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The Road of Loving Hearts and Robert Louis Stevenson Samoa (2024)

Situated in the embrace of the South Pacific, Robert Louis Stevenson Samoa beckons travelers with its enchanting blend of lush landscapes, cultural richness, and historical allure. The islands, which served as the final refuge for the famed Scottish author, unfold a narrative that transcends time. Clear waters meet emerald jungles here, and traditional fales stand as a testament to a bygone era.

As one steps into Stevenson’s world, Samoa reveals not just a destination but a living canvas where tales of adventure, love, and legacy linger in the whispers of the palm trees and the echoes of the Pacific breeze. Explore with me the captivating allure of Robert Louis Stevenson’s Samoa, where the pages of his life story unfold against the backdrop of this South Pacific paradise.

In my travels, I consistently seek to incorporate one or two nature walks, a personal approach to immerse myself in the unspoiled beauty of a destination. While exploring Samoa, I aimed to venture beyond the typical tourist activities and sightseeing. Following conversations with locals, my friend and I uncovered the enchanting Road of Loving Hearts walk, a hidden gem allowing us to connect with Samoa’s pristine landscapes and experience the untouched allure that often eludes traditional tourist trails.

Robert Louis Stevenson Samoa

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About Road of Loving Hearts and Story of Robert Louis Stevenson Samoa

Named the “Road of Loving Hearts,” this trail derives its poignant title from its culmination at the resting place of the legendary Robert Louis Stevenson atop Mount Vaea. Mere 3 kilometers from the harbor, Mount Vaea gracefully presides over Apia, Samoa’s capital, reaching an elevation of approximately 472 meters.

Renowned for its lush greenery, the trail and the mountain are often referred to as the “Emerald Green Peak,” inviting wanderers to traverse through verdant landscapes and pay homage to the final resting place of the revered Scottish author Stevenson.

I also completed my PADI Open Water scuba diving certification in Samoa.

The Road of Loving Hearts walk guides visitors to the burial tomb of Robert Louis Stevenson, the esteemed Scottish poet and author. Revered for his mysterious mana, believed to descend directly from the heavens, Stevenson played a significant role in supporting Mataafa’s followers during their struggle against the Germans. In gratitude, they constructed the road from Apia to Vailima. Today, this path, known as the Road of Loving Hearts, leads to Stevenson’s grave on Mount Vaea.

Commencing at the Robert Louis Stevenson Museum, the walk is easily navigable, offering a journey through the author’s life. The museum at Stevenson’s restored home showcases his life and work in its five bedrooms, ballroom, and library. The only fireplace in Samoa graces this historic space, with an entrance fee of Samoan Tala 20 for adults and operating hours from 8 AM to 12 PM.

PADI Open Water Scuba Diver - Samoa
Robert Louis Stevenson Museum

Logistics of the walk

  • Starting and finishing points: Robert Louis Stevenson Museum.
  • Total distance: 5 kilometres return.
  • Total distance: 1.5 hours.
  • Grade: Easy to Moderate.


Stay at Samoa

Honestly, finding a budget-friendly stay in Samoa can be a challenge. After thorough research, I opted for Le Manumea Resort in Apia. The primary reason behind my choice was straightforward – it comfortably fits my budget constraints. You can also consider staying at Sheraton Samoa Beach Resort or Aga Reef Resort and Spa.

Le Manumea Resort (Samoa)

Details of Le Manumea Resort

  • Name: Le Manumea Resort
  • Address: Vailima Apia, Apia, Samoa
  • Cost: Pounds 93.58 + Euro 151.83 = AUD 170 + 238.65 = AUD 408.65 for four nights in an Executive Suite with breakfast included
Le Manumea Resort (Samoa)

The resort boasts its restaurant and bar, creating a convenient hub for dining and socializing. Evenings come alive with music, providing a delightful atmosphere. Additionally, a sun-kissed pool offers the perfect spot for relaxation and unwinding.

The Road of Loving Hearts and Robert Louis Stevenson Samoa (2024)

My Review

Initially, I was somewhat disappointed by my first impression. The exterior didn’t exude the typical resort ambiance and instead resembled an older-style homestay, making me question the high cost. However, my perception quickly changed upon entering and discovering my room. To my delight, the space turned out to be surprisingly spacious, and the highlight was the open bathroom concept, which added a touch of amazement and coolness to the overall experience.

The Road of Loving Hearts and Robert Louis Stevenson Samoa (2024)

Closing Notes

I enthusiastically recommend embarking on the Road of Loving Hearts walk and paying a visit to the museum to delve into the life of the Scottish author during his time in Samoa. My holiday in Samoa was genuinely delightful. I earnestly aspire to return to this enchanting place in the future, dedicating more days to exploring the island’s myriad trails further and relishing its captivating beauty.

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The Road of Loving Hearts and Robert Louis Stevenson Samoa (2024)
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