Underwater working post office in Vanuatu

The first time I heard that there is an underwater working post office. “Really? That’s crazy!” I had thought and had ignored thinking that it was one of those touristy hyped up not-so-true-kind of stories. But when I started researching on the things to do and see in Vanuatu, I stumbled upon the underwater post office again. And surprisingly it was real – very real!

Vanuatu is an island country in South Pacific Ocean. I visited Vanuatu for my Easter holidays.

Vanuatu Post Office

Vanuatu Post has setup an fully functional official working post office under water in Hideaway Island. It is the World’s only underwater post office. The post office was opened in the year 2003.

The kiosk at the Hideaway Island Resort sells the waterproof postcards and stamps that can be posted at this post office. The postcards are made of waterproof plastic. The messages can be written using a pencil.

  • Address: Mele Bay, Vanuatu.

The post cards are collected at 3 PM everyday. A flag is flown on the sea surface just to let visitors know that the post office is open for business.

And guess what? I also posted a postcard from this post box. I think this is pretty cool as this is one of the unique kind of experiences and everyone visiting Vanuatu must experience.

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Vanuatu in 4 days

Day 1

I arrived at Port Vila after a 3 hours 30 minutes flight from Sydney.


View of Port Vila from the flight was breathtakingly beautiful.


I stayed at a resort called Hideaway Island Resort. Tip: It is better to arrange a pick up from the airport with the resort itself. I paid extra bucks as I had not booked my pick-up from the airport.

Day 2

My day tour for the volcano  was canceled due to the bad weather.

So, I decided to do a scuba diving. The dive was refreshing and amazing. I will write more about my dive in another post.

I posted some postcards for my friends at the underwater working post office. Pretty cool huh!

After my dive, I hired a mini bus and headed to the Turtle Bay. At Turtle Bay, I swam with huge turtles and I had an opportunity to hold baby turtles.

The blue lagoons is a must see and it was one of the most beautiful lagoons I have ever seen.

Day 3

I started the day with a lazy breakfast and some Easter eggs. Yes, it was Easter 🙂 .


In the afternoon, I had booked a zip lining. The zip lining was awesome. It was made up of 6 zip lines and the longest one was between a canyon. The highest zip line was about 90 m.


The last evening at the island, after the zip lining, was pretty relaxed and I decided to spend the evening by the beach with a book.

Day 4

I took an early morning flight from Port Vila to Sydney.

Review | Hideaway Island Resort in Mele Island

First of all, I would like to start my post by saying that Vanuatu is an amazing and beautiful place. And Mele Island is a small island, a short boat ride from the mainland. The island is owned by the local villagers and is leased to the owners of Hideaway Island Resort. I stayed at this stunning island during my visit to Vanuatu.

Booking and cost

There is only one resort on the island and that is Hideaway Island Resort and Marine Sanctuary. The cost of 1 room accommodation was around AUD 267 for 3 nights. I booked the stay using booking.com website.

Vanuatu - Hideaway Island

My review

I enjoyed my stay here. The staff is very friendly and the sunsets are so pretty. And this island is home to the only underwater postbox in the World. So, its pretty cool to go scuba diving and post a postcard to all of your friends.

Closing Notes

Vanuatu will always be close to my heart. The hospitality, the beautiful locations and the friendly people made the trip memorable and enjoyable.


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