Scuba Diving in Neil Island

Scuba diving in Neil Island | Andaman Islands

Can you imagine clear and warm waters, abundant and unique marine life and a great company for diving? Seems like a dream destination for scuba diving or snorkeling correct? This is exactly what scuba diving in Neil Island offers. Nestled in the Bay of Bengal, Neil island has the perfect condition for an enjoyable diving experience. The ocean of Neil Island provides an ample opportunity for underwater photographs. The visibility is around 10 to 15 metres on a not so good day and is about 20 to 25 metres on an awesome day. This is way better than most parts of the World for diving.

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Scuba diving in Neil Island | Andaman Islands (India)
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Best Dive Centre

One of the must things to do while in Neil Island is scuba diving. There are around 10 to 12 dive centres on Neil Island. But based on the reviews and my research, I found India Scuba Explorers to be the best among all of them.

India Scuba Explorers was found by Johann and Samantha, in the year of 2007. This dive centre is Neil Island’s first PADI dive site. They have diving solutions for all kinds of divers including the beginners to the more experienced ones and is the best for scuba diving in Neil Island.

Contact details

  • Website: India Scuba Explorers
  • Address: Beach No.1, near Tango Beach Resort Neil Island, Andaman and Nicobar Islands 744104
  • Phone Number: +91 99332 71450
  • Email Address:

My reviews of the dive centre

I did the two recreational dives with India Scuba Explorers and I absolutely loved diving with them. The dive centre comprises of some awesome bunch of people running an awesome centre for diving. The staff were very professional and knew their stuff.

Staff at India Scuba Explorers
The dive staff at their dive centre

The equipment that the dive centre has was very good. I had no issue with any of the equipment that I used for both my dives. I generally have issues with the mask when I go diving at other places, but here I did not have a single problem with it underwater, it was that good.

The dive sites that we dived at was very unique and clear. One of them was new where people had hardly dived, so it had abundant and unexplored marine life.

Dive Sites

Angry Jo

One thing that is super cool about India Scuba Explorers dive centre is that they have their own scuba diving site. Yes, this is the first time I have heard where a dive centre has explored by themselves and discovered a breath-taking scuba diving site. And they have named the site after their founder Johann, but with an angry emotion. Don’t worry! He is not angry all the time as the name suggests. He is pretty cool to talk to and listen to the stories of the island.

The dive site is about 20 to 30 minutes from the shore. The skippers of their boat knows the location better than the GPS. The dive site starts off at 21 metres and goes up to 28 to 29 metres. It is an untouched site with absolutely stunning reefs and marine life. I had never dived to a depth of 28 metres before and this was my first time. My dive buddy Navneet was extremely patient with me while descending and was always looking out for me during the dives.

I saw many variety of marine life including a Grouper and a Blue Spotted Sting Ray.

Scuba Diving in Neil Island
Blue Spotted Sting Ray

Bus Stop

I believe the dive site is named after the sweet lips fishes found underwater and they look like they are waiting for buses in a bus stop. Found this really cute!

By now I had gotten used to being in a clear warm water and this dive site did not disappoint me as well. This was not as deep as the first site Angry Jo. I had two dive buddies, Johann and Dominic. The dive was lead by Johann. We dived to a maximum of 20 metres.

This site did not disappoint me with its diverse marine life and I spotted an Octopus, Jenkins Whip Ray, Blue Spotted Sting Ray, a Turtle and a Nudi Branch. I have never seen so many of them in a dive. I was very happy after this dive and definitely recommend diving at this site when in Neil Island.

Marine Life

As I have mentioned in bits and pieces above, the marine life in Neil Island was one of the best I have seen. There is a huge variety of marine life that can be seen. And each variety are a lot in number. Within just two fun dives, I spotted many different fishes.

The most common fishes are the Barracudas, Tunas and Snappers. The island is also famous for Dugongs. And when lucky, one can also see Mantas while diving.


I am so blessed to have dived at Neil Island with India Scuba Explorers. The sites have been one of the best diving sites I have ever dived in. I will definitely visit them again when I get a chance to explore more dive sites. I recommend diving with them as they are professional and safety comes first to them.

This post is written in collaboration with India Scuba Explorers dive centre. But the views and the opinions expressed are honest and are my own views.

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Scuba diving in Neil Island | Andaman Islands (India)
PIN for later reference – Scuba dive in Neil Island
Scuba diving in Neil Island | Andaman Islands
PIN for later reference – Scuba dive in Neil Island

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