rottnest Express and Captain Cook Cruises. These ferries run from Perth wharf or Victoria Quay at Fremantle. The return tickets with Captain Cook Cruises from Fremantle to Rottnest cost me around AUD 72.

There are frequent trains between Perth city and Fremantle. Refer 5 days in Perth for more details on the transportation in Perth.

Rottnest Island | Western Australia
Ferry from Fremantle to Rottnest

Things to do

There are plenty of things to do on the island. Below are the things that I did while I was at Rottnest Island for a day:

  • Selfie with Quokkas – One of the cutest and smiling animals that you can find in this World are the Quokkas. And a selfie with one is a must!

Some of the quokkas are used to humans and are a bit aggressive. So be careful of them while going close to it.

Rottnest Island | Western Australia
Selfie with a quokka
  • Biking around the island – The path around the island is about 21 kilometres, so biking is the best and the famous way to travel around the island. The bikes can be hired on the island itself for AUD 30 per day.

Note: Wearing helmets is a must while riding the bike and ensure you follow the road rules to be safe on the island.

Rottnest Island | Western Australia
  • Hikes – There are various trails on the island for hiking. I did not do any of the hikes, other than walking to the Lighthouse.
Rottnest Island | Western Australia
  • Snorkeling and Diving – The Island is amazing for snorkeling and scuba diving. The crystal clear water provides great visibility. But beware the water is very cold during winters and autumn seasons.
Rottnest Island | Western Australia
Scuba diving at Rottnest Island


There are many restaurants and cafes near the settlement (or the main jetty). The restaurants provide mostly fried items like fish and chips and Chicken Parmesan.

Note: The food is expensive on Rottnest Island. Ensure to carry some food from the mainland.


  • Captain Cook ferry tickets = AUD 72.
  • Scuba Diving = AUD 229.
  • Breakfast at Wharf = AUD 25.
  • Lunch at the island = AUD 30.
  • Bike hire (including water) = AUD 32.50.
  • Coffee and other miscellaneous = AUD 20.
  • Freemantle YHA = AUD 30.
  • Perth to Fremantle train ticket = AUD 4.90.
  • Fremantle to Perth train ticket = AUD 4.90.

Total expenses = AUD 448.30 for one day

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