Finding Nemo in Pulau Payar (Langkawi, Malaysia)

Finding Nemo in Pulau Payar (Langkawi, Malaysia)

I was excited to see Nemo at Pulau Payar Marine Park. I was jumping up and down with excitement. I had not seen Nemo even in Australia. Let me give you a little bit of background – Nemo is a baby clownfish in the movie – Finding Nemo. In the movie, Nemo is taken by a set of divers (scuba divers) and his father finds out that the divers have taken Nemo to Sydney, Australia.

From the time I had seen the movie, I have been dreaming about seeing the clownfish colony during my dives in Australia. I had specifically done the scuba diving in Gold Coast with a hope to see Nemo – but that was in vain.

I saw Nemo and the entire clown fish colony in Pulau Payar – how amazing! I was elated by the experience. I had finally ticked one of my bucket list items – to see the clown fish colony in the wild. And then my crazy photo shoot started under the water with the clown fish colony 😀 .


Where is Pulau Payar?

Pulau Payar is 30 kilometres/1 hour boat ride off the coast of Langkawi. Known for its pristine and well preserved marine park, this island is definitely one of the most popular sites to dive at.

Note: There is no accommodation at Pulau Payar.


Marine Life

As I mentioned earlier, I saw lots of clown-fishes. There are plenty of clown fish colonies. Unfortunately, I did not see many big fishes.


Dive centre and cost

I booked this diving after I arrived in Langkawi. There are plenty of dive centres from where one can book the diving options. You can talk directly with the resort or the hotel staff and they help you out with the bookings.

Provider name: East Marine Holidays

Cost: 300 Malaysian Ringgit per person, includes pick up from Langkawi and lunch

Contact details:

I had loved the first dive so much that I had ended up going for the second.


Even though the beach itself was very dirty and crowded, I still loved diving at Pulau Payar Marine Park. The visibility of water was amazing and the temperature of the water was ideal for divers. Even though I did the introductory dives here, I still enjoyed the whole experience. I would love to go back and do some more diving.


  1. And Raksha, I must admit that the Nemo in Lankawii is the real one. The Maldives one is slightly different, darkish and hence healthier looking. They are amazingly friendly and real show offs

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